Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cheonghei-ness @ One Noodle

After Shalalalala till late midnight early morning, I finally went zzzz at 4:30 am. My Biological Clock woke me up at 9 am the following day. Cannot tidur liao, so I woke up & melayang-layang for a while...

Soon, it was time for lunch. Yeah, this time we had our lunch appointment at 1 pm at One Noodle in SS2. Angel and I secured a seat upstair in one hidden corner. Nyonya arrived next followed by May and subsequently Will came with a big bag. Nope.. He didn't bring Mini out but the camcorder with a short video clip of Mini. JL sms-ed telling Angel he couldn't made it cos he woke up late. (He didn't realise we actually stayed back till so late inside One Noodle). Too bad the melayang-layang Winn couldn't join us cos she sibuk melayang-layang elsewhere.

Without realising, Sotong is expanding the Sotong Kingdom slowly. The sotongness had spread the blur-ness to the Lucky Ducky May, causing her to ter-left her wallet inside the Redbox karaoke yesterday night during the karaoke session. But since she was so lucky ducky, she managed to get it back safe & sound. The last time when Sotong came to town, similar things happened too in KTZ, and not forgetting the heavy downpour. Blame the Sotong :P

Cocka was the next to arrive (we almost habis makan liao by then), and the first joke of the day started when we all heard Will asking Cocka, "Are u Carcar?" WHAT? CARCAR???? Everyone bursted into laughters !!!! Since when the lenglui Carcar becomes a macho guy with moustache ?? Cocka replied with a grin "The last time I checked, it is still there". Hahahhaa... I wonder if Carcar sneezed at that particular moment in Kiasuland? Talking about Cocka & Carcar reminded us of the photo of them taken together inside the Hakka Restaurant last August - the "like father & daughter" photo. Kakkakaka...

Soon, we were the only one left upstairs, and we ordered the second round of drinks. (cos talked too much mah.. really "saliva more than tea" (口水多过茶). We were noisy and loud - the whole upstair was filled with our voices & laughters. The staffs there are very nice cos.. they never shoo us downstair. Later in the evening, Ah May had to made a move cos she had dinner appointment with her family. After a goodbye hug.... aiyh, dunno when we will meet up again.. Might be in 2 years time? Might be sooner? Might be longer? Might be in Oz? might be in KL? might be somewhere else?

Soon, it's time to order the 3rd round of drinks... And dunno visiting the restroom for how many times liao.. We continued talking and yakking, covering everything under the sun - dogs lah, tsunami lah, apartment lah, Klang lah, the recent murder case lah, insurance lah, LRT ride lah, LRT tickets & Touch n Go thingy lah, blog name & profile name lah and even topless calendar lah.. *giggle*

We so cheong hei till..... See this? Geng leh? The thermos was brought out for... continuous servings of hot Chinese tea !! *Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah*

Later in the evening, around 6 pm, the Captain was back from her "time off". She was surprised to find out we were still lurking around in the corner.

Captain : I went back home to rest for few hours and I'm surprised to find out u all were still here. You all are good friends?
Nyonya : If we are not friends, who do u think we are woh?
Captain : like a Family loh. Pointing towards Cocka, He is the daddy and Nyonya as the mummy. (Kakkaa... so inevitably, Angel, Will & I become their their guai-guai, cute & adorable kids?)
Captain : U all must have not seen each other for so long liao, that's why can talk so long?
Nyonya : No lah, we just met up yesterday night and hang out till 3 sumthing in the early morning.
Captain : *amazed*

The papa & mama started teasing each other and showing the captain the censored photos that they captured the night before. What a lovely family scene. We stayed till almost 8 pm (till the cows also came back home liao.... Not only the cow, the rabbit, the mouse, the horse and the cock also come back leh). Mmmm... without realising, we had been talking, laughing, yakking & sitting for almost 7 hours inside the same makan place. This is indeed a record !!! Can we enter the Guinness World Record? So the cheong hei (long winded) & cheong si fatt. The seats must be flaming hot. Not easy to sit at the same seat for so long, u know? Stomach also bloated liao cos laugh too much (hence ate inhaled in endless supply of free air) :P

Looked at the bill !!!! First time I saw such a lengthy bill (for 6 people). Really kia si lang. The total payment of the bill was just 1/5th the amount we paid the night before. Even the parking attendant also cabut back home liao.. So free parking for Cocka. Yeah...

This was not the end of the story yet. We went for dinner in Thong Kee Restaurant (having fish, pork ribs, green vege, claypot vege & bitter gourd soup) & continued our yakking session for one & half hours there till 9:30 pm. Thanks, Cocka for the dinner treat. This was how I spent my Sunday. Another eventful day, right?


Anonymous said...

so liu liu cheong hei... chup first read later :P

Anonymous said...

aiyak... shhh shhh shhhh :P

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the captain's name...It's Chee Bi.
Without the 'a' .
Hahahaha!!!! What a name!

Anonymous said...

err... err...

*runs and hide*

Anonymous said...

cocka: it's supposed to be Chibi i think... some pseudo japanese name :P

Anonymous said...

guess what i found in Wiki?

Quote "Chibi are typically known to be super-cute, speak in childlike voices, have large puppy-dog eyes, and often a mischievous or indignant personality."


Anonymous said...

yaaaa, my eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets when I heard you were all still in the restaurant when I called! all your wind very the long. much longer than that receipt...

Anonymous said...

*pengsan* rupa-rupanya u guys ber-enam yg buat the bill so long...wah piang...

Chen said...

since we all cheong hei for so long in Sunday, so must write cheonghei-ly also mah... :P

No need to shh shhhh liao
Carcar will come & de-skin u soon, after she read this post :P

Kakkaa.. teruk lah u
remembering her name that way :P

u can run, but... u cannot hide.
Sked anot? :P

Chibi Chibi?
Ini sikui Will.. so fast go & look up in Wikipedia?
o.O at the definition for Chibi

Anonymous said...

aiya cannot blame me 100% mar... cocka and carcar sounds alike...


Chen said...

New record leh? 7 freaking hours !!
yeah yeah yeah...
So the cheong hei... hahahaa...
time really flies hoh..
I didn't realise we actually merepek for so long liao inside the restaurant :P

kakkaka.. who u think contribute to the lengthy bill earlier on leh?
The magnificent us loh... :P

hahahaa... seems like no one get the correct answers in angel's post.

Wah.. where got same woh?
One is COCK
Another one is CAR
lain lah.. :P

Anonymous said...

you know... cocka... corka... carka... carca... carcar...

similar mar :P



Chen said...

following that...
Carcar will become cacar, then cha cha, followed by bubur cha cha liao?

*cabut fast fast*

Anonymous said...

wah... you say one hor... not me... :P:P:P

mana ala nice bubur chacha? long time no eat

Winn said...

put cocka and nyonya around...tats what u get. haha....

Chen said...

Yeah, i say wan, but u started it first :P

masak sendiri lah :p
but I sincerely hope u won't add in ayam panggang inside your bubur cha cha

put papa & mama together,
sure ichiban wan...
if Winn masuk campur, then will become what leh?
should be "action-talk" hoh?

Anonymous said...

wah... still got 3rd round ah? LOL... so happening huh.

Anonymous said...

Wow non stop eating ... haha :D

Anonymous said...

is the bill the same one from angel's post?!

Chen said...

Good things come in 3 mah :P
That's why..

Not really considered as "non stop" eating lah.. besides eating, got drinking also leh, got yakking too, got fishing in between (sleepy mah) & not forgetting visiting the beloved w.c :P

Yes, betul :)
Same excitement, same company and same bill :D
We were yakking & laughing together at the same place for 7 freaking hours :P

Anonymous said...

Why ah you all so bad wan? Never invite me anymore? Never bring me flowers, never pinch my butt any more wan? How can wan? Like that wan?
Ok, I remember that Thong Kee Restaurant! The food there the best in the whole wide world! No kidding!!
So, one more time:
Why ah you all so bad wan? Never invite me anymore? Never bring me flowers, never pinch my butt any more wan? How can wan? Like that wan?

mistipurple said...

lol at LB with relac relac relac.
how to melayang layang huh? angel said that might help me to relac.
*wish i was there with liu all*

angel said...

*pinch L B's nipple to make him relactating*

*flies layang-layang for misti*

Waaa... your post very the cheong heiiiiiii, read until mou heiiiii :PPP

Simple American said...

They should engrave your name in the chair. Wow! That is so cool. Hope the chair is comfortable. haha

Anonymous said...

Should pinch lb's both nipples !!!! Hehe ... I also read until mou hei ... haha

Anonymous said...

wa, wa, the soup attracted me! is it tomyam or asam sth sth? it looked so tempting... *slurp slurp*

Anonymous said...

7 hours is freaking long :P like, woo, 7 hours!!

Chen said...

aiyayayayak… Blame the postman :P
He must have misplaced the invitation card liao...
Too sotong liao :P

Thong Kee Food is the best-est ah?
Your cooking not the best-est meh? Looks so yummy

Wah… u started cheong hei again??
must Relac relac
breath in, breath out...

hahhaa, trying to imagine everyone in the relac-ing scene.
How to melayang-layang ah?
Easy lah...
People talk about this to u then u think about that, then can liao loh...
But later buat salah kerja, then cham hoh? :P
Might be easier to fly sotong kites instead..

Might be I will made a trip south to Singapore one of these days? ;)

giggle at the relactating nipples...
so the melayang-layang liao...
imagine Misti also melayang-layang somewhere

Cheong hei session must be accompanied by cheong hei post mah..
So that I can remember this session in the future when I read back :P

Chen said...

Hahhaa, I think they are scared of us liao..
So the long-winded…
First time in history they have such long-winded customers leh…
Sit for 7 hours !!
The chair is the wooden chair woh, but okie lah..

Wah… u wanna pinch both his nipples?
Sounds so kinky.. hahhahha

Read till mou hei ah?
Take a break in between (commercial break mah)
Come, come.. have a glass of iced honey lemon tea

If I didn’t remember wrongly, that was the tomyam seafood noodle.
I didn’t eat that, my friend did.
I savour the beef noodle instead :)

Hehehe, next time when I balik Kuching, how many hours should we yak? Till the cows come back home again? :P

Anonymous said...

waleh! the receipt cheong-er and cheong-er all the time!!!!

sikui chen enjoy kao kao eh~ hahahaha :D

carcar said...

will!!! carcar is here!!~

carcar said...

carcar is not cocka

carcar said...

carcar is cocka mia anak!

carcar said...

hahahaha... no lah... later u getting more confuse!

carcar is carcar, cocka is cocka!

papercrazy said...

Waisehman......from brunch to lunch to tea to dinner to supper to to to to......*tertidur*

U guys sure no need collagen to get a fuller lips talk for so many hours, sure your lips must be so tebal and numb liaw..LOL

Winn said...

cocka is not carcar. carcar is not cocka. carcar and cocka is cocar cola!!

eh carcar ur YM pic with cocka looks cute leh . .like father and daughter!! hehehe.......

mistipurple said...

loctorrrrrr i am flying sotong kite in the skyyyyyyyy....
waiting for liu one day come to singalanddddddd!!!
*sucks someone's double lactating milkshake, hahahahaa*
*shares with angeliu and winnliuliu!!*

Anonymous said...

Wah... really cheong hei leh!! 佩服佩服!

But friends friends that can click hang out together like that memang syiok...

Chen said...

ah ben,
must stretch stretch mah....
remember the energizer batteries advertisement?
Can go long long long longgggggggggg longer wan :P
Cheong, cheong, cheongggggggggg, cheonger :D

Eee… why suddenly scold me sikui pulak? :(

Must ask Will to hide under the table liao..
The Mighty Carcar is HERE leh..

Carcar is Cocka mia anak?
Kakkakka.. yeah loh.. the like father like daughter photo
So the classic !!

Summore Carcar go & put that photo up as her profile photo in YM
really mou dak deng :P

dun tidur yet....
Must give face mah..
Summore, the sun is still shinning bright-bright lah !!!
I heard u r very good in talking & yakking too :D

Fast-fast go & take a mirror to see-see look-look
Luckily no swollen lips yet :P

Chen said...

Nice leh your equation.. Carcar & Cocka is Cocar Cola..
Better than what I’m thinking of.. Carcar & Cocka = Cocka riding a Car
But pls don’t think senget of tat equation :P

Yeah loh.. that classic father & daughter picture..
And it reminds me of another thing again..
Someone climb high high up on the chair to take photo leh tat time :P

I wanna melayang-layang also leh..
But can’t
Neber mind..
I can melayang-layang later tonight after I go back home :D

I think the restaurant staffs are scared of us liao..
First time in their history somebody stay back in their makan place for so longgggggggggggggggg

Anonymous said...

"papa" giving a treat!!!

how come "papa" don't treat ppl here in kiasuland!!

u guys seems to have a long long long gathering...last the whole day! ;)

Anonymous said...

Will....I wiki Chee Bi WITH the 'a'..

Quote "Chibai are typically known to be hairy like a pussy,super-cute, "nations once fought over it",and often used as a MAGNET to lure the mischievous or the dignified personality."

Will said...

cocka: ROFL... hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha

Chen said...

might be.... Coz u all in kiasuland never call him papa?
That’s why :P

Might be next time we should have one that started from the early morning (breakfast time) till late mid night (supper time)! Hahaha, that would be interesting :P

my goodness...
what sort of definition is this?
Luckily I’m not drinking anything now..
else the monitor is gone case liao :P

hope u r not wearing white shirt today..
else your white shirt will become grey shirt liao, cos u roll on the floor too much liao !

cocar cola said...

cocka like Chee Bi with 'a'!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


mistipurple said...

hahahahaa everyliuliu here got very funny bones!!!! rof with clean tee shirt lol! (why purposely wear clean one ah? *konk konk head*)

Anonymous said...

LB ini memang loves to spam ppl's blog! :P

really pui fuk u chen! oways go eat eat eat. u not scared by this month end become tua pui ah? den we all will call u "lokter pui! lokter pui!" HAHAHAHA.

but getting pui means got fok hei. cos CNY is near, the more pui u get, the more fok u will be this yr. so put on 10-20 kgs (the more the merrier!) of meat plus fat plus 3 layers adipose to ur body and ur angpao will jump by leaps and bounds! :P

and u r a cheong hei poh wor! like the length of that bill! :P

Anonymous said...

lei ho KENG ah!

Chen said...

cocar cola,
very cheem leh this equation :D
so, cocka is searching hi & lo now for the missing 'a" ?

cheong hei gong..
even if u deny, u can't hide the truth leh...
cos.. the truth is out there :P
i know u know he knows she knows..
and even ah boy knows too !!
how to hide leh?

must relac mah...
This is one way to RELAC, u know?
don't talk logically at times,
think in a different manner at times..
but of coz don't let this affect your work & your performance lah

Chen said...

don't worry about those spamming,
we are just playing around :)
nobody is hurt or injured..
no harm is imposed :D

wah... cheong hei siu didi, u trying to give us a long lecture here? :D I don't receive angpow for ages already, cos I have been GIVING OUT angpows all these years for 7 years liao.

red sponge,
Free or not to meet up this coming CNY? Might be will go to visit your house (if u don't shoo me out lah). Wanna kacau Ah Ben too, and of course not forgetting your dearie Pink Cotton & her other half lah..

Anonymous said...

I like the way you call kyh... "cheong hei siu di di"!! Wakakakakaka!!

Okay! This CNY, I expect one more ang pow from Dr Chen!


papercrazy said...

yakkity yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak

Chen said...

LOL.. U can always get the virtual angpow this coming CNY but if u wants the real one, then u have to come upnorth to Penang liao :P

We yak till the cows come back home?
Wah.. tat sounds so like us !!
The Cows !!!

Anonymous said...

lalala~~ DATE & TIME! hehehe!

I mana dare to shoo u out la!! ;p

Chen said...

date & time will be confirmed later
now too early mah....
still 3 more weeks to go ;)

kat said...

So good, the restaurant. Never halau y'all. The cleaning lady never come and start mopping floor, asking you all to "Sook keok!!" as she mop under the table-meh??? LOL

I guess the air must have dem good! So nice or not, food there?

Chen said...

yeah loh, the restaurant indeed provide "superb" service. The cleaning boy did mop floor nearby our dining table, but he is very "professional" & never come to mop under our table.
If he did, then we won't sit there for so long liao..

The food is nice :)

Anonymous said...

ohh.. so this is the answer to angel's post!!! :P

Chen said...

Yeah... The answer for the one million dollar question is here :P
Geng leh ?
6 people contribute to such a long bill...
Like shopping receipt niah :P

papercrazy said...

we both yak yak yak until everyone fall asleep and we still yak yak yak....

so interesting...

Chen said...

how cool !!
yak yak yak yak...
I know the Skipping Cotton will sure fall asleep wan if she is joining !!

pssss... KFC (keep finger crossed) that no more centipedes will disturb her this time :D