Saturday, September 09, 2006

Simple Dinner

I chatted with Carcar this evening and she told me she had no idea what to have for dinner. I told her I will be eating bread for dinner, with peanut butter. And she decided to join me eating bread for dinner tonight !! Yeah !!

These were my dinner for the night. Firstly, one slice of white Gardenia Bread with peanut butter (with chunks). I prefer the chunky peanut butter than the creamy smooth peanut butter.

Followed by another 2 slices of Gardenia bread with chunky peanut butter & strawberry jam. Simple yet delicious dinner, for simple people like us. What did you have for dinner tonight?

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may said...

mom cooked dinner - sambal prawns, bak choy, chicken, soup... yum yum... heheh!

but I'd love a PB+J sandwich anytime... *grin*

mistipurple said...

chup! now i want peanut butter with strawberry jam. i got strawberry jam oredy. must buy peanut butter. i like the creamy type. boh geh lah to bite.
actually no bread oso. ah ya, just now come home got think of bread. but bought chicken pau instead. lol

Cynthia said...

very creamy. cant do that often, if not swim 10km also no use =)

Chen said...

wah... sambal prawns, bak choy, chicken, soup?
lao hao sui leh...
so hang fook :)

I love "bak kua" sandwich & tuna sandwich too :d

hah? boh geh?
sure boh u boh geh? :P

Tonight misti can have chicken pao for dinner. U can have bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam tomorrow :D

hehhehe, yeah, cannot eat that very frequent :P

carcar said...

aiyah, mana pergi i punya peanut butter banyak banyak dan cheese?


masalah tertidur :P

Chen said...

don't worry..
no piaking here :D
peanut butter banyak-banyak & cheese is now inside Carcar's tummy? ;)

Pink Cotton said...


so lazy ar to b someone's wife...HEEEEEEEE

hmmm i love peanut butter sandwiches but ur strawberry jam makes it looks like............................

Chen said...

pink cotton,
hahhaha, guess what I had for lunch today? crabs & sotong :D so no need to eat so much for dinner lah. No need to eat rice for every meal lah, haha

looks like what ah? :P

Pink Cotton said...

pssst...wat i had for dinner har???


INDO MIE wo :(

Chen said...

pink cotton,
indo mie? nice also leh..
i like :D
indo mie soup or indo mie goreng?

Pink Cotton said... indo mie soup wan meh???

then shud b indo mie soup and indo mee goreng...half breed...HAHAAHAHHA 'x'

Chen said...

pink cotton,
hah? u never eat indo mie soup meh?
that one available in the market for ages liao.. the first time I ate it was during my primary school days or early secondary school days.

half breed?
apa tu? there's too much water inside your mee goreng ah? LOL

Pink Cotton said...

i purposely put water wan ler :p

eee??? got indomie soup de meh??

hmm mebe only in PG..wahaha

Red Sponge said...

i hav ice cream for dinner ^_^

i dun like peanut butter...hee

Chen said...

pink cotton,
purposely put water ah?
not nice lah if too watery :P

wah lao... i had the indo mie soup in Sarawak leh.. sure got one.. Just that u didn't notice only. The soup version was released prior to the goreng version. Next time u pergi supermarket, look out for it :D

ice cream for dinner?
wah... good lah u :P
lidat also can ???

peanut butter so nice, apa pasal u tak suka woh.. :D

mistipurple said...

hahahaaha i cannot stop grinning. anytime of the day, here sure talk about food. i likey though.

Chen said...

hahah, cos most of us eat at least 3 meals a day, some might ate 4 to 6 meals a day :) Food is the most common topid :D

kekekee, since too many food entries liao, so tomorrow i won't talk about food :P

Selba said...

Cheeeeennn... you forgot to mention about me!!!! We also had a chat when you told me that you gonna have bread for dinner :P

Chen said...

hahha, I didn't mention u cos u didn't have bread for dinner. (I remember u had noodle for dinner) :D

mistipurple said...

nooooooooo! talk about food! food is good! heh. *drools*

Cocka Doodle said...

Waah....liddat in no time can stay in big big bangarow house liao. LOL

Winn said...

errr i had vegetarian food with my family! hehehe..vegetarian sushi! yum!

ah nel said...

dinner kar??? eat...had some boiled potatoes for supper... ;)

Garnina bread???r u sure not High5 brand???lol

Chen said...

yeah, i do agreee food is good. But cannot talk purely about food all the time. But somehow hoh, even though I'm not talking about food, the topic can somehow turned to food at one point, kakakka.. reminds me of the edible chess pieces again :P

if i eat like this every day lah, but i don't woh.. I eat crabs & sotong in the afternoon leh :P

sushi? Did i hear someone mentioning sushi? wooo... I love japanese food. Vegetarian or non vegetarian sushi I hampalang sapu :D

ah nel,
u didnt eat steamed peanut yesterday night keh? ate steamed potato instead ah?

That's for sure 100% Gardenia bread, cos I bought the bread myself. Hahha, I only buy gradenia bread, didn't buy or eat Hi5 bread for years already (I guess at least 5 years liao) :D

Kampungkai said...

i had... 10 cucuks of Kajang Sate, 1 ketupat, 14 pieces of cucumber, and 2 pieces of raw onions, with a glass of sugarcane juice.

That's what car-junks eat.

fish fish said...

Really BIG MISTAKE!! I shouldn't come in when I am on my diet, and it is late at night, and I am hungry. -_-""" One of my top 10 favorite foods is thick chunky peanut butter + nice soft butter on fluffy bread. *gulp* *tahan... tahan... tahan...*

zeroimpact said...

I like bread, but dun wan peanut, want strawberry
Doc I want more strawberry k

Chen said...

wah.. Kajang Sate? I wanna eat that too. Haven't eat Kajang Sate for quite a while already. Mmmm? 14 pieces of cucumber? I wonder how u remember how many pieces of cucumber u have eaten :P

That's a very fulfilling dinner :D

fish fish,
Fish fish just arrived US not long ago, and now on diet liao?

thick chunky peanut butter + nice soft butter --> this one sounds sinful, hahahha... too bad i don't have butter inside my fridge, or else I will eat this today :P

bread with strawberry jam spread? okie :D How about toasted bread instead? ;)

nyonyapenang said...

i thot that one breakfast. ;)

Mr. Goober said...

oh..ohh..hey, did you brush ur teeth after that?? :P

L B said...

I am going to have Bread & Kaya this morning for breakfast!! Yaaa.... Really, wan.. Really, Aitelyu! Really.. and Ipoh White Kopi in a Starbucks mug!

Chen said...

nyonya penang,
heheh, normally I only have a glass of cereal drink for breakfast :) Can't eat too much in the early morning.

mr goober,
mmmm... let me think..
did i or didn't i?
I guess I did, before I went Zzzzz :D

The kaya u bring all the way back "home" from Malaysia (I saw that inside the photo on your post)? Ipoh white coffee... mmmm.. might be I should go to Ipoh one of these days :D

ah nel said...

lazy to go thre bought as i was far

High% closed down lor as stated in news... ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
yeah, I heard about the Hi 5 news from my sister in law last friday.

zeroimpact said...

Better if toast doc...
Crunchy some more...
Yum yum yum

Chen said...

Alamak, I just found out I only have one more slice left.. Must buy summore Gardenia bread tomolo :)

dino said...

i like peanut butter.. yum yum..
seldom take bread for dinner... >.<

See Fei said...

next time tag me 2... i can also make simple bread dinner with campbell soup :-)

Chen said...

when running out of idea of what to eat,
or when lazy to cook,
or lazy to go out for dinner,
eating bread is the best solution :D

see fei,
campbell mushroom soup or Campbell chicken soup with potato..yummy :D
I can consider that for dinner one of these days :D

Simple American said...

Your peanut butter looks so delicious. Much different than the average peanut butter I get at the store here. I wants a peanut butter on Whole Wheat bread now. :)

Chen said...

Huh? Issit so? I always though US peanut butter taste better :P
I like peanut butter, especially those with peanut chunks :)