Monday, August 29, 2005

Doraemon (小叮噹/小叮当)

Last time, during my primary school days (in the early 80's), doraemon is known as "xiao ding dang" (小叮噹/小叮当). During those days, "xiao ding dang" is still not so famous yet , but i am one of his fans already, during my childhood time as well as my primary school time... but nowadays no more already lah.. Haven't read doraemon comics or "xiao ding dang" for long time already.. (I still prefer calling doraemon as "xiao ding dang".. since that's what i call him when i was still a small kid ...)

"Xiao Ding Dang" is a round, blue coloured cat-style robot (without the ears) from the future; He has a 4 dimensional pocket filled with lotsa useful futuristic gadgets and devices. He loves dorayaki (snacks with"tao sar" or red bean fillings). I can still recall why this cat-based robot fear of rats, cos his ears was bitten off by the rats one day when he was taking his afternoon nap :P.. that's why he's so phobia & fear of rats... and hates them as well.

I have lotsa Xiao Ding Dang/Doraemon & Xiao Ding Ling(his younger sister) small little rubber toys collection, around 1 to 2 cm in height... I get those as attached free gifts inside the keropok or junk food (20 cents keropok per packet) last time during my childhood days.. ;) Besides the little Xiao Ding Dang, I have lotsa little E.T. toys as well.. These are free gifts from the keropok as well..

Those cute little rubber toys are still around .. cos I keep them in a special little box.. but not together with me now. I keep them in my parents' house in Sarawak. Since they shifted house not long ago, I dunno where are the toys now. In one of the boxes in one of the corner of the new house :).

Last time we don't have much choices in term of cartoon & comics .. "Xiao Ding Dang" 小叮噹 & "Lao Fu Tze" 老夫子 or Master Q are the two popular ones... accompany us during our childhood time as we grow up. Last time can only read from comic books cos Xiao Ding Dang cartoon still not yet available at those days. However, I read the Xiao Ding Dang comic stories not straightly from xiao ding dang comic books, but from the kiddies comic book 兒童樂園 "ér tóng lè yuán" (Children's Paradise) (published in HK) with lotsa comic stories for kids (some are educational), and Xiao Ding Dang is part of the comic stories in that comic book ... This comic book i think is no longer available nowadays.. Cos I never see it in the market already.


Sharl612 said...

Doc, everything you said is exactly what I experienced as a kid in the 80s!

Instead of the name "小叮当", the comic I buy (I still buy the comics) is now promoting the name "哆啦A梦"。 At the back of the book, it is printed:

我是机器猫 "哆啦A梦",
过去, 人们一直叫我机器猫。

因为日本, 韩国, 泰国 等世界各国的朋友们都是这样称呼我的。

I am a big fan of Doraemon. And yes, I am still collecting the Doraemon figurine. My computer desktop wallpaer is Doraemon too. In the car, there is a doraemon keychange imported from Sarikei.

For 儿童乐园,I remember when I was a kid, I have to save my lunch money to buy that magazine from the bookstore in town.

truth said...

Till now..I still like to watch Doraemon. hehehe......

Anonymous said...

haha..i like Doraemon too esp the ones dubbed in BM coz it is funny! my form 6 bm teacher used to tell us to go watch this cartoon to "improve" our BM. not sure if it helped but i did enjoy the oddball antics of Doraemon. In fact i have a friend (in his mid-30s now) who loves collecting doraemon toys and stuff. i like old master Q too...i told my dad i wanted to go to old master Q university once when i was 6 years old!

cooknengr said...

What's up doc, I remember 儿童乐园 and 老夫子. I still remeber "learning" from 老夫子 where 高先生 asked 老夫子 what's 世界上最不怕冷的動物.老夫子 answered 穿迷你裙的女人 (with a picture of lady in miniskirt during a cold winter)...I did the same and asked my dad, my dad gave several answers...polar bear, penguin, after several tries he gave up.....then I said "穿迷你裙的女人". You should see how mad was my dad after hearing this answer from a 5 year old. I was banned from reading 老夫子 for a while.

Chen said...


yeah.. "哆啦A梦" or Doraemon is his real name.. but I still prefer calling him 小叮当 loh.. Old habit already.. :P

U are really "big fan" of Doraemon woh.. Even computer wallpaper also doraemon's picture?

Regarding 儿童乐园, I wonder whether I still have any old copies of this comic book at home or not? :D Might be eaten up by ants or cockroaches liao..

the forever faithful doraemon's fan :D

Old master Q's uni? :D
kekeke... I hope the students there don't have to wear the Old Master Q's attire when they attend class/lecture..;)

Good loh u :)
That's really a good one, hahahaa...

hornbill said...

EEE.... i have few collection of Lao Fu Ze. Though I can't read all the 'tulisan Cina' but I really enjoy the pics. hehehe...

Chen said...

kekekke.. Lao Fu Tze nice to read :)
I have few Iban friends who can't read Chinese but buying Lao Fu Tze comics as well ;) And they really enjoy the comics :)


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