Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy 48th Birthday, Malaysia :)

Today (31th August) our beloved country, Malaysia, celebrates it's 48th year of independence. Come to think about it, Malaysia is actually "formed" on 16th September 1963...

Wonder what most of the people here do on "National Day"?
  • Sleep/rest and can shake leg at home or go jalan-jalan, since it's public holiday (well, some people still have to work on this day). I will go tidur later on since I didn't really sleep yesterday night. Was on call in the hospital yesterday (and on call tomorrow as well) .. So, No countdown for me ...
  • Watching the National Day parade on tv? (since each tv channels show the same programmes, unless one have Astro, then no choice but to watch the national day parade, kekeke) - I watched the parade for just a short while only after I came back from work this morning.. Then I go out for breakfast cum lunch together with my hubby.
  • Hanging or displaying the "Jalur Gemilang" - I participate as well by flying the "Jalur Gemilang" on my blog :D. Here in Penang, there's a giant Jalur Gemilang as well as the Penang State flag fluttering outside Prangin Mall :) And there's another giant Jalur Gemilang (30 m x 60 m) being tied to a huge boulder at the hillslope of Bukit Gambier as well.
  • Well... what else? I can't think much now since I'm giddy already.. time for me to get some sleep (since I'm on call yesterday, and got cases in the middle of the night and in the early morning.. will blog about that later on)
Selamat Hari Kebangsaan..

Merdeka !! Merdeka !!

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