Friday, January 19, 2007

KAI Keok post - 无鸡不成宴

KAI (aka ayam) is currently the In-Thing. From the Ipoh ngar choy kai (beansprouts chicken), yim kuk kai (Salt baked chicken), kari kai bun (curry chicken bun) bla bla to Kereta-kereta's Chicken dang post with the wat luet luet, pak suet suet pak cham kai & redang rendang kari kai causing the widespread obsessions with KAI. Btw, KAI here is the edible kai and doesn't equivalent to the inedible COCKA. Hope he won't perasan :P Poor KAT kena the deadly "发鸡瘟" disease aka the spamming illness which is only curable with eating kai keok (鸡脚) aka chicken feet /phoenix claw (凤爪). Hope after she feasts her eyes with the kai keok pictures below, she can be cured completely..

Tungku Kai Keok/ Braised Chicken Feet Mushroom Noodle (冬菇鸡脚麵 )

鸡脚粿汁 (Mixed Koay Chap with chicken feet)


say YES to kai keok
say YES to kay khar
say YES to 鸡脚/鳳爪
say YES to chicken feet/phoenix claw
say YES to kaki ayam
say YES to kaki manok :P

Hou Kai ah...
Hou kai hou geng, hou hou sek TM ! <-- Ciplak this from Carcar.


carcar said...


carcar said...

kai keok is the best!

Anonymous said...

chen, first time here. U from ipoh ar> I think I had been to most places that u ate before..
white coffee is what i cant miss when i come to ipoh..

Anonymous said...

me no eat kai keok, me eat only pork keok, yum yum :) Cheers!

Chen said...

Geng leh?
Your Kai emoticon that you showed me earlier on is even more geng :P

can walk fast-fast & run far-far too after eating the kai keok :P
So no worry about getting tired after going kai-kai after eating kai keok!
say YES to kai keok :P this considered as ajaran sesat?

ray chin,
Hi ray, thanks for dropping by.
Nope, I'm not from Ipoh. I went there for a short excursion few weeks back. I'm from Swak but currently residing in Penang.

The ever sinful pork keok.
Wah.. the pork leg vinegar is the best :P

Anonymous said...



...that tungku kaikeok is one of my all-time favourite dish? I love the way my mom cooks it. now make me lau hau sui only.

I'm gonna make a list of my favourite food and make sure I have one dish of each before I leave!!

King's wife said...

I love kai keok also! And I'm the only one in the family who eats it. Whenever we order this, I have to sapu everything.

angel said...

Waa... alotta kai keok fan-si here worrr... i thot not many ppl like it.

Yippieee!!! Happy Kai-Kai Day!

Kai keok, kai keok,
Fai tik lei, chai chai thek keok!

*sot-sot-tay mya puisi*

*Flyday nite liaoooooo*

Anonymous said...

Kai Puut leh?

Ok, I don't really go for Kai Puut, but to some, it's the best part, correct? Kan?

Anonymous said...

what about "siu kai yik... ngo chung yee sik" :P

Anonymous said...

use to love kai keok...but suddenly nowadays geli sikit..dunno why...

Anonymous said...

OMG TungKu!
OMG kai keok!

hin hin liao....

kat said...

Now that you've mentioned it, yes I really like kai keok! Dimsum Fung Chau (definitely), tungku kai keok (for sure), kerabu kai keok (YES!), kai keok with spring onion and soy sauce like in carcar's pix (abuthen?!).

The best mun kai keok I've had is still Ipoh's Tuck Kee (a small nondescript shop a few doors away from the more femes Lou Wong) - small little keoks, smooth and tender, fragrant with ting hiong pat kok... mmmmmm.

Keok-note: Ipoh's yim kook kai is the best when you tear the flesh away caveman style, eh?

Sei lor, so much food to eat before we leave the country!

Chen said...

I will remember that..
Tungku kai keok is Maymay’s all time favourite dish.
I never like kai keok in the past, just started to love it several years back ;)

Must jot down what u want to eat in your pda in the to-do list liao ;)
Sapu all before u leave

LOL.. good loh if lidat :P
Nobody to fight with u for the kai keok..
U can openly sapu all :P
My brother & sisters also don’t fancy kai keok ;)

Hehhee, same here loh..
Now we know there are many who likes kai keok..
Let’s count-count how many kai keok fans here :P
One – two – three – four – five – bla bla bla..
A lot hoh?

Flydy nite liao..
Soon will be Sat-day morning liao ;)

Anonymous said...

I like to eat kai keok too! Eh... is that true eat too much ur hand will shaking? Then how u do the operation wor?

nyonyapenang said...

aiya, kai keok veli dirty la. the KAI no wear kasut wan lar.

Chen said...

Kai puut is the reject portion !!
LOL.. at least that is what happened in my case
Masuk tong sampah :D
Too geli lah eating the bishop nose :P
Yeah, to some tat is the most delish portion..
Lain orang lain citarasa loh..

Ah Will.. u keluar topic liao :P

Siu kai yek is nice… My favourite too..
I just have honey siu kai yek two nights ago ;)
Yummy :)

Geli ah?
Might be cos u think of how the kai “running” around bare foot on the field kua? And stepping on everything under the sun?

Chen said...

Yeah loh !!! Tungku loh... so “you”
Eating tungku is just like... eating Plink?
Welcome back :)
Lama tak jumpa liao :D

U r indeed hardcore kai keok lover :D
Oh yeah !! I almost forgotten about the kerabu kai keok oledi..
Haven’t eat that for quite some time liao leh..

I have another packet of preserved kai keok I bought quite some time back but lupa makan :P
Nope haven’t exceed the expiry date yet…
Or else...

Yeah loh.. yim kuk kai must eat with hand wan..
Then only syiok..
Finger licking good mah..
Forget about the cutleries …

Anonymous said...

kai fever!! :D

Chen said...

Tat is old wives stories lah :P
Just like ppl saying eating pig brain soup will become smarter..

nyonya pg,
I know I know..
Kai always run around in the field with bare feet mah..
Step here step there
Dunno what it steps also..

But dun care lah..
Hantam jugak :P

Kai fever sounds like fatt kai wa lidat..

Anonymous said...

what out of topic? kai yik is part of kai mar... still within topic :P

Anonymous said...


But last time got people tell me (dunno real or not, can someone please verify) that consuming kai keok will cause one's hands to shake while writing.

So I don't dare to eat so much liao, especially during PMR and SPM years. Haha.

mistipurple said...

no wonder everyone here can walk so much. :P

Anonymous said...

chicken leg!!!

MUST...have IT!!!!
haven't eaten them for few weeks!!

Anonymous said...

LoL! lokter...proly oso...i prefer "chu keok"...hahaha

Chen said...

hahahha, cos we are tokking mainly on kai keok mah.
I know liao..
u dun like kai keok leh? :P

Yeah !! another kai keok lover !!
tat consuming kai keok causing tremor is not true lah.. I dun believe it :P

Hhahhaa, now u know the secret behind all these liao?
say YES to kai keok :D

Very good, I find another kaki :)
Might be we can form a Kai Keok Club liao for all the kay khar lovers :P

tat one very sinful leh..
high cholesterol stuff :P

angel said...

misti! watcha mean everybody here can walk so muchi? o.O

waa... let's go for kerabu kai keok? ;)

_butt said...


omg, wut day-dreamer say true ka? I dah la crack knuckles a lot, if i eat kai keok sure tremble habis lo my hand.. *sked*

btw, eat more kai keok can help us run fast fast or not? :P

Anonymous said...

hey chen, i love kai keok, i cannot live without kai keok, penang have nice kai keok u know? it is from a hawker stall one. i ask the exact address from my mom and i tell u ok? it is very nice and delicious..

dino said...

i don't eat kai keok,but can i sapu the mushroom?? *wink* *wink*

carcar said...


kai - talk now...

for those who want to leave the country for good, you have my bestest of the best wishes and hugs. gonna miss u for sure, but i do hope you will miss me more than those kai keok. ahem.

if u think you can't find any kai-keok from angmoh country or huan nah country, you can always cook it yourself.

the recipe is...

chen, pls tell me in this..

ok, kai-talk end here.

Thank you for your time.

Here i want to wrap up the kai-talk with the wondaifu and moudakdeng poem frm angel!

Kai keok, kai keok,
Fai tik lei, chai chai thek keok!



Anonymous said...

Me like kai keok too but to cook the tung koo mun kai keok hv to use a lot fo time la.. And then hor hv to deep fry first and then boil in stock so tat it softens so better go ta pau la this one...

See Fei said...

it is ok to eat kai or ngap as long as you dont "call" them


sengkor said...

i no eat kai keok.. very the geli..

Anonymous said...

besides the internal organs which some weird guys like to savour, the 4 parts of chickens that i personally dislike: head, neck, butt and feet! i think they gross la... especially with the scaly skins on it... ewwww....

Anonymous said...

mmm... i love kai kiok very much..

Pink Cotton said...


slurp..hou hou sek oooooo

2nite i m going to eat kai too!...going to eat hartz chicken...WOOT!

Pink Cotton said...



papercrazy said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kai keok, chix feet, kay kha, kaki ayam (eh, not the bare feet)

SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mistipurple said...

LOL Angel! i mean liu all can walk here and there and here and there, must be the kai keok you all love gib the extra walking strength!

Chen said...

walk walk walk
wok wok wok

too bad didnt manage to eat kerabu kai kheok..
next time next time..
but at least we get to eat the "other" kai kheok this morning :P

What's the rationale behind leh?
hahahha, it's all in the mind...
If u don't believe it, then it's not true :P

sin ling,
cannot live without kai kheok?
this one - too kuo cheong liao leh..
hahhaha.. don't tell me u eat kai kheok everyday? :P

okie okie.. get the nice kai kheok stall address from your mummy and share with us here ;) Thanks

Chen said...

next time if we go eat kai kheok, i will take the kai kheok & u can sapu the mushroom. Fair deal? :P

wah... carcar giving a long speechhhh (kai talk) here. Hope it's not chicken & duck talk then :P

I catch no ball in your kai talk leh..
so cheem geh? :P

So far I never cooked any kai kheok before & used the easy way out --> Buy :P

see fei,
different categories of kai & ngap

Chen said...

last time i no eat kai kheok too
i found it geli in the past (during my secondary school days)
i wonder what's so nice about kai kheok in the past, but now lain cerita liao :P

errr.. I thought u told me somewhere in one of the comments that u r vegetarian?
or might be I remember wrongly liao.. :D

pink winnie,
yeah!!! another kai kheok lover :)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
u all really like kai very much hoh?
every part of the kai?
I remember not long ago your jiejie go makan in Hartz Chicken too ;)

don't eat so much kai leh..
later jelak then u know :P

yes, say YES
or might be..
we should YELL YES instead?

misti wanna join in the "walking" gang? Then must eat more kai kheok liao !!!

psssssssss... I had dim sum kai kheok with Angel this morning leh..

Loong said...

Isn't Phoenix Claw a kung fu fighting style?

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm a vege.

i meant i dislike those when i was still an omnivore. :P

Simple American said...

Always yes to Phoenix claw. Yum!!!

dino said...

very fair deal... hehe...
i like mushroom so muchie...
i will just aiming for the mushroom...

Chen said...

the cakar ayam kungfu style?

I dun touch the other 3 parts that u mentioned too.. No no to bishop nose aka butt, neck and... head? Got ppl eat chicken head meh?

wah........... u like phoenix claw too? I'm indeed & truly surprised to hear this leh :D

u can savour more mushrooms liao this coming porky CNY :D

Simple American said...

I love this.

Had a bad experience with this once though. I took a bunch of Ang Moh to dim sum. I am the only Chinese there. ;) (I'm EGG, white outside, yellow inside)

So I order the Phoenix Claw off the little table. And this one lady tries it. She sez, "This is good. What is it?"

I told her and she throws it back on the plate with the other ones. Argh. How can anyone else try. Pissed me off and ruined the entire meal for me.

No more Ang Mohs at dim sum for me liao.

Chen said...

How u get to know about the phoenix claw? Intro by your dear wifey? :)

Giggle at your description of EGG :P

Tat angmoh lady really too much lah..
If she dowan to eat, then just throw back on the table lah.. Throw back on the plate pulak.. now no one can savour the yummy dish liao... So wasteful :(