Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another Crab Night

I had Seafood Dinner with my "old" friends on my first day night in KL. Mana kita orang pergi? That Jellyfish drove us (Sbanboy, Agus & Me) around inside his kereta buatan Malaysia with limited petrol reserve.. The petrol indicator constantly showed "E" (which means Enough & "F" means Finish woh..) No wonder lah itu Jellyfish mati-mati dowan to fill up petrol yet, despite being pestered by us... Mmmmm.....

We met up with Will (that night, he is not anonymous at all) & Alicia before heading towards Dataran Prima for seafood dinner at Wong Poh Restaurant, recommended by Alicia.

This is Sbanboy, my ex-coursemate. Busy shooting kacang with his dSLR, Canon 350D . Look at all the camera lenses on the table. Really kia si lang. I played around with his cool gadget. Thinking whether to buy one or not, but then.. I'm lazy to carry so many "tools" around...

The perasan & crappy Jellyfish (my KSL) with his dSLR too.. another Canon lover. The flash is really killing.. So big geh..

The not so anonymous Will (whom is not anonymous at all that night), playing with Sbanboy's dSLR. Wah.. look at his fingers. Really macam perempuan punya tangan. Should be.. Nice to touch then.. :P

The frustrated & hungry Agus waiting patiently for all those buggers photo maniacs taking photos of the food... He too has a compact digital camera too but too shy to bring out? He only brought out his gadget towards the end.. DYK Agus' sister is my ex-colleague? What a small world, huh?

And not forgetting Alicia (she dowan her photo to be posted up here woh) busy snapping photo with her Nokia N91. I still giggle over her candid shots of Jellyfish, the Orang Utan & the distorted big head image of Agus. Alicia has a brown min pin, same breed as Ah Boy and hers is called Notti Boi.

Our menu for the night : The sinful stewed 3-layered Pork with Yam, Stir Fried Kai Lan, Claypot Mixed Vegetable, Deep Fried Sotong, Salted Egg Crabs and Butter Crabs with buns.

That Jellyfish as usual, savour crabs with fork & spoon.. Isn't he weird? Crabs are only nice when eat with fingers lah....

The aftermath.. Err... Siapa ni yang makan banyak sangat ketam???? Issit that the one who eats the most crabs will crap the most?? Hahaha... Time will tell :)

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Anonymous said...

hahaha cheh, say my fingers pulak :P

Anonymous said...

aiyo!!!! syiok hor u` sikui chen :D next time bring me around too eh~

Chen said...

of coz.. nice mah your fingers...
made many ppl jealous nia..

syiok, of coz syiok :D
Err.. bring u around ah?
bring u around Pg can lah..
if bring u around KL, can also but then I will use LRT instead...
that's why I get around & jalan-jalan in KL :D

carcar said...

omg! crab again? hehehe! mana sotong :P

Anonymous said...

carcar: see properly... ala sotong :D

may said...

you mean you had crab on the first night here as well? waaaaa! no wonder so crabby lah, hahaha! tired eating crab now anot?

Anonymous said...

Ayo soli ah .... have to update my blog and send the pics to chen leh ... but have been bz bz bz ... will do it after Christmas... ok ?

Winn said...

crab is for all the crappy ppl......u know why they all bring u eat crab now?;p hehe

Anonymous said...

*drools* *_*
not at the crabs but at the keng keng mia DSLR Cameras! Planning to get one of those beauties in the future.

seafood lagi, lokter must jaga tu kolesterol level oohh ^_^ BTW did you get your Littmann's Stethoscope snap-on Rim?

Chen said...

crab is the main menu :P
Got sotong lah...
Fried sotong mah on the menu
The sotong pict is next to the crab pict ;)

yeah loh...
got sotong, but just tat she didn't notice :P

yeah yeah :P Crab is delicious mah,
so can savour more frequently :P
Crab & crap are close relatives hoh?
tired or not ah?
no lah..
I won't get tired of eating wan :P

Chen said...

no problem..
as long as u don't forget :P

crab is for all the crappy ppl?
Wah.. if dat is the case, then there are so many crappy ppl around liao..
i heard u going to eat chilli crabs soon leh this coming weekend :P
so we are all crappy ppl :)
yeah yeah :)

dSLR is a nice but expensive gadget to play with :) Hehehe, don't worry, I check my cholesterol level frequently, the last time I checked was in August. I can still afford to eat some cos my cholesterol level is normal at the lower low end limit (3.9 if i didn't remember wrongly) :)

yeah, I bought my Littmann's Stethoscope snap-on Rim. That is the first thing I did on Thursday morning :)

Anonymous said...

after eat crab got talk crap? LOL

ah nel said...

wuahhh...crab and crab...lokter reli like crab ho?next time piak ppl with crab not sotong... :P

L B said...


Anonymous said...

Wah... the cameras really kia si lang lo!! People at the restaurant didn't throw weird glares at you all meh?

Mm... I agree. Some guys have very feminine hand. Like few of my guy classmates, if I put my hand beside them and let you compare, you sure won't guess that my hand belongs to a girl. *sad*

angel said...

looks like u r the crappiest cos u eat 2 days of crapsssss! :P

angel said...

ei, wats this "snap snap" thing? buat my browser so slow geh?

kyh said...

tudiorrr u guys...

oways eat so banyak delicious food! and those cameras! damn kia si lang!

Anonymous said...

hahahha.. the 'orang utan' so the cute funny!! can't stop laughing!!

oops. not good to laugh in the middle of the night.

Wah, you have crabs for two days berturut-turut.. so which wan better? :D

Will play piano ka? hahaha

Anonymous said...

eh, everything got snap snap wan eh?

Simple American said...

Finally the food. After all those cameras. haha

I snap, thereore I eat hor? :D

anonymous will said...

_butt: learn a bit bit before, but all given back to teacher liao :P

Pink Cotton said...

who eat till so yucky like that!!!


Anonymous said...

wah lau eh...reading your blogs sometimes is fattening...since i oledi grow side ways...so doesnt matter...wahahhaha...gero gero gero~

Chen said...

tat one of course lah..
crab & crap are close relatives :P

ah nel,
cannot piak with crabs… cos doesn’t sound nice :P

Wah.. u shouting here too??
Cannot lah… don’t learn the “bad” thing from the Pinkish skipping Cotton :P
I have Klang Klang post too..
Will post that up later ;)
Not that **KLANG**KLANG** but my own version of Klang-Klang :P

indeed kia si lang..
good investment for those who loves photography..
but I lazy to carry all those big chunks around :P
got pro & contra in everything loh.. hehehe…

First time might be they will look for a while, but subsequently… they won’t care liao lah..

Chen said...

not only me lah.. that anon Will also eats 2 days of craps mah.. so I’m not alone :P

your browser sleepy liao kua, that’s why slow :P
2 am liao leh.. time to zzzz liao :)

we don’t eat all those delicious food daily lah..
else can die wan :P
other days we still eat the so called “normal” food :)

hahaa, u r considered normal since u laughed at the orang utan pict..
if u dun laugh, then u r abnormal :P
wah… 4 am u r still awake?
Your biological clock is really upside down :P

Each crabs has their different taste mah.. Both also nice..

Not 2 days berturut-turut lah.. I have gathering with my old uni frens on Thursday night..
Didn’t eat crabs that night :D

Regarding the playing piano part, u gotta ask Will liao cos I dunno.. But he very fast.. he answer liao.. Learn bit-bit woh in the past :P

I know he likes to cheong kor chai

Since we have camera, must snap-snap, else wasted :P

Chen said...

I o.O at their cameras too…
But nice gadgets to play with..
As long as I don’t have to carry them around.. Hahhaa…

anon Will,
indeed good student hoh?
Giving everything back to the teacher.. :P

pink cotton,
Not me not me..
If that is me, I won’t post that pict up liao…

since looking at food pict can put on weight..
I wonder if looking at ppl exercising pict can help to lose weight or not?
Nah… Only if…

Anonymous said...

if only i knew the art of eating crabs with fork and spoons ;)

Anonymous said...

Wah now got KLANG KLANG ah .... hehe ....

One day Agustus and I will drive up to Penang and eat more crab and sotong .... hehe

Chen said...

mr goober,
ahhaha, u wanna learn ?
but have to inform u before hand, eating crabs with fork & spoon takes time…
By the time u finish eating one crab, I might ate 2 crabs oledi :D

LB gila KLANG KLANG nowadays..
making the world pening with KLANG KLANG :P
Mine is the normal Klang Klang…
Mmmm… somebody FFK for Klang-Klang session that morning hoh? :P

Eat more crabs, eat more sotong, eat more prawns, eat more lala, eat more pg assam laksa, eat more Char Koay Teow, eat more oh chean, eat more hokkien mee, eat more curry mee, eat more chendol.. whatever lah.. everything also must eat more :D

Anonymous said...

wah so many ppl gila klang? heehe come klang la i bring you eat bakuteh :P

ah nel said...

but crab can kiap worr?

Chen said...

LOLOL this KLANG KLANG is different from your Klang Klang :P

ah nel,
later just in case it tersalah kiap then mai jialat? :D

ah nel said...

lokter no need scared ler as when the crab saw lokter operation knife sure wont kiap lokter wan...

kat said...

你知道Wong Poh 的奶油螃蟹是最好的吗??

Wong Poh is femes for their butter crab. I wonder if they have a huge pot of butter sauce bubbling away in the kitchen... Sometimes I want to order just the sauce to eat with the fried mantou!!

Alicia said...

kekeke the dinner was niceeeeeee

Chen said...

ah nel,
but wasted lah if piak ppl with crabs.. better to eat the crabs than to waste the crabs :D

Yeah yeah.. That's wat Alicia told us. This is their signature dish :D
*Finger licking good* :D
Must savour the sauce till the last drop ;)

So nice till can lick fingers wan.. :D

jellyfish said...

aiyak.... what crappy KSL kekekeke..... (eventhough im crappy) muahahahahaha.....


jellyfish said...

eh? how come my head look so big one geh

Chen said...

u r indeed crappy mah..
that's why loh :D

big head is good
more brainy mah :P