Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chang 棕子 breakfast/lunch

Went out together with hubby around 11 am for late breakfast cum lunch this morning after coming back from work.. Wanted to eat wantan mee earlier on but that particular shop we wanted to go to was closed today (they are "celebrating" merdeka day as well...). So we drove around and had a look what was available in town.
Finally we came to one of the streets in Chulia Street... The Chang (棕子) shop... Didn't know there was such shop earlier on.. specialising in selling 棕子 changs/zhong zhi/chung and few other changs.. They sell some other things like yam cake 芋头糕, red bean soup & desserts as well..
We ordered one huge bak chang (with double egg yolks, pork, mushroom etc fillings), one Cantonese bean chang and yam cake... Quite tasty and delicious.. And very filling as well.. We are full already before we finish eating :) The bill (plus coffee) is RM9 only :)

Talking about Chang (棕子) reminds me of something written by CooknEngr earlier on.. regarding the cooknengr's 霸王棕. Something special that he prepared during the 端午节 Duan Wu Jie :)


aC said...

Oooh YUMS! :D i lups wu tao koe =P ehe
Doc, why la, blog in Malay ok nia...simply simply write. ekeke, surely all not yet give back teacher rite?

babe_kl said...

double egg yolks!!! so cheap!

hornbill said...

chen... what is your weight? U love to eat aa.. like me... but underweight...

izso said...

Where is this cintra food corner? I wanna open franchise in KL!! So good looking la the food! *drool*

izso said...

Eh? Your blog design got a little screwy.. the right side menu is all the way at the bottom. I think one of your pictures is too wide. :)

Chen said...

blog in Malay? Really hard task loh..True,I can write in Malay but since I haven't write in Malay for so long already,(except when sitting for the silly PTK exam -> forced to answer in Malay but I used lotsa English word inside there as well :P kekkekee.... considered as rojak language actually..

kekkeke... and delicious as well :)

what's my weight ah? I'm not underweight nor overweight, kekkeke...
If u want to see, I can send u photo via email & u judge loh :P
p/s :My BMI is 21.8

Penang is well known for nice & good food mah.. :P This cintra food corner is located in Chulia Street. Btw, are u using Internet Explorer? I find the blog display is screwed up with IE. With Firefox, Opera, Netscape it's alright.. Just that it go haywire with IE. U can try open it with other browser & u will see the differences :)

Jellyfish said...

my best bet is the [tr] or [td] 's valign u have set it to bottom

guessing only. hehehe

truth said...

I love Yam Cake !! Yum yum.