Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Pre-Merdeka Day"On Call

On call yesterday (30/8/05) in Maternity Hospital. My colleague who was on call the day before yesterday (29/8/05) gave me one small homemade "ping pi" mooncake with white lotus & egg yolk fillings (made by her mum when she went back home to KL last weekend). Her on call was apparently very busy till she didn't even have time to eat her lunch..

Started my day with a 3rd degree tear post assisted vaccum delivery.

I give epidural (for labour pain) for one primigravida lady doctor who is in early labour at 5:40 pm. She was having quite frequent contraction pain. Thank God I manage to get it done with just a single shot without any difficulties. Epidural for labour pain might be difficult to get in pregnant mothers compared to the normal populations especially those who are oedematous(swollen bodies) or with pre-ecclampsia. And moreover, there's difficulties for the parturients in positioning and to stay still for insertion of epidural as well cos they have frequent regular contraction pain..

The epidural for labour pain is really fantastic :) She has instant pain relief a short while after the few boluses of 0.5% plain marcain given through the epidural catheter. She was quite comfortable throughout the period while on cocktail epidural infusion.. However, she had prolonged second stage and had to undergo emergency Caesarean Section. Her cute merdeka babies comes out to see the world at the early morning on Merdeka Day, around 1:46 am :) Cord blood was collected (upon request) to be stored in Cord Blood Bank. Congrats to her and her hubby... Her hubby is a doctor working in my hospital as well, while she was a doctor in clinic :)

Have been giving lotsa epidural for labour pain to either doctors, doctors' wives or staff nurses or hospital staffs :) One of them is LT's wife end of last year. Now their twins are 10 months old already - very cute babies ..

Spent the pre-merdeka night yesterday night in hospital.. "Countdown" in hospital (not actually countdown as well, cos I was doing some other things when the clock strikes twelve ;). I have "countdown" many times in the hospital previously.. Even the millenium eve was spent in the hospital as well.. in Sarawak General Hospital. I was on call that night on 31/12/1999 in Sarawak General Hospital... There was one emergency Caesarean Section going on when the clock strikes twelve :) So fast, previously everyone was busy talking about Y2K or millenieum bugs and now it's 2005 already.. How time flies... we are getting older day by day :)


babe_kl said...

eh for 2nd baby, u think its best to opt for epidural from the start? hahaha :p

izso said...

Wow.. is that a "ping pei" moon cake in a posting about merdeka babies?? I like "Ping pei" moon cakes but no yolks for me thanks.

Chen said...

Hahha.. Since u experienced the wonder of epidural during your first pregnancy already, epidural for labour pain is fantastic, right?

Normally second and subsequent delivery will be faster compared to the first delivery. But if u want epidural next time, then request for it earlier loh, when u are in early labour :)

kekekke... I combined everything :) Rojak post.. For me, the salty taste of egg yolks made the mooncake more tasty mah.. But each individual have their own preferences :)

Gasman said...

don't forget my wife too... so pls stay till end of the year lah :P

Chen said...


even if I'm not around, there's still lotsa capable anaes around to give epidural ;)