Sunday, December 17, 2006

Crap Night & Crappy Meet

*long-winded cheong hei post*

Meet up with a bunch of crappy nice people last Thursday.. at King Crabs Restaurant in Kelana Jaya. Will was the first one to arrive and he walked around aimlessly outside the restaurant while waiting for the others. We found out Angel reserved a table "using" the name Anges (hehehe.. your name so special mah, till the waitress salah tulis.. luckily she didn't write down as Anger pulak, else I no eye see liao). Itu malam hujan anjing & kucing.. creating chaos & heavy traffic jam. We waited and waited and waited and finally the event organiser, Angel arrived. She said she wanna bring a mic to interview Will wan, but mana tau tak bawa pulak..

Soon, Nyonya Pg joined in the mini crowd. Nyonya, u are too famous liao.. Everyone get the correct guess who you are :P Nyonya Pg is the most happening nyonya in town, till the Celcom ppl called her and asked whether she is Nyonya Penang !! Still giggle over her Celcom story. If anyone has any complaint, you are mostly welcomed to post up the complaints in her blog. She really can talk.. and can yak non stop wan. Trying to recall how many hours she cakap that night. Counting with fingers.. from 9 pm till 1 am :P

We were busy talking and drinking chinese tea (dunno how many glass of chinese tea I drank that night..) and eating kacang. Sengkor arrived next followed by Ah Butt. Sengkor, the Crap King in Crabs King.. How crappy. This Crap King no good wan.. Ask for free MC only. Ini dunia tarak Free MC lah. LOL. This Sengjai bought a new camera - The Nikon Coolpix S9.. fully equipped for his coming convo the next day?? Ah Butt looks so young, like a secondary school gal. Didn't manage to talk much with her leh.. Blame it on the big round table, separating us so far apart !!!!!! Angel told us she sent out a last minute invitation to Jason, and here he comes..

The "lost" and blur looking curly hair straight hair Ah Nel arrived subsequently... This "52-year-old" Ah Nel still cannot kick off his lying habits.. This time he intro himself as Pink Cotton pulak. Mmmmm.... since when Pink Cotton becomes a tatto0-ed young lengchai? The Pink Cotton that I met few months back looks different leh..LOL. Winn punya pasal making Nyonya had the impression that Ah Nel has pao char curly hairs and she couldn't associate Ah Nel with the real Ah Nel... So confusing. Then hoh he was caught red handed again.. lying again about the LRT station.. Muahahaha... Poor Ah Nel. Explained wrongly being accused as lying pulak :P

Must piak this Will. Dunno why he intro himself as Anonymous pulak. Luckily I know him for long time liao, else I might kena cheated by him too.. Why Anonymous ah? Your name cannot see light wan meh? Borrow too much Ah Long's $ ah? :P

It started getting warm when the waitress took our order. This place very happening wan, like circus. First lah, the waiter splashed drinking water on the floor. Then.. the waitress drop the plate or glass on the floor - pili palang. The most hilarious wan is someone bumped or knocked himself into the glass door.

Menu of the night : Stirred fry Lotus Roots, Macademia Nuts & Asparagus; Guinness Stout Pork Ribs, Mayannaise Salad Tofu, Frogs aka "Farm Chicken", Marmite Crabs, Butter Crabs with Buns and Nestum Prawns.

Ah May arrived last. We all sibuk makan liao by the time she arrived :P This lenglui ate, licked and sucked the crabs till she cut her thumb *ouch*, with minimal amount of blood oozing out.. Mana tau later she licked & sucked her own blood pulak.. *faint* Yummy ah the blood? :P She too tired liao, or too sleepy kua?

There was a group of drunken Japanese sitting next to us and conserving in increasing volume. Kili kulu dunno apa dia orang cakap... Like fish market oni. However, we chit chat still manage to pay full attention to Nyonya, listening to her stories till being chased out 11 pm (dowan to leave also gotta leave, cos tutup kedai liao). The night was still young. Oh ya, Thanks to Jason for the choc & the candy :)

We continue our yakking session in KTZ in SS2. On the way to KTZ, I called Winn. She didn't join us earlier on for dinner (cos she melayang-layang somewhere else). Angel managed to persuade Winn to join us... Yippee !! And not forgetting... Winn can BARK !! Angel was fooled by her, she thought that was Liucas' barking instead !! Muaahahahha. And thanks for the Sheep Pooh Mini Plush :) So cute geh...

We ordered our Loh-Loh (Mango Loh is the favourite Loh of the night, with 5 clever people eating that.. 2 had mixed Loh and Winn has angtao/Redbean Loh). Will wanted to be different from others, so he ordered something else (black sesame paste or ??? Lupa liao).

Mango Loh vs Red Bean Loh

Psss.. Ah Nel kena molested kaw kaw yesterday night by someone when we wanna shoot her picture.. Summore with so many pairs of eyes watching... Almost to the extend of tearing off singlet exposing the glaring tattooes... *Drop jaw*

And not forgetting all the...
*Spooning lah...
*Playing with ants lah...
*Dissecting ants lah...
*Playing with food lah...
*Craps lah...
*Kay-poh lah..
*Listening to Story lah...
*Melayang-layang again lah...
* Cheong Hei lah...

Wah... Time really flies.. Without realising, it's 1 am liao.. Time to bid farewell and thanks to Cikgu Nyonya for the treat.. Nyonya is our teacher for the day.. Before we dismissed, the whole class stood up politely (like little primary school kids lidat) and uttered out aloud "Thank You Miss Tan". Nice meeting everyone.

Pssss.. Carcar, I delivered your request (A Hug & A Kiss) to Angel liao :)


anonymous will said...

wah... why piak me wor :P

anonymous will said...

eh eh... i podium finish finally... after such a long time :P

i really anonymous ma... very low profile punya... my blog too much juicy details about my personal stuff :P

L B said...

Hahahaha, angel said you very rajin rajin wan woh!!! Why ah? How come so much food wan? How like that? My Stew no match liao! *cries* *reluctantly*

L B said...

*blardy long-winded eh?* LOLOLOL *pengsan*

L B said...

Angel said to scold you for wrong link too...

L B said...


angel said...

waaa!!! so many people sooooo the rajin to blog! why i so malas? why? why? why???

carcar, ya, i got your Hug & Kiss from chen liao. I'll hug & kiss you nxt week, ok?

angel said...

ya, summore wrong link to me! hmmmphhh!!! i know laa... u oni thinking of anonymouse will... *bawls*

angel said...

anonymouse will, apa juicy details in your blog?? i'm going to helpchu to advertise your blog la la la la la la laa...

angel said...

*synchronises Young Young Klang Klang Fever*

Chen said...

piak u mia piak u loh..
no need reason wan..

Eeee... why u go & remove all your old juicy posts??????????

we all are rajin ppl mah..
who is malas here?
wink wink..

i also wonder how come so much food wan? till cannot habis makan...
cannot cries reluctantly here leh..
wrong place to reluctant

Actually hoh, I wanna be more cheong-hei wan, but scared kena scolding.. :P Aiyak.. Didn't notice the wrong link pulak. Thanks for the info. I corrected it liao :)

Why, why tell me why..
why ah?
cos u reluctant loh..
so many ppl feel so reluctant today
issit coutagious? ;)

kekkeke... sorry for the wrong link.
I too cheong-hei liao mah..
didn't realise I type wrongly..

That anon Will deleted all his old posts liao leh... :(

L B said...

RELUCTANT to make stew now.

anonymous will said...

hehehehe turning over to a new page mar :P

Chen said...

Klang-klang Young-young fever ah?
Pour BKT...
Make the Klang-klang more Klang with BKT flavour..

I RELUCTANT to sleep now..
how weird geh..

Will the anon,
walao.. erasing all the evidence ah?
cis cis...
but never mind..
I read liao all your stories :P

Mr.Goober said...

wah..that sure sounded like a nice gathering

Anonymous said...

*Bawl!!!!* ...and I was stucked in Bintulu! *Bawls and stomp feet*

nyonyapenang said...

you see hor lokter, i tok-tok also got reason wan la. if not hor, some people would balik-balik minta MC nia la.
so, gua tok-tok-tok la - dowan kasi dia orang chance loh.

Chen said...

yeah.. I have few fabulous gatherings in KL ;) Too bad I missed out the last gatherings yesterday noon :)

Hhehehe, but at least u get to savour the kolo mee & sarawak laksa in Bintulu ;)

betul juga cakap Nyonya ini hoh.. Nyonya is the best :D
Sayang Nyonya :)
Don't forget to buzz me if u balik Penang.. I wanna listen to your stories leh..

Anonymous said...

Wowww, food of heaven, can i join, can i join? hehe, got put on weight or not? see too many delicious food and wanna faint already.

Anonymous said...

hahaha~ chen got gain weight like sengkor?? :X

King's wife said...

No kalaoke after that meh? :D

ah nel said...

tat not cal lying as it called joking... ;P

nice meeting u but ho y u so quiet wan?talk so soft til i kenot hear oso... hehe

Chen said...

sin ling,
can, of coz u can join :)
The more, the merrier :)
Didn't step on the weighing scale, but at least my jeans are still fitting :P

Dunno ah..
and dowan to step on the weighing scale too...

Everyone tired liao mah after tat..

ah nel,
lying is different from joking leh..
I check the Oxford dictionary liao..
different definition, hahaha..

Listen to nyonya mia story can liao mah, my story not interesting wan :D

nyonyapenang said...

can...can...gua sure CELCOM sama lu. then we no nid buang masa at the cinema - we tell our own cerita can ledi. :D

carcar said...

chen, thanks for sending the hugs and kissees to angel!

angel! remember next week k? hehehe...

wow nice food yeah... hmmm, i miss msia crab, sg famous in chili crab nia... wah boh su kak!

oops, it is called Nestum Prawn ah? hehe, i told sengkor is called cereal prawn in his blog, kekeke...cabut first!

Joycelyn said...

wow.although i didnt attend but i can really feel the joy n fun u guys had's nice,tat's called friendship:)

ah nel said...

dont chk oxford coz malaysia not recognised it...chk malaysia version...LOL

but i saw lokter blog so interesting butthen so quiet when came out... :P

Anonymous said...

hi MD Chen, nice meeting lu. Sori ya no time berkepoh with lu that nite. Coverage tak bagus only dapat CELCOM & DIGI nia... ^_^

may said...

waaaa! so cheong hei! so liuliuliu!... next time must ask Cikgu out summore so we get more loh-loh treats! hahaha!

Chen said...

Hehhehe, yeah yeah.. Remember to CELCOM gua bila nyonya balik kampung :) No need to waste $$$ with movies, we can create our own stories, with nyonya as the main actress :D

Waiting, waiting...
Drink susu while waiting :)

u r mostly welcomed :D
Luckily u didn't specify where to kiss, kakakkakak....

chili crabs not nice meh?
Gua tak pernah makan woh..
Besides chili, apa dia orang taruh?
Of coz they taruh ketam lah... :P

I also dunno wat is the actual name.. Oatmeal prawn ah, cereal prawn ah, nestum prawn ah... Simply hantam aje lah.. hahaha..

Yeah, it is always interesting & fun to gather around with friends - doesn't really matter whether they are news friends or old friends :)

Chen said...

ah nel,
u check those Msia dictionary or those ah beng dictionary? :P Ah Beng dictionary will give different definition wan... tak boleh pakai punya :)

haha, I use "DIGI" too, but different wavelength kua... LOL

cheong hei won't die wan, right? :P
Good hoh to ask Cikgu out,
can listen to stories,
can learn new things..
and then can get free loh-loh..
so nice hoh? :P

Winn said...



i was there and i saw chen molested me.
tsk tsk tsk....dun be so kek dong.. we can always reluctantly go longkang eat asam laksa anytime ma

Winn said...

woof woof woff!!!!!...

i think ahboy will understand wat i m saying. ask him to translate for u.

Chen said...

who reluctantly molested who?
hard hoh?
have to reluctantly say it out..
why so reluctant geh?

I guess I can understand geh..
but for the benefit of doubt,
I asked ah boy to translate too..
he see-see look-look then he terus go tidur, boh chap siao wa woh..

kyh said...

wahhhhh! so delicious-looking la the food! u hv my stomach growling again! OOOPS! i cant eat! :P

Anonymous said...

So Kl food tastes good also huh?

Anonymous said...

I'm so upset. Come KL makan makan never ajak me. :( And sommore bump into you at the Mango loh AFTER you all eat like 100000 calories of crab.

sengkor said...

doc, next time remember bring free MCs ya.. lol

anonymous will said...

ah sengkor tak habis habis about the free MCs :P LOL

Chen said...

Yeah, the food tasted good but too bad we can’t finish all.
There were still some leftover :)

u can’t eat? How come? U r on diet? :P

just me,
Yeah, that’s true :)
Different food, different taste :D
Each place or city has their own signature dishes and delicacies..

Sorrylah, didn’t inform u earlier on 
Heheh, we makan crabs together with jellyfish, Alicia, Will and gang too earlier on…
Okie okie… next time will inform u..
Too bad u have to leave early that night…

MC = Master of Ceremonies ah? :P

Kakkaa.. biasalah...
tat has become his habit liao :P
If I didn’t remember wrongly, Sengkor has already requested for MC since the first day I know him liao..But until now his “evil plan” not successful yet..

anonymous will said...

wah... since first day... really persistent guy... LOL

sengkor said...

well, i know good stuff wun come easy.. i hope by putting a little more effort she will give in someday *puppy eyes*

Winn said...

*winnie the pooh eyes*

_butt said...

Wahh, all pro blogger so fast update liao!!

to anonymous will: I lagi low profile la :P

_butt said...

aiyak.. busy blog hopping forgot something here.. I take that 'secondary school gal' part as a compliment. LOLOLOL

Chen said...

anon Will,
yeah loh..
he is super duper persistent :)

wai.. why u r so confusing wan ?
anonymous followed by your name pulak?

walao... puppy eyes pulak ???
beh tahan...
hak sei yan..
trying hard to imagine the hiao-hiao look of sengkor with puppy eyes :P

u main Winnie the Pooh Eyes
I main Garfield the Sleepy Eyes :P

now waiting for u to update niah..

u really look very young mah :)
nyek nyek..

angel said...

Hahahahaha!!! Gua rolling on the floor baca ini semua komens hahaha!!! Liuuuu!!!

kyh said...


i am...



vegetarian. :)

* i'm very skinny liao, need to put on weight, not cutting down my calories intake ler... used to eat a lot, but still no avail.

anonymously anonymous will said...

chen: i am starting to like this anonymous thingy :P

Chen said...

dont roll on the floor too long woh..
later your white baju become grey baju then susah :P
sweep all the dust..
nyek nyek

ic ic..
i dunno mah earlier on :P

wat lah.. create such a long nickname..
Will the anonymous SCP ah?

kat said...

Aiseh, missed the good lokter again...

You are very good at reporting... among all the posts on the get-together, yours is the most comprehensive and detailed one with the right amount of humour and facts!! Good traits for loktership, among other things! :D

the very anonymously anonymous will said...

can have even longer one :P

Chen said...

missed u too leh..
but I presume there is always next time, right? :)

hahha, i thought the report too cheong-hei liao.. I wanna write more, but i scared you all might fall asleep while half way reading.. LOL

searching for sotong to piak..
so cheong hei geh your name...

mistipurple said...

wah i think i suffering from deficit memory commenting. i thought i commented here oso. hahahaa. i sleep walking everywhere!

Anonymous said...


Go SS2 also didn't call me!! Tsk tsk tsk... how can?!

Anonymous said...

the food the food....


ah nel said...

dicktionary keluaran ah nel...LOL

those ah beng can used oso since our country keluaran not more information...

more hot to TOLL arise...

Simple American said...

What a great night. Such excellent coverage of this meet. And the food to die for. So hungry now. Thanks doc! wakakakakaa

Anonymous said...

i was suppose to come wan...*sniffs* next time har...we meet up...gerori~

Chen said...

LOLOL… u practice somnambulism too? :P

Aiya,I dunno u stay in SS2 lah :P

Oops… More food pict to come leh.. How? :P

ah nel,
cannot find your dictionary in Popular or MPH bookshop..
jual kat mana? Kaki lima stores ah? :P

Hehehe, more food pict to come :D
Remember not to come with empty stomach, okie? :)

u have company dinner mah.. it’s alright :)
Next time loh..

babe_kl said...

:( tarak jemput gua

ah nel said...

u hv to find urself coz its limited edition...LOL

Anonymous said...

How yummy!

cynthia said...

wah lau!! really very very long. =) You can join my club already for time being. Hahaha
Great fun! Great friendship.
Who seid blogging in waste of time??? :)

Chen said...

aiyak.. sorry woh..
maafkan gua
next time, okie :P

ah nel,
Mmmmmmm.... if lidat then I lazy to find liao lah.. hahhaha

Yeah loh.. very yummy but too bad everyone is full towards the end and we couldn't finish savour the food...

Long leh...
I will made next post a bit shorter as compensation :P
hahaha.. who say blogging is a waste of time? Piak that fella with sotong :D