Monday, January 22, 2007

An eventful day in Klang

After the late breakfast in Ipoh Old town Kopitiam, We (Angel and I) went to Klang to look for the adorable Daschund puppy called Mini Will who "na-will-gate" us around Klang, the BKT town. Soon, it was time for lunch. Will (the one with BKT blood) says beside Bakuteh, there are lotsa other food available in Klang woh.. eg the pork ribs aka pai kuat rice. Forgotten liao what is the name of this place. It is located somewhere in Jalan somewhere nearby somewhere.. So confusing huh?

Our drink for the day - soya bean milk (which comes in a bottle similar to soya sauce bottle?)

The so-called famous meaty pork ribs/pai kuat... Hehehe, the good thing is there is only meat but no kuat bones, and the green leafy vegetable.

Porky Meatballs & another porky product - Pig Stomach soup/猪肚汤. Wah.... haven't drink 猪肚汤 for so long liao.. Reminds me of my mum's cooking. After the makan session, it's time to walk drive around town again !!!

After drove passing by the bumpy road with potholes (which reminds me of the road conditions in Sarawak), finally we reached Tanjung Harapan. (side note: I wonder what can we harap or hope for in this place?) Anyway, Angel threw us a One million dollar question : Is the drain water in the above picture salty? Since it is located next to the sea... Might be Winn can enlighten us with an Winnism answer to the question above.

吹吹风 (= blow wind) moment... Mana tau half way 吹风, it started raining pulak !!! Never mind....

Since cannot 吹风, so we continue makan again. Paying a visit to the famous Klang Chen-dol. Is eating chen-dol equivalent to "食自已"? Nah... I opted for the pulut chendol (never eat chendol with pulut mah). Ada pulut, ada ais, ada chendol, ada kacang, ada santan, ada gula melaka.. After makan, it started raining cats & dogs (= raining Liucat & Ah Boy).

It's time to bid farewell to Will and Klang-Klang town. And this was what happened on our way back home to Puchong....

Winn, the reliable navigator na-winn-gator couldn't join us cos she was busy "stand-by" somewhere :P Pssss.. Winn says the word na-winn-gator is copy-right "kopi-right" woh.. Belanja her minum kopi then can use this word freely liao.. LOL. And I curi use her idea of finger picture too. Since she didn't mention the point-point picture is kopi-right mah. Kakkakaka --> so the kopi-cat :P

To be continued....


King's wife said...

oh, pig stomach soup with lotsa pepper! Yummy...

Nice to have finally met you, Doc! :)

Anonymous said...

the meaty pork ribs are so yummy..*wiping saliva away*

guess the soya isnt sweet...shld be fresh too..

the chendol so many ingredient..

so u gals still manage to get home before the sun set?

Winn said...

eh nawillgator is my tou dai...

klang side i let him tar lei next time ..anything klan klang deal with him la:P

as for the drain water issue hor.. i smsed dbkl liao..they say the water level in the drain is jus fine! u think they melayang or not? ppl ask one Question they answer another!!

i gv u the answer la. the water is PH5.5..non acidic.. good for drinking. pls get one gelas for angel next time..

Anonymous said...

hahahahah... so liu liu :P

Winn said... time join u la...ask u to make an month visit to kl ma!

Anonymous said...

eee you all did that finger point point pose without me... cheh :P

Chen said...

add extra pepper..
heavenly :D

Nice meeting u too, KW :)

wanna extra Kleenex? ;)
Yeah, the soya is fresh & not very sweet. Hehhe, we reached home around 4:30 pm. Had dinner gathering in the night, which will be updated later :)

if the nawillgator failed, as u said.. he will become the alligator instead? lol

Wah.. u sms DBKL liao ah?
u very cekap leh.. I suka
but why they lidat wan?
melayang-layang geh?
i know liao.. cos it's lewat malam liao leh..

Anonymous said...

the chendol looks different~

i also want to eat leh~ :D

Chen said...

liu leh?
u dare to mix with the liu gang or not? Later u will become liu too :P
Liu is contagious :P

yeah yeah yeah..
next time u must join us liao..
then can have more fingers

Wah.. monthly visit to KL ah?
manyak letih woh lidat :P

how about my suggestion of u, angel, kenny (& catch nyonya too) to balik kampung together?

akkakak... after u left time, on our way back, then only Angel suddenly came up with this idea mah.. :P

come come come :D
mari mari mari

Anonymous said...

chen: i thought we already have a plan to follow cocka to penang? ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

that's some hefty feast during the day. eat summore at night pulak... more porkies, too! aren't you all porked out by now? I know I am... enough for the week, maybe for the rest of the month!

JL said...

wah lu sacrifice so many khinzir kah... looks yummilicious though

angel said...

Hahaha!!! winn!!! U drink, I drink!!!

*agrees on the Monthly Visit*

Ei yeah hor... we had so much of Babi that day... and last nite too... -__-'''
*no eye see Babi for the rest of the week*

Anonymous said...

I like 猪肚汤 also!!

All the food looks so nice. Next time I must ask my Klang friend to bring me to Klang also. Haha.

Anonymous said...

why u never bring ah boy go traveling wan?


mistipurple said...

looks like another fun trip. *oink oink*

Anonymous said...

Those food looks really yummy...

Chen said...

That one dunno when mah..
So must have Plan B as back up :D

yeah loh, eat too much in the daytime liao.. might be tat's why I can't eat much that night :P
Really too much porkie liao, enough quota for the month, I presume :) Never in my life I have consume so much pork within a day :P

We makan geder-geder mah..
I eat u eat lidat wan..
(Mmmm... what am i crapping?)
Pork is always delicious wan..

Chen said...

wah... if lidat, then I have to prepare two glasses of drain water liao !!! One for Angel and another one for Winn :P

This "Monthly Visit" sounds like something else pulak! hahhaa.. u know what I mean, right? Neh.. the Aunty Visit :P

Should be no eyes see Babi for the rest of the month liao :P

Must go!! Since so nearby only :P

ah boy,
Wah.. don't merajuk lah..
U want to eat sio tu bak?
(trying to change topic)

Chen said...

it was indeed a fun trip :D
hope u r here too leh..
I saw your sms to Angel liao inside the karaoke time.. :P

*oink oink*
very soon it's piggy year liao.
Happy Porky CNY
Wah.. in 3 weeks plus time, I will balik kampung too :)

psss.. bila nak mari Malaysia? ;)

Hehehhe.. I think we can come to a conclusion that most of the food with pork are yummy.

Anonymous said...

Oh no... so hungry after laosai... :(

Anonymous said...


such a pork fan! can become fat one lor... :P

L B said...

How come your pai kuat looks better than my pai kuat wannnnn?!! So sad now.. wanna disown all my pai kuat already! And that chendol so overflowing liao! Gimme some of that pulut can? I await with arms wide open!

Simple American said...

Wat a nice trip. I wanna go next time. keke

And eat all those food with y'all. except maybe the pig stomach. I just cannot stomach, er, stomach.

Getting sued by Winn. Now you have a lot of blog material for a while.

Anonymous said...

Tuu thor thng!!!

*hungry liao* said...

Pai guat with no guat?

Chen said...

after laosai cannot eat oily foodstuff leh..

kakakaa… I’m not pork “kipas” lah :P
I prefer eating vegetable more than meat ;) Just that co-incidentally ate so much pork last Satuday noon & night. I guess no more pork liao for the rest of the month..

Your pai kuat also delish lah. Ah Boy still waiting for his share of pai kuat tat u prepared (but without fork & spoon) :)

Yeah loh, the chendol overflowing..
Await with open arms?
I tot u await with open mouth like how u pose to catch the flying peanut? This time is the flying pulut instead.. (so messy)


Chen said...

We are all waiting for your arrival leh to Malaysia.
U gotta visit at least KL, Ipoh, Penang etc etc...

U don’t eat stomach?
Don’t worry, there are lotsa other yummy delish food to savour

Winn’s T&C very simple only..
As long as I treat her drink coffee can liao :P

Scoop one bowl of tuu thor thng for Plink
Yeah, Happy Birthday by the way :)
Wish u many happy returns

The modern version of pai guat
Easier to chew & eat
Save the hassle :P

liucas said...

ya whenever u have auntie visit..come kl visit la!!

dino said...

will will uncle ah...
can u deliver the pai kuat fan to me pls??

chen, what a nice trip and makan makan a round....

Chen said...

wah... need to synchronise that way ah? So mafan wan :P

hahhaha, from unker panggang now he become Will Will unker liao? Might be u can post that up in his thread "Ask Unker Panggang a question". See wat he reply there :P

The makan trip not yet finished... This is just Part 1 only..
More to come :D

mistipurple said...

SA!!! pig stomach very nice to eat!! hahahaa most 'westerners' cannot tahan how we eat all those innards. they are good stuff i tell ya!
Chen, ya ya that night i very stwong feeling must sms Angel. wah the whole gang's pull very the stwong, send signals even to singaland.

mistipurple said...

eh. i don't know when i will ever go malaysia leh. but never know hor? things can happen!

papercrazy said...

wah!!! Ini lokter always write about food wan and to make matter worst, all the food food is so nice wan....

I'm hungry liaw...I miss pork....haven't had pork for the last......

1/2 day!!!!

Anonymous said...

sighs...missed another makan session with u guys again....

Chen said...

hehehhe.. Misti, u love innards too?
I still remember your tiuing sms. Kakkaka... so the classic :P

Dunno when ah? In few months time??
Come lah...

Not always lah.. I write about cadaver too :P

wah Wah WAH WAHHHH...
u haven't have pork for..........
a freaking 1/2 day liao??????
tat was very long liao leh..
u can tahan ah?

yeah loh... u always busy wan..

Simple American said...

Cuz of you I am interested in seeing Sarawak too!

_butt said...

one can never get enough of the yum yum foods!! :D

ok, my comment came very late when everyone else have 'drooled' over the pic liao. :P

dino said...

chen, what a good suggestion.. *wink* *wink*

Chen said...

Thanks :D
Remember to visit the Sarawak Museum, Sarawak Cultural Village & Kuching Waterfront ;)

Nope, u r not "very" late yet...
There are still leftover food for u to savour...
Few scoops of soup, two pieces of pai kuat etc...

Hehehe, true mah..
Has tat unker panggang replied u? :P
Ask him to deliver BKT too !!

dino said...

i asked him through messenger...

he said no deliver allow, need to claim those yummy *pig* at Klang..

Lamiracolo said...

Hello, nice blog u have here...the paikuat chicken rice is opposite klang bus favourite stall...cheers.

Chen said...

dun forget to claim from him when u visit Klang in the future !!

Thanks for dropping by :)
The paikuat rice is yummy & mouth watering :)