Monday, September 11, 2006

明天会更好 (A Better Tomorrow)

I played the mp3 songs from the 80's last weekend and I came across this Chinese song 明天会更好 (A Better Tomorrow) . That was one fantastic song which I haven't listen to for ages . 明天会更好 was one of the popular songs in the 80's, sang by a group of 60 singers (from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore) in 1985. This song was produced in the same year as "We Are The World".

The first time I got to know about this song was during my primary school days, in 1985. Even though that was more than 2 decades ago, I can still remember the song lyrics till today. How time flies... Come to think about it, in 1985, Pink Cotton was only a 2 year old naughty little girl (Errr.. she is still naughty even up to today, oops... and still curi makan ice cream even though she hasn't recovered fully from her cough, hahaha ) and Ah Ben was even better - not yet existed in this beautiful world :P

Click the play button if you wanna bring back the good old memories :)


轻轻敲醒沉睡的心灵 慢慢张开你的眼睛
看看忙碌的世界 是否依然孤独的转个不停
春风不解风情 吹动少年的心
让昨日脸上的泪痕 随记忆风干了

抬头寻找天空的翅膀 候鸟出现它的影迹
带来远处的饥荒 无情的战火依然存在的消息
玉山白雪飘零 燃烧少年的心
使真情溶化成音符 倾诉遥远的祝福

唱出你的热情 伸出你的双手
让我们的笑容 充满着青春的骄傲

谁能不顾自己的家园 抛开记忆中的童年
谁能忍心看那昨日的忧愁 带走我们的笑容
青春不解红尘 胭脂沾染了灰
让久违不见的泪水 滋润了你的面容

轻轻敲醒沉睡的心灵 慢慢张开你的眼睛
看看忙碌的世界 是否依然孤独的转个不停
日出唤醒清晨 大地光彩重生
让和风拂出的音响 谱成生命的乐章


mistipurple said...

chup ahh. listen to music later. or else other liuliu will chup ah!!

King's wife said...

wah, so long ago. I remember...

mistipurple said...

this song brings back memories too! thank liu! i can play this on the piano you know? lol!

plink said...

I was in primary school then also!

Eh, better not say so loud


It does bring back memories....

Chen said...

u very keng chau,
so fast u come liao..
oops.. no food again :P
cos dowan to make u drool in the middle of the night ;)

king's wife,
yeah.. kisah yang sungguh lama, oops.. should be lagu yang sungguh lama, but I like old songs & oldies :)

wah, u manyak pandai..
I dunno how to play musical instruments leh.. next time u must do live performance for us liao..
*book place untuk dengar misti punya performance*

hahha, say loud loud also never mind mah, I was in primary school as well :P

mistipurple said...

i was in (left oredy actually) secondary school then. *lalalala u didn't hear dat*
*innocent eyes*
i perform for you if got chance. hehe. but hope you don't lose appetite after dat. liuliuliu!

Chen said...

after your lalalala jampi, i didn't hear anything liao :D

wah.. happyliuliu loh cos can dengar misti punya live performance. Can bring Angeliu & Winnliuliu along? Definitely won't lost appetite, summore will eat more after your performance :D

mistipurple said...

*looks at loctor shyly*
can can, can bring angeliu and winnliuliu!! *looks down again*

may said...

I remember this... vaguely! yup, long long time ago...

Chen said...

apa pasal shy shy pulak? :)

wah, so late liao,
time to zzzz oledi.
see u tomorrow :)

yeah, lagu lama :D
I like old songs & oldies :)
most of the songs i'm listening to nowadays are those from late 70's to early 90's :)

mistipurple said...

nite nite loctor. don't let the bedbugs bite.
(alamak, loctor's bed where got bed bugs!)

fish fish said...

Wow!! This one is legend.

angel said...

ya ya!!! i want go see mistiliu perform!!! phee wheet!!!

yes, ming tian will be better...

izso said...

I didn't know u where *that* old. I remember this song from my really really young childhood days XD

ah nel said...

as i noe i like a better tommorow movie by chow yun fatt.... ;)

ofiz kenot play this song so duno i heard it b4 o not...

i hear oldies and watch old movies i will start thinking where i were that period and that y i kept old movies n old song...

'Papa,can u hear me sing' this movie i were at granpa house n my mom say honeymoon time she watch at kiasuland hotel and she knew it showing on tv tat day she dowan came out but stay at home watch...

few years back i went Kenyalang look for this vcd n ask the taukenio "ciu kang tang boi bo" movie uh bo...she told me the movie not tat name lar its the song name and ask me next day came his

the indian movie 3 elephant mia oso i like and my unker told me when he was young tat movie shown 1 month also 'REX'(currently star cnplx)still full and he hardly yo bought a ticket to watch... long post....soli docter...dont piak me with sotong but fish so i can eat it.... ;)

mistipurple said...

ah nel so young, but sound so old leh.
actually sound as er.. 'young' as me. :P

sengkor said...

i know the song we are the world.. but dunno this song also same year as WATW. Also for Africa ka..?

Chen said...

LOL about the bed bugs…
I think there are hypnotizing bugs on the bed, cos each time after I go Zzzz, I feel lazy to wake up the next day :P

fish fish,
yeah, u like the song too?
I have been playing the song several times over the past few days :D
Very nostalgic ..

we will wait till angel balik kampong, then we ask mistiliu to do live performance for us :D

Hhahaa, I’m older than Jellyfish (u remember that, right? He is my KSL)
But you are not *that* young either :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
u can play the song later when u balik rumah :)

I know the movie 'Papa,can u hear me sing', that’s a very hit classical sad movie. I watched that movie before.

The Chinese name for the movie is “ta chuo cher” – which means "sit on the wrong car".

Hahaha, I know how old are u liao, since u mentioned your mummy tengah honeymoon that time. That movie was released in 1983.

I planned to post up the song and a short review for that movie too, might be end of this week or sometime next week. I love the song too..

ah nel is a young chap but he likes to “pretend” that he is old, kekkee.. I still remember him telling me he is 52 years old :P

If I didn’t remember wrongly, the song was not for fund relief for the famine in Ethiopia or Africa.

ah nel said...

misti :tenk q for making me felt*i'm 52 ledi*

docter :rumah no pc lar but tonite might go cyber... ;)

i like classical n sad movie as it really touching... ;)

ya mer as i duno the release date...1983 mer???hmmm...gua reli 52 mar n later u met me u wil noe... ;)

wow...good it as i like the song oso...think of that song n movie i think of my mom... ;)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Sorry I ang moh pai dunno chinese wan..

lynnx01 said...

Songs sometimes bring you back to the era once you always listen to them. There are a few songs which I always listened when I was in form 3... then after a long time, now when I listen, I really felt as if I was being brought back to the form 3 days.. amazing how our brain works!

mistipurple said...

ya ya lynnx01, songs and smells trigger our brains in a certain way!
ah nel, i think you young in body and old at heart. wah so liuliu lomantic hor?
fantasyflier ang mor pai hah? i oso chiak kantang wan. we share baked beans want?

loctor, paiseh i talk so much on your blog. i better quickly serve drinks to all your guests instead. :)

Chen said...

ah nel,
yes, the release date is 1983 :)
u r 20+ but 52 in heart.. wah.. how can that be?

Hehhe, there are many ang moh pai here to accompany u,
So, u are definitely not alone :D

That’s true, we tends to recall back the old days when we first or initially listened to the songs…
Very nostalgic, huh? :)

good lah u, help me to layan my guest when I’m busy :D

Hahha, u can share bake beans with the ang moh pai FF, but I want French fries (my favourite leh)

ah nel said...

how can that be...coz i'm old ledi... ;P

ah nel said...

misti :lomantik kar me???old ledi
gua oso ada ciak kantang mia share kar??? ;P

plink said...

Mmm... potato salad....


I oso jiak kantang wan!!

Wait ar, I go McCurry's buy Flench Flies for evlybardee....

Chen said...

ah nel,
u say only mah u r old, how i know whether u telling the truth or not? The mind do not know what the eyes do not see :D

u also like kantang? So many kantang lovers here :D

Wah, another kantang lovers.. Counting how many kantang lovers here...Can make a kantang post in the future, LOL

Talking about McCurry reminds me of the incident that occured lately, whereby a restaurant by the name McCurry Restaurant (KL) in Jalan Ipoh was ordered to cease using the name ‘McCurry’ by the High Court.

I like flench flies.. yum yum :D

ah nel said...

u nvr seen my photo mer???
can used hand touch if no eyes see... :P

i every saturday go Sunday Market bought kentang and can say everynite i boiled 2-3 biji to makan...need some carbohydrate nutrien as i no eat lice...

u like frenchi flies???no good for health ler...

Chen said...

ah nel,
wah.. where to see your photo ah?
u tak pernah tunjuk pun gambar u :P

Boiled kentang is nice.
I enjoy eating it together with the spicy chilli sauce.

I like french fries but I don't eat it very frequent. Might be once in few weeks or few months :) High calories stuff.

mistipurple said...

kantang partay!! i got baked kantang. hot hot quick take. cold storage butter here, spring onions there, bacon bits in big bowl. ham slices wait ah, i go loctor's kitchen cut into strips now.
ah nel, plink, everyliuliu come!!! sit down and eat!
loctor, nah.. yours i make special for you. double toppings of bacon bits!

we keep some for angeliu okie? later she can ta-pau back to london bridge.

mistipurple said...

Plink, your flench flies vely nice! thankew! chomp chomp...

Chen said...

wah.. good lah u all, turn this song post into potato post... seems like we cannot escape from talking about food huh? okie dokie, I will prepare the marshed potato :D

Thanks for the special dish u prepared specially for me :) We will prepare chips for Angeliu.

mistipurple said...

hahaha loctor, you made me laugh. we turned your song post into potato post! everything is possible eh?

Chen said...

yeah loh.. ini misti semua pun boleh..
manyak pandai..
manyak talent..

Cocka Doodle said...

Where was Ah Ben at that time ah? Still swimming in his father's balls ah? Hahahahahah!!!!

zeroimpact said...

Yes... the glory of the 80s
Let us make the world a better place
*sniff sniff*

Chen said...

I have no comment
later Ah Ben piak me, kkakaka

*world peace*
hope that can become reality :)

Pink Cotton said...


pijak me and i still din realise it until u told me?!?

HRNG...ya memang 2 yrs old that time...but i was a good ger leh!!!

didnt draw on wall...unlike ...*COUGH COUGH COUGH*


Chen said...

pink cotton,
next time can pijak u more :P

i know u didnt draw on the wall,
u always emphasise that..
but u didnt draw only mah..
did u write on the wall?
or scribble on the wall?
draw & write or scribble is different mah

your unlike *cough cough* refering to who ah? I didn't draw nor write nor scribble on wall when I small time woh :P

Red Sponge said...

WAISEH man...

another OLD song...

This is a nice song...i always like songs sing by alot of singers...


ah nel said...

nehhhh*pointing thre*

we same taste ler as if me i eat wit chili sauce and chili powder for xtra

yeah...dokter sure noe wat good n wat bad... ;)

we can make ownself kantang flies ler...

misti :whre the kantang???*waiting unpatiently* lol

Chen said...

red sponge,
OLD songs are nice songs..
ada urmmphh
Old stuff are good stuff ;)

ah nel,
don't know where u point, kkakaa

hot & spicy stuff are good stuff
yeah, can made our own french fries,
just chop chop the potato into desirable shapes :D

Simple American said...

'85. My first year of university. :)

Wild, crazy, and single guy on campus.

Mr. Goober said...

hey..this song!!!!!!!!!

wah..long time no hear already

used to listen to it on chinese radio

Chen said...

I enter uni 8 years later :D
Those were the days… So fast time flies…

mr goober,
Haha, u know this song as well?
U r still a small boy when the song was first released :)
The fabulous old song :D
Yeah, this song was played frequently on the local chinese radio station in the past

ah nel said...

when r we having kantang party meet for bloggers???all food made from kantang... ;)

Kenny Ng said...

wow! What a song! That was my primary school time song. Really can refresh back lot of memories. I still can sing part of it...

Kenny Ng said...

ops... forgot to ask, which website r u using to upload the song? File Lodge gives me alot prob la...

Chen said...

ah nel,
I give u the pleasure to organise the meet loh.. u become the president of the kantang meet :D

hehhe, seems like lotsa us know about this song (which was quite popular in the 80's)

I'm using lifelogger to upload the mp3 songs :)

Kenny Ng said...

gotcha! Thanks alot :)

Chen said...

u r mostly welcomed :)

ah nel said...

docter :me not wellknown ler so i cant invite much ppl so u help to invite...i let u be the chairman of kantang meet... :)

i owes wana download song on it but duno how... :(

Chen said...

ah nel,
haha, i dowan to be chairman of kantang :P later everyone panggil i huang chu then susah :P

i hardly download mp3 songs too.

ah nel said...

i used to be called that name coz fat jeans ever bought till size 38... ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
that was in the past mah.. now leh? :D

ah nel said...

my frens used to called me ah pui and they still called me that as they used to it ledi... ;D

Chen said...

ah nel,
u r now very thin & slim liao, i presume? ;)

ah nel said...

no ler as getting fatter every month... ;)