Sunday, September 10, 2006

You dare ?

Something interesting to share with you all. Mmmmm.... I'm just wondering.. Anyone dare to take the following traditional chinese medicine?

I came across this from the MMR forum - Wu Ling Zhi (Flying Squirrel Feces) or Feces Trogopterori Seu Pteromi. My first response when I read this was... My goodness... Flying Squirrel droppings or faeces?? I can't imagine someone eating & swallowing shit !! Yucks. Disgusting, I wanna puke..
Wu Ling Zhi (Flying Squirrel Feces)

Bitter, Sweet, Warm

* Invigorates the Blood, Relieves Pain- For amenorrhea, menses pain, postpartum abdominal pain, epigastric pain, chest pain
* Dispels Blood Stasis, Stops Bleeding- For dark purple uterine bleeding with clots, retained lochia due to stasis
* Treats childhood nutritional impairment, Eliminates Toxins- For a variety of insect and snake bites, topically and internally

p/s : I quoted this as well from the original website for the product : This herb is considered as toxic or illegal in the United States.

** I strongly DO NOT recommend anyone to try the above product. Those who are interested can proceed at their own risks.


ah nel said...

stuck in in arse if don dare eat

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

very very traditional eh

L B said...

Hmmm, I could eat this..... if I didn't know any better, or it was mixed in with Roast Duck, or stuffed inside Lormaikai.. ya? Gimme...

Chen said...

ah nel,
u really give ppl ajaran sesat

and it's natural too, hahhaha
droppings are something natural :P

wah.. u sure?
must inform those who share the roast duck or lormaikai together with u then, hahhaha --> got extra ingredients inside your foodstuff :P

ah nel said...

whre got ajaran sesat???
it came out from that place so we consumed it on that place oso lor...LOL

Chen said...

ah nel,
that place is meant for exit, NOT entrance, tapi kalau saudara nak buat macam tu juga, later develop inflammation or infection, jangan cakap saya tak bagi tau awal-awal :D

may said...

ewwwewwwwyuckyuck pttooooooiii...

no shit! LOL!!

Winn said...


but i guess ppl wld still try if u tell them it can cures cancer....hahah

eh.chen wanna partner or not? use my shit to turn into medicine? i contribute my shit but u do the research??

nyonyapenang said...

if topical use, still boleh accept la. ewww... kasi makan tahi wor, tak mau ler.

Chen said...

yeah loh, but somehow even though it's shit but there are people out there who dares to eat this yucky disgusting stuff.. or else this thing won't appear in the market LOL

there are lotsa people out there who lost $$$ including their live savings for certain scam products who claimed miraculous heal but ended up with more complications :( Sad truth.. :(

wah.. what a suggestion, kekekee...
i'm not into Research at the moment. kakkakka :D

nyonya penang,
even if topical use also I will think twice... mmm.. think many times leh.. kekkeek.. and at the end, it's still a big NO-NO :D

Mr. Goober said...

the flying squirrels must be flying with joy while we chew on their craps

mistipurple said...

we'll see how fast this shit post can turn to delicious food talk again. the nearest was LB with his lormaikai and roast duck concoction.

ah nel said...

tapi certain ppl gv it and 'enter'

plink said...

'..Treats childhood nutritional impairment... eliminates toxins..'

Jiak sai pang p'nui?


nyonyapenang said...

brings to mind how my MIL made me a concoction of dried pigeon's poo - supposedly to treat confinement angin. of course, i refused to minum ler. yakkkss..

Joycelyn said...

huh,i tot is stone leh...:D...heehhee

Red Sponge said...

har? eat pian pian?

uwek uwek

Chen said...

mr gooble,
and they will laugh quietly inside their little hearts too :D

hard lah to turn shit post into foodie :P

ah nel,
itu dia orang punya pasal. :D

kakkka... true also hoh your interpretation :D
Jiak sai pang p'nui
I can't imagine someone asking or forcing their little kids to eat this stuff...

Chen said...

Eeeee... so disgusting.
Luckily u know the content of the concoction & didn't consume it...
Imagine if u didn't know & minum & later u found out.. then really wahlao.. :P

Hahha, Come to think about it, I guess it's easier for human to eat stone than to eat shit. But of course lah, we won't go & eat stone :D

red sponge,
very disgusting hoh.. eating the pian pian or poo poo or sai or whatever u called it :P

L B said...

LOLOLOL... Turd into Food? *thinking.....* Well, you see ah, all those prawns and crabs that you eat?...... They eat shit, don't they?

Chen said...

Errr. Eating directly and indirectly is two different thing :D hahha, normally we won't bother what the prawns & the crabs eat, cos the mind do not know what the eyes do not see.. LOLOLOL, or we can pretend we dunno :D

and thinking about the delicious cockles or si ham... hehehe

mistipurple said...

that brings to mind, the reason sri lankan crabs very big, you know hor? the sea there always got bodies thrown in.

Joycelyn said...

if it is stone then much more easier....just swallow it like how we take tablets or pills....hhmmmmm,maybe they should capsule it horrr,(good idea?)..then wont look so "wat tat"(gross)...hahahha

Chen said...

wah... lidat ah? See No Evil & Hear No Evil, anyway I makan juga if I have the chance.. drools at their gigantic claws ..

wahaha... capsule the droppings?
then the appearance is more presentable, kakkaka..

Good idea, this is a modern world, hahha. eg. nowadays tongkat ali comes in capsule too :D

zeroimpact said...

Now I thought there was something fishy bout this...

Pink Cotton said...


it is TAIK!


hey where is mountain climbing photo ler??eee loktor nowadays really getting more n more climbing pun wanto show off to me...WAHAHAHA...

Chen said...

something fishy? nothing fishy here :D

pink cotton,
yeah loh.. I guess u won't dare to touch it, not to mention makan-ing it :D

HL your head ah.. kakkak (can use back your head on u :D )

hill climbing only lah, not mountain climbing.. kkekee, I went hiking cos wanna do exercise lah, not for photo shooting lah, so I won't post anything on that :P

Wah, that is considered as showing off ah? cham cham.. I thought only when I makan Haargen Daaz or Baskin Robbin ice cream & call u, then that's show off? :P

Simple American said...

Thanks Chen. Though it does not take a lot of convincing to stop me from eating poo.

Chen said...

Hehehe, this reminds me of something.. I remembered seeing small little babies eating their own poo, thus creating a big hoo-hah in the family :D Hahaha, those babies will basically grab whatever within their reaches and put it into their mouths :P