Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sarawak Chess Set

These are some of the shots taken in Sarakraf Pavilion in Kuching, Sarawak - Gasing, Congkak, Batu Seremban, Catur/Chess etc. I still remember the good old days playing batu seremban together with classmates during recess time during my primary school days. And not forgetting the congkak too...

I love the chess pieces.. Very authentic... A the Chess Board too.. Indeed very "Sarawak"


zeroimpact said...

I want play with doc...
When when
Want to have ice kacang together also

L B said...

Ok, I wanna play too! A friend brought me a Chess set gift too, made outta some stone from Sabah!!

mistipurple said...

i played chess when i was 5 yrs old. hehe. chuppppp!!

L B said...

misti... 5 yrs old??!!! Chest, you mean?

Chen said...

i manyak lama tak main chess liao .. The last time I play was several years back. Sure kalah liao :)

Can eat popcorn & drink coke, and ice kachang too when playing :D

Is there any chess set for three? :)
stone from Sabah?

I have marble chess set from China :P Might be I will take photo of that one of these days :)

5 years old?????
open eyes big big
*drop jaw*
ini misti manyak cekap :D

kakakkaka... might be hoh?

ah nel said...

wuahhh....congkek...duno how to

btw lokter u got bought all those stuff o u took pikcer nia???lol

Chen said...

ah nel,
aiyoh..your congkek if baca serong sikit sounds like those hamsap word leh.. LOL. Janganlah tukar congkak jadi congkek, haram, u tau tak? :P

Those stuff are for display lah, not for sale :P

mistipurple said...

*looks at LBBBBB, and then at my chest..
stamp feet..
i really got play the 'real chess'!! notti LB.

loctor loctor, true true, you can ask my familiu. they can tell u oso! heehee.

prosperity burger nice hor? i buy and gib you but didn't taste yet. what is it huh?

Selba said...

Ah.. interesting chess set!

Let's play.. play.. play... :D

Bee: what is a "CHEST" play?

Pink Cotton said...

miss congkak a lot!the last time i played was while waiting for UPSR results in prim 6..muahahaha

Winn said...

can eat? ahah.....

someone pls invent a food chess set!! with asam laksa, curry mee, kfc, mc D mee goreng , fish and chips and more!

Red Sponge said...

batu seremban...hee...i used to complain tangan sakit when play that. 'x'!!

I only know how to play congkak in UNI!! ahhahahahaah

may said...

I haven't played congkak for the longest longest time! forgotten the rules already...

Chen said...

what chest game are u talking about?
playing with "stethoscope" ah ??
or doing CPR ??

I only get to know how to play chest when I was 10 or 11 years old ;)

Prosperity burger nice, I love it. TQ. Why ah? cos u wanna gip me taste first mah :D

another kaki catur? Made the chest, ooops I mean chess.. into a game of four then :D

pink cotton,
u kecik-kecik sudah pandai main congkak?

I learnt how to play congkak from my younger brother. Last time we used the emptied small canned-food tin as the homemade congkak board & stones to play congkak :P :D

Chen said...

mmm... let us invent an edible chess set & chess pieces :D With french fries as pawns, tau sa pneah as castle, popiah as knight, chips as bishop, yam puff as queen and what as king leh? i know liao.. sotong ring as king, kakkakaka :P

Good or not? Clever boh?

red sponge,
batu seremban is such a cheap & easily available game. Just pick up few stones and here we go :D

wah, uni time so free geh? play congkak? ;) I learnt how to play congkak during secondary school days. Adik I yang ajar :)

The last time I play congkak was with my old Nokia handphone. I still remember little bit-bit about the rules :D Can tipu-tipu sikit & cari makan lah..

Red Sponge said...

Cos, i join the Indoor Games Club. There I learnt to play congkak in order to get enough credit hours ma! 'x'!!!! hahaahahaha...

L B said...

misti!!! I didn't mean YOUR chest, liao!! Anyway, at 5 years old, that's not much fun, is it? LOL!!

Selby: er.... ....... ......... ....... ... something to do during long cold winter nights... to keep warm.

I like the Food Chest.. er.. Chess..

Chen said...

red sponge,
wah, got credit hours summore :D
wah, play games also can get credit hours? so syiok geh?

who knows... hahhaa..

one thing about Food Chess, we might end up eating the Chess Pieces before the game ends, LOL

nyonyapenang said...

i played the smaller type of penang gasing called 'kanlock'. ;)

Pink Cotton said...



*cover mouth*

Simple American said...

The pieces are quite beautiful. Never saw that design before. Thanks.

mistipurple said...

hahyoooo.. whatever topic still turn to food at the end!! who would have expected? this post all wooden chest boards and gasing and now all become pieces of food! lol!

LB, er.. neber mind. hahahaa. *censored* wait loctor throw me out of here! :P

Chen said...

Woo.. that's great.
I dunno how to play gasing ( I mean gasing with rope), not the kiddie gasing :D

pink cotton,
yeah loh, ini budak notti loh..
minum air sejuk pulak
hope u don't cough your lungs out tonight :P

These are exclusively Sarawak Chess set :D

cos we are a great bunch of amazing people, who can relate everything with food !! hahaha...

aiyak, I won't sampai hati to throw u out leh.. I will bring out one chair for u to sit down here & makan-ing the "chess piece" :D

AceOne said...

wuahh..i like that chess set. very antic leh.

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I'm better at checkers than at chess but there's no better time to learn, when we playing? pssssttt how much is a set like that

Pink Cotton said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pink Cotton said...

who play chest?!?

hands up 'x'

mistipurple said...

*check-mate* haha :P, i oso no hati to makan you. let's eat the chicken wing instead!

ah nel said...

if a person no hamsap how can they found its a hamsap word???LOL *bLuEk*
haram???u mean made by pok kar??? ;)

for display nia no wonder 1 piece time when i visit you,u gave it to me as plesent

sengkor said...

when i was a kid, i only play animal chess.. and aeroplane chess..

and of course bottle caps, flying slippers, lastik, police & thives etc..

Chen said...

yeah, very “Sarawak” :D

used to play checkers & chess during primary school days but subsequently stopped later on in life. I have the game in my pda previously but I hardly play, so I end up deleting the game :D

That was a display set. I dunno whether is there any available for sales or not :)

pink cotton,
u wanna play chest? Wah.. u tau apa tu “chest” game or not? :P

Chen said...

wah, so fast “check mate” liao/? Die loh…

yeah, we go makan chicken wing follow by London bridge, LOL

ah nel,
This is general knowledge :D
Haram not necessarily means contain pork, it can mean something that is not accepted by the general population etc

Nothing is missing in the chess set. All the chest pieces are there. U look carefully and u will notice all the pieces are there, intact :)

I don’t have it, how to give u as present? I can give u the photo as present instead :D

I almost lupa pasal the animal & aeroplane chess :D
Police & Thieves & chasing games, very classic.. Used to play that during primary school days and at times ended up with wounded knees (cos jatuh)

Flying slippers? o.O
Wah…we can still play that, right?

Mr.Goober said...

wah..they look so nicely crafted, i never even knew they existed in the first place!! :((

lynnx01 said...

I remember those batu seremban days in primary school.. with it, I recall the days of playing skipping rope (two girls holding it and another one jump over or something) and playing with the eraser games. Gosh, these days children are no longer like last time. They are into games, online things, tv etc.

zeroimpact said...

Doc, got the chinese chess type ah

Chen said...

mr goober,
Interested to pay that place a visit? :D This is the first time I visited Sarakraf Pavilion.

Errr… u r still young leh, hahhaa… at least I’m from the different generation as u :P

Batu seremban is the ever popular games in the past. Every recess I will gather together with few of my friends at one corner in the class room & started playing the simple yet addictive game :D

There’s not Chinese chess over there. Btw, I dunno how to play Chinese chess :( Only know how to play “ang moh” chess :D

ah nel said...

everyone fikiran sarong then...LOL

no mer i tot got missing piece???nvm lar anything lokter gv gua accept oso...*thinking about blackie* ;P

u all no play guli or 'bak pau' kar last time??? ;)

zeroimpact said...

Never mind doc I teach you
Last time ho... I only lose to either people's father or uncle
So we can play play la, very fun one

Chen said...

ah nel,
Hahha, some might not be so "knowledgeable" :P

U look carefully lah, no missing pieces. I don't play guli, but I watched my friends playing before. What is "bak pau"?

zero impact,
hehhee, so u only lose to those "experienced" players? So boiboi must be very cekap then :)

zeroimpact said...

They eat too much salt edi mah
So difficult to beat them
Heh heh heh
Why so hard to load the song...
I wan to listen to the song

Chen said...

hehehe, what to do hoh? as they eat salt more than we eat rice :P

The website I uploaded the song is slow today :(

slurp! said...

waaa .. another potential "display set" (i.e chess set) for me kekekeke .. ... may i know how much this cost? thanks!

Daniel Yiek said...

Every year when I go to Kuching, I spend a day going thru the row of creative handicrafts at Main Bazaar Rd's shophouses. I hv a big ikat & hanger, Sarawak mat, congkat, vases in my house.

Chen said...

errr... the one i took photo is the display set, I didn't check for the price :D If I go to that place again in the future, I will check for u :)

Did u buy the Pua Kumbu?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

These are really really nice.