Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Night to Remember

After a short excursion to Klang, I had a short evening nap (one hour plus). I was lazy to get up subsequently. Remember? It was raining cats & dogs Liucas & Ah Boy out there.. Nice weather to zzzz. So fast it's 6:40 pm liao.. Die die also must wake up, cos..... It's time to attend the Farewell Dinner for Ah May. Ah May will be leaving to Sydney, Oz this coming 18th February 2007.... On the first day of CNY. I gonna miss u leh, Ah May.
Finally we arrived at Deustche Gashauss @ Damansara Heights, with King's wife as the honourable navigator.

The detailed map provided by Winn for the blur sotongs... Notice the unrelated Red Ginger? --> Mahathir's fav assam laksa woh...

Sengkor, Angel, Kenny, Nyonya Pg, Zeroimpact, 9393, JL, King's Wife, Cocka, May, Kat, Chen and Winn creating a chaos inside the restaurant.

Some of the food we sapu. Oh no...Porkie again :D

The confused Sausage which thinks he is a Sotong.... So liu geh?

Halfway, I switched drink (Long Island Iced Tea cocktail) with Winn's mia drink, curi her German Beer (*slurp).

This was the Seafood Pasta that costed the freaking RM 75??? Someone gonna boycott this place liao.

Carrot Cupcakes specially baked by Kat with sweet cream cheese frosting.

Someone really enjoying the cake !!!!!!! And not forgetting a bunch of crazy & weirdo adults posing and camwhoring. Gila session was definitely on the move, shocking the restaurant staffs. And the bills came up to ..... o.O

The night was still young. Next we went to RedBox karaoke. Kenny & 9393 had commitments elsewhere and didn't join the gang.

Leng chai with the devilish handsome smile & the striking little red horns. "Someone" going to kiss him leh this coming Friday :P

Cocka and his sweet rendition of Il Mondo. And the hilarious 烧饼 song (William Hung) really gave us a good laugh." She Bangs" now becomes the edible 烧饼 pulak? Muahahhaa.. 烧饼 烧饼 !! Sengkor, Winn, Zeroimpact, KW and Kat left around 1 sumthing, leaving Cocka, May, Angel, JL, Nyonya & me behind. The night was still young ;)

Mmm.. the mild tasting beer, and I actually felt more awake after drinking it. And not forgetting the late night tiuing sms from Misti all the way from kiasuland aka Singa berpura2 land. The highlight of the night was the Barbie Girl song followed by the Sha La La La (Wynners). Everyone was on the floor except Angel who danced on the seat instead. Nyonya really rocks! There were occasions whereby Cocka was sticked to the wall, just like the Spider Man. JL almost lost his voice towards the end of the karaoke session.

Time really flies... It was almost 3:30 am liao.. and time to bid farewell. Will Nyonya's sha lalala on her way back home? Will her bigboy wait for her at the sofa? By the time we reached home, the clock had already struck 4 am... Time to ZZzzzzzz.....


Anonymous said...

hahahahha` next time if i meet up with them i must also censored their muka like u is it?!


Anonymous said...

and who is going to kiss the devil this friday??kakakakakak

Anonymous said...

eee... ala party tarak jemput :P

carcar said...

wah! hou geng ah!!!

sengkor said...

*rubbing hands with glee* + *devilish laugh* = happy

Anonymous said...

hahaha sausage that looks like sotong... so sotong... hahaha

Chen said...

Yes !! Must censor wan :)
U want Long Island too?
U r underage lah...
U drink ribena sprite can liao... :P

Who ah?
that someone loh...
cannot mention name here..
later she piak me :P

u joining the next day cheong hei & cheong si fatt party liao mah.. :P

geng leh?
kia si lang or not?
breath in & breath out...
don't get too excited :P

Anonymous said...

wah banyak censorship ... haha

So much food and sotong ... hehe

all the best ah may !!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the sausage which thought it was a sotong! awwww, I'm gonna so miss you and everyone too. thanks v much for coming all the way down from Penang to join us. that night so liuliu, singing that Barbie Gir song! and Shalalalala!! very lala, very liuliu!

my heart goes shalalala... shalala in the morning
shalalala... shalala in the sunshine
shalalala... shalala in the evening
shalalala... shalala just for you...

Chen said...

I can see your striking little red horns growing bigger & longer liao...
nyek nyek :P

Someone said that - regarding the Sausage which thinks he is Sotong. I quoted only. Forgotten liao who is the one.. Issit Angel? Issit...? LOL

must censor mah...
cos most of them are anonymous :P
including myself!! haahhaa
Food, food and food...
endless eating :D

Anonymous said...

LOL... I tot all boycott that place and dunwan blog it out, finally u did it.

JL said...

LOL!!! It's indeed a very memorable night.

we go yum sing again when u layang layang to KL ok :)

Ah May cher... come we encore one more round!

hi Barbie :P

Pink Cotton said...

*whistle whistle*

EH who ha??who going to kiss that lengzhai hoh?so lucky girl 'x'!!!!

wahlau eh u ppl..siao ah...karaoke till 4am!?!?!?!?

*Drop dead*

Anonymous said...

dun care..

pls plan monthly trip.

i'm gonna miss may miss may miss may mischu mischu mischu....*cries*


Chen said...

Sotong is great mah..
tat's why the silly sausage wanna "masquerade" as Sotong
i sot sot liao :P

Must come mah.. Else have to wait for long-long time leh before getting to meet u again..

Hehhee.. The barbie girl song very syiok leh.. Can replay or not? :P

boycott tat place & blog about the meet up is two different thing mah :P

sure... we go melayang-layang again..
Looking at calendar :P
answer on behalf of May, "Hi Ken"

liucas said...

i love mommy's map. mommy so clever:P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
whistle pulak?
not having palpitation meh?
SK anticipating with great interest liao leh...
Horn also grows longer liao

where got siao?
This is KL leh...
The night is still early :P

cries together with Winn
*consoling self*
at least can still make phone call, send sms & send email mah...

monthly trip cannot lah..
might be once in two or three months :P

yeah loh..
your mummy very geng
Winn the Na-winn-gator woh
dun play-play :D

Anonymous said...

huahhh...so the happening huh... huhhhh

Anonymous said...

Wah wah wah... so syiok!!

Like us university students going out like that, hahaha!

All the best to May in Australia o!

Chen said...

we are happening people :P

Very de syiok ;)
When u grow older, u will still do the similar things lah like what u used to do during the earlier days provided if u get the suitable group that can click to hang out with ;)

all of us are still young in heart,

Anonymous said...

Bunch of crazy adults camwhoring? Cannot imagine lah!

angel said...

HAHAHA!!! Yes, I THOUGHT it was Sot-sot-sotong ok... how I know it's just another Confused Object... Sausage thought it was Sotong... hmmm... well, they sound similiar... sosej-sotong-sosej-sotong... sos-sot-sos-sot... so, cannot blame them for being sot-sot-sonfused... LOL!

Simple American said...

Man was that some blogger party. Woo Hoo!!!

The chicken looks delish. And Deutscher weisen beir too. Auch tu lieber Gott! *pengsan*

You all have the best times evah. I wonder if I can just stow away on a ship to Malaysia. keke. How many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches do I need to make for the trip hor?

Anonymous said...

I am so jeles!!!! I want! I want! But I cannot stick my tongue out so far!! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK....

mistipurple said...

lol at LB!! i want i want i want oso!!! relac relac relac!
that night hor, suddenly i felt so strong urge to msg angel. in fact earlier a bit already got feeling to msg, then i press press number and then didn't send. then, buay tahan at the end i send!! the pulllll was sooooo stwong i tell ya!!!!

all the best May!! we will definitely keep in touch. you are going to be just a blog/yahoo/msn away ya? *hugs*

i love all you crazy bunch!! muacks!!

Anonymous said...

Wah chen, i can see you guys really fun, but the spaghetii really expensive, RM 75 per dish, pengsan.
Good luck may, and have a good week chen, hopefully more activities will be carried on... :D

Anonymous said...

Eee... Unker Cocka eat cake so geli....

All the best may!

You Karaoke sampai 4am?!?!

*pengsan with PengsanCotton*

Chen said...

u indeed can't imagine that. That was beyond imagination... Kkakkaka... Wonder if the restaurant staff thought we were crazy or not for doing those stuff :P

yeah yeah yeah.. it WAS u.
lolol.. Sosej-Sotong
very creative..
And I added in the Confused :P
Sosej & Sotong now become good frens liao?

This was another crazy party.
Indeed a night to remember ;)
Auch tu lieber Gott = ?
*Blur kaw kaw*

Come, come, come to Malaysia
We all awaiting for u with open arms
Cepat, cepat ;)

Chen said...

hhahha, imagine u sticking your tongue out like a... A FROG ??????
lol at the LD again :P
Your LD LD LD now reminds me of 烧饼 again !!! kkkkkkk
RELAC... (together with MISTi since she needs it)

relac relac relac
might be this is one of the method for u to relac as the query u posted in your post? I can't stop laffing looking at your sms. So the liu, so the teeeu.... so the... So the Misti. Hhahahaa.

Wish u were here too. Spore & Msia are just near by ;) Muackkkkssss

sin ling,
Not only the spagetthi is blardy expensive, the whole bill is magnificent too!! hahah, u won't be able to imagine the total amount :P But the good thing is we truly and really enjoy ourselves to the bottom of our hearts ;) Indeed a night to remember

Got more geli moments leh, but cannot be shown here since the picture is censored plus plus. Kakkakak...

karaoke till 3:30 am lah.. Gotta chau at tat time cos the karaoke tutup kedai & tutup air cond liao :P

pengsan-ed ah?
Skunkie skunkie..
Where are u?
Our beloved Plink & Pengsan-Cotton has pengsan-ed :P

domesticgoddess said...

waa... sounds like you guys had loads of fun!

_butt said...

eee.. tak jemput punn!!! *sulked*

but see you guys havin fun I oso tumpang gembira la.. all the best to May!! :D

zeroimpact said...

Yup, a night great company and food and fun

Pink Cotton said...

eng eng liao no jemput _butt 'x'

wa jin kiaa....

*counting the days on my calendar*

Chen said...

It’s indeed an enjoyable night.
Haven’t laugh lidat for quite a while liao..

Kekkeke.. I’m not the organizer mah :P
But u r coming to Pink Cotton’s "party" next weekend too, right?
Dun wear pink that night, okie?
Pink is reserved for the Skipping Cotton only :P

U all should have stay longer in the karaoke :P
More excitement & happenings toward the end leh..

pink cotton,
wat eng eng pulak? I’m not the organizer lah.. kekkee :P

lu jin kia ah? Of coz lah…
Have to give flying kiss woh..
Summore get to meet up with so many lengchai & lenglui there
excited leh?

*looking at calendar too*
Wah.. u flying tomolo liao, right?
So fast...

Anonymous said...

wah..the pasta so $$ one

Anonymous said...

How come didn't put any more of my sexy pose up geh?

Chen said...

13th panda,
the total bill is even more pricey..
and we couldn't believe the amount..
really o.O

can post those photos up ah?
looking for cocka's sexy pose photos...

Simple American said...

Auch tu lieber Gott is German equivalent of OMG!

Anonymous said...

yum yum yum... my eyes are focusing on the seafood pasta! wah so damn nice la jus looking at the dish! very delicious ya???

Chen said...

wat a long word for OMG :D

I don't find it great anyway.
But the price was indeed fabulous, too pricey for such a portion.

Simple American said...

German language is full of hot air. haha. Perfect for a seven hour conversation.

Chen said...

but.. I will only open mouth big big if everyone converse in German language,
Why ah?
cos... I really catch no ball !!!

kat said...

Doc, you can pass off as Chinese, Malay, Iban, Bidayuh, Kadazan.. only thing is you are not dark enough to pass as Indian, altho if you wear a pottu, ppl may attempt to speak to you in Tamil... Doc, you are Malaysia, Truly Asia!!

The rib I tapau tasted so darn good on last Tuesday!! Even more yap mei!!

Chen said...

wah.. I can pass off as multiracial?
luckily u didn't include in angmoh in your list :P

wah... u keep the rib till Tuesday?
Taste nicer hoh if keep longer? :D