Thursday, September 07, 2006


Anyone remember this riddle?

Buka sarung, nampak bulu.
Buka bulu, nampak biji.
Buka biji, nampak batang..

This is not a notti riddle, but a riddle describing Jagung aka Corn/Maize in its own creative way.

Raw Jagung

Steamed Jagung

BBQ Corn with Honey

or do u prefer Popcorn?


Red Sponge said...

WUAK...chen chen, dun wan sotong anymore? LOL

I like jagung! 'x'

U forgot the type they sell at shopping mall! corn in cup.

carcar said...

i like jagung...!!

nice jagung photo!!~

Simple American said...

Can I have popcorn with caramel. The second corn picture looked super yummilicious.

mistipurple said...

dangerous to come here.
i now crave for deserts. caramel with honey popcorn particularly.

Chen said...

red sponge,
I sitll want sotong, I had nasi lemak with sotong lately. Will post that up for u to have a look later on :P

I like steamed jagung :D The corn in cup ah? I didn't buy woh lately, that's why I didn't take picture loh :P

jagung ice cream, jagung crackers, jagung soup etc, semua pun sedap

Thanks :)

Sure, specially cater for your needs :) Now feel like makan-ing the jagung again :P

aiks, this is a very safe place lah.. No bomb, no terrorists, only friendly people and yummy food :D

Caramel with honey popcorn on the way. Will made double portion, for SA & misti:)

may said...

I think someone had it up on their blog before too. I like corn by itself, but not with ais kacang. kinda weird taste ler...

Joycelyn said...

wow.....that's nice....the steamed jagung look so juicy...hmmm
most of the food u posted here were nice...BTW,where u stay?wanna know which restaurant to go for those good food.thanks

L B said...

Hmmm, I forgot about jagung!! *slaps backside* How?!! Have to wait till you come to Italy? Wait.. I think there's jagung in this country, somewhere...

Cynthia said...

like the 2nd picture =)

plink said...

Steamed jagung with butter please....

mistipurple said...

*burp* thanks!
if star trek era now, i will zap everything on your blog and have instant replica food.

zeroimpact said...

Long time no eat jagung liao
Doc doc make for me ah,
Doc make then I eat ah
heh heh heh

Pink Cotton said...


eee chen talk dirty! 'x'

hmm popcorn ar? i prefer popcorn..but want salted ones ..kekeke

*curi chen's popcorn*

wheres the cola?

Selba said...


I can not believe that there's such kind of ridle!!! So funny... oh yeah... but of course it's depend on the implementation :P

The picture of the yellow shining jagung looks so yummy!!!

I like jagung and also popcorn (well, eat popcorn only when on diet lah, hehehe)

Kristopher said...

one barbeque jagung with lotsa honey please.... :)

Robin said...

u missed out my bf..

corn flakes

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

can I have both please? 2 servings each, me hungry....

Chen said...

How about atap chee seeds? Most people like it but I know there are some who dislikes it too. I will sapu all the ingredients inside the ais kacang. I think Ah Ben also dislikes jagung with ais kacang, I remember he specifically asked not to include jagung in his ais kacang :D

I love steamed jagung too. I stay in Penang but my hometown is in Sarawak. But I do travel around on & off. So the foodstuff posted here were taken from different location and different states :)

Aiyak, how can u lupa pasal the delicious jagung? But… err, jagung should be available in Italy too, right?

Or … how about Jagung mooncake? :D

Hehehe.. how about the other pictures? I like the 2nd picture too :)

Chen said...

steamed jagung with extra butter and sprinkle with salt, specially for Plink.

if only we can lick the monitor & taste the food, then that will be nice :D

u want plain steamed jagung or jagung with butter sprinkled with salt or grilled jagung or jagung in cup? :D

pink cotton,
I mana ada talk dirty?
yin wong ah
I told u liao the answer for the riddle mah., it’s jagung. So u jangan fikir yang bukan-bukan :P

Salted popcorn? Reminds me of something.. That day u say wanna cook popcorn for me leh.. chau tar one also I will sapu, LOL

Cola ah? Ada…But u can only drink warm cola, not cola with ice cubes :P

Chen said...

Next time u can use this riddle to fool your friends :P
I prefer the steamed jagung, hahaha.. the healthy version :D

Err? Eat popcorn when on diet?
I presume u mean the salty popcorn?

Sure, sure :)
Pssss… the BBQ jagung with honey in the picture is bought from the Saturday/Sunday Satok Market in Kuching :D

oh yeah, I have forgotten about corn flakes ;) The healthy and yet delicious corn flakes together with HL low fat milk :)

2 servings each? I’m running out of stock now.. Hahha, have to top up my jagung liao :D

nyonyapenang said...

gimme the biji and batang anytime. LOL

See Fei said...

ada jagung diluar pagar
ambil galah tolong jolokan
saya disini baru belajar
kalau salah tolong tunjukan!

this post remind me a lot of my primary school days when noti pantun like this were aplenty!!:-)

Selba said...

pssstttt.. the popcorn that I eat during diet usually are the sweet one, hehehehe... ah.. no wonder, difficult to get rid those extra kgs!!! :D

zeroimpact said...

With butter and salt of coz...
ham ham then only nice one,
Can give carcar one also coz she like jagung, but may be carcar like different serving :)

ah nel said...

i old ledi n no tooth how to eat jagung if i like it so much??? LOL

Winn said...

i wan cornflakes!!!

Chen said...

Some prefer the biji together with the batang, others prefer just the biji, cos more convenient. I prefer the biji together with the batang :D

Yeah, we learn lotsa pantun from our Malay language class during our primary school days. I can still remember quite a number of the pantun; although that was more than 2 decades ago ;) Gosh, how time flies...

wah.. u "curi" makan sweet things during dieting, hahha.. how can u do that? LOL

Chen said...

must eat when still hot, cold liao not nice :D

Sure, I will give carcar the grilled BBQ with honey. I guess she likes something sweet :D

ah nel,
Don't worry.. u can still the cream-styled jagung. If not, u can eat jagung ice cream too :D

Cornflakes with banana and strawberry and fresh creamy milk. *Slurp*

ah nel said...

i got ice kelim oso???LOL

Pink Cotton said...

drink cola without ice where got meaning???BOHOHOOHOOO...i die suan liao bah 'x'

p/s i had mcd just now...and the meal came with cola boh..*COUGH*

_butt said...

jagung!! i loved jagung!! especialy steamed ones.. hungry now :(

that riddle can be notti oso la, depending on how you 'interpret' it.. heheh :P

Mr.Goober said...

if you didn't show me those pics, i would've thought otherwise -_o"

i don't usually like jagungs, but those bbq with honey on top sure made my nuts cracking!!

Dragon City said...

lolz...first time read the riddle..very interesting and misleading..hehe

Pink Cotton said...

OHO! loktor must b out friday-night-partying AGAIN!!!

Chen said...

ah nel,
sure, double servings also can.. how many scoops u want?

pink cotton,
aiyoh, my poor pink cotton..
don't lah say die die :(
i sakit hati woh 'x' LOL

mmmm.. the notti gal drink iced cola again?????? but at least this notti gal is honest.. hahhaha, so still deserved to be sayang hoh?

same here, I love steamed jagung too :P Cham, feel like eating one now.. mana pergi cari steamed jagung tengah-tengah buta malam ni??

Hhaha, most people will think serong when they see the riddle :D

Chen said...

mr gooble,
don't worry, u are absolutely normal. Hahha, cos this riddle is indeed misleading :D

I bought that BBQ jagung with honey from the Sat/Sun Satok Market in Kuching, together with a glass of mixed coconut sugar cane juice :)

dragon city,
indeed :) It is common to think serong when reading the misleading riddle..

pink cotton,
ini loktor bukan berumur 18 atau 22 tahun lah, tak pergi party-ing dah.. :P

ka..t said...

Wah..your steam jagung picture can be used in minyak jagung succulent!!

Chen said...

wah.. minyak jagung advertisement? Good idea :D Ahem... might be if I open up a jagung stall in the future, I will use that picture for the stall :D

ah nel said...

i like the ice cream made from my best fren mom stall coz its non CFC... ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
what is CFC? Chlorofluorocarbon?

ah nel said...

duno as i just noe it called CFC they used to mix in ice cream so it wont melt so easily... ;)

dino said...

i like jagung...
steamed jagung, BBQ jagung or popcorn also very delicious...

Chen said...

ah nel,
okie, might be that is the one :)
some sort of chemical related things :)

yesterday evening, I saw someone eating steamed jagung…
and I feel like eating also :P
Too bad I dunno where they buy the steamed jagung :D

dino said...

do u like to jalan jalan at pasar malam???
hehehe... can buy the streamed jagung there...

Chen said...

ehhehe, what I mean is I dunno where to buy the steamed jagung at that moment :P Normally I will buy few raw jagung from the market & steam the jagung myself :)