Thursday, January 25, 2007

What's yours?

These are some of my favourite phrase which I always used in my casual writing. Piak with sotong, faint kaw kaw, no eye see, *cabut*, twist your head, sikui (= dead ghost in chinese for those who catch no balls), NBTD (= nothing better to do) and not forgetting the fabulous LD. (Those who chatted with me on YM will notice the appearance of this LD on & off. Many have asked me in the past what is LD? Hahaha, LD is just the typo for :D, since L is located next to : on the keyboard. That's how LD originated when I typed too fast, similar as the origin of ti(p)u)

And from what I observed over the past few weeks/months :
*May's tee-hee, fatt hao
*Ben's io ka ch'ng, hiao kao pua si, sikui, CPBSP
*Angel's KKHH & the dying DYK (which has RIP liao?)
*LB's sot sot, bling bling, klang klang & wat else?
*Winn's infamous liuliu, sam pat, melayang-layang & .. napet?
*Will's kin kin siam (wah.. where u want to siam?)
*Carcar's OMG, cheonghei, pangsai/oh see (nyek-nyek, I remember this !!!)
*JL's lame
*Pink Cotton's your head, 'x', PP (= phik phiak)
*Ah Boy's laff die me & woof die me
*Misti's RELAC
*Sengkor's How Crappy

Anything else to add on to the list?


Anonymous said...

and all the time I thought LD LD LD was lidi lidi lidi... like a new for of laughing like a sotsot sotong! wahahahaha! yorrrrr, you so the fatt hao lah, do this post!!

Simple American said...

We need to IM more?

Wau. You IM Ah Boy? hahahahaha

Chen said...

hahaha, now u finally know what is the meaning of LD liao..
Wow... I never realised u all so geng wan.. can come up with all sort of interpretation for LD. I like the lidi lidi lidi btw.. So Sotong !!! muahhahah

so the fatt hao ah?
Might be kua...
Or might be really NBTD huh? LOL

Hehehe, I never type LD when I chatted with u in the past? Might be got lah, just that u didn't realise it :P LOL

These are the phrases that appears not only during chatting, but frequently on blogs too!!!

pssss... Ah Boy has YM too :)
Soon, he will chat with u online liao!

Anonymous said...

my normal phrase is always gero gero gero...or gerori~~or mwehehehehe or mwekekekekeke....

btw, i tot LD means Lokter Dear...aiya...its not ah?

Anonymous said...


Wat?!!! How can? After all that trouble we went to to decipher LD together, remember?
LD = Long Dong
LD = Lusty Dick
LD = Lazy Darling
LD = LaiLah Dahling!
LD = Lormaikai Dimsum
LD = LorDiu..

Anonymous said...

mine is:
- siao teh
- si liao la
- i wan die dy
- chek ak
- 4896 (si peh gao lat)
- wat da hell
- maileh (sort of vulgar :P)
........ (cant think of 4 the time being)

Anonymous said...

i thought that LD is a typo for L(S)D or something like that... :P:P:P

kin kin siam is to avoid kena piak(by sotong)/bite(by winn winn) mar... hehehehe

*kin kin siam* said...

wah, your tipu ... become ... @_@

Chen said...

yeah yeah yeah…
How come I overlook that?
*piak own forehead*

LD is Loktor Dear ah?
So sweettttttttttttttt :D

gero gero gero...
jilo jilo jilo...
milo milo milo... :P

tat LD is the original meaning of LD mah...
I have confused so many people in the past.. I lost count liao...

Wah.. Got such session ah?
Sei lor... I lupa liao...
Now think-think back, I finally can recall liao !!

wah? I wan die dy?
your parents didn’t scold u meh for saying tat?

dino said...

i thought LD=LB
i thought is typo, when u wanna type LB that time u mistype it become LD.. :p

Anonymous said...

eh eh~ i still got some more leh~ extend ur observation perioD` kakakakakka :P

Chen said...

*faint kaw kaw*
what is LSD?
Last Stage of Delirium?
Or the infamous Lysergic acid Diethylamide ah?

Why your kin kin siam involve winn winn one?
Fast-fast say !!
What have u done?

kekkekee…. The disaster of typo…

*faint kaw kaw*
lidat also u can think of?
Laff my heart & my lung out :P

u list them down here lah…
share-share mah…
sharing is caring wei :D

Anonymous said...

LSD = Limited Slip Differential

what? i do nothing to winn winn ah... :P

Anonymous said...

Do I have one??

I didn't notice leh...


mistipurple said...

hahhahaaaaa this is soooo farnie! good for my stomach acid. relac relac breatheee breathee.
what is TTTTTTTT ah? lol. angeliu has plenty of those lately! here become Q&A section oredy. public service! hahahahaa

Chen said...

wah.. apa tu? So geng geh?
Not "Large Seed Durian" or "Liulian Sui Durian" meh?
Become liu lian tok pulak :P
nyek nyek

If u do nothing to her abuthen why Winn Winn wanna bites u woh?

dunno ah, I didn’t notice either..
none kua?

See? This is a very effective way to RELAC :D
Geng leh?

I know T.T is sob sob & cry till tears rolling down the cheek lah :P
TTTT mmmmm….
Might mean cry kaw kaw kua?
Or Tiiiiiuuuuuuuu kaw kaw?

King's wife said...


eve said...

mine used to be T9..nono..not the Sony T9 camera..err...err...T9 lor..

carcar said...

i think sometimes we just cant beat creative ppl like lb!!

and today i learn one new term 4896 frm kyh!! hahaha...thanks! haha

at work right, i like to use knn or now upgrade abit to kanasai while msn-ing.

oh see or toilet break only with lb or yrself, i dont know why, everytime u two wrong timing leh.

angel said...

misti, TTTTTTTTT is Ti(p)u as to KKKKKKKKKKKK is kakakakaka and HHHHHHHHHH is hahahahaha and Keeeeeeeeee is kekekekeke.

LD = LanDiu
LD = Laff Die
LD = Lick *ahem*

Mine leh? U tell me lah.

Winn said...

*bites will*....

for no reason! no reason oso a reason ok.


Bernard said...

uahhh... Hahaha... this is hilarious.. achelli you should write a glossary lah.

Chen said...

wah.. looking left & right, nobody around here.. I hope u r not swearing at me leh.. hahhahaha

Huh? T9?
*scratch head*
still thinking wat the heck is this T9

It's good to have creative people around. And u r good too mah. Remember? We have great minds in the past & brilliant mind at the moment.. Oopps... Must keep low profile, okie? ;)

wah wah Wah.. u use KNN at work?
*drop spec*

yeah loh, dunno why lidat wan..
everytime i talk to u, half way sure u minta excuse go oh see in toilet wan... so the funny :P

Chen said...

The answer is finally out !!
so my guess is partially correct liao regarding the TTTTTTTT
refering to "Tiiiiiuuuuuuuu kaw kaw"

Walao, your LD so geng wan !!
I almost fall down from my chair when I read this :P
got Lick *ahem* summore

Should add in those TTTTT, KKKKKK & HHHHH in the list next to your name liao :P

*bites hard hard, okie*
pssss.. he enjoys to be bitten wan
might be after he will request to be beaten after u bite him leh..


I haven't figure out what is your favourite phrase yet.. Or.. do u have any? :P

Anonymous said...

wanna know more, chen wanna know more, bling, klang, sot, ti(p)u, fatt hao and bla bla bla... hehe... :P *fainted*

Chen said...

sin ling,
wanna know more?
then u need to follow up liao to see the latest progress
apa pasal pengsan pulak? :P

Anonymous said...

beaten? o_0"

i'm not into S&M ok? :P

Chen said...

U forgotten liao meh?
打是爱 lah..


kat said...

I oso thot LD is LB...

Didn't liu-liu come from angeliu??

Chen said...

hahahah... i never tot of tat earlier on :P I still have this LD typo on & off when I chat on YM

Liu origins from Winn. She even wrote a post on that several months back @ May 2006 :)

JL said...

u forget SORRY SELORI :)

Chen said...

so lame :P

Anonymous said...

wah.. pengsan loh, so many lingo lingo I duno.. :P

Chen said...

nyek nyek...
Do u have any?