Monday, August 29, 2005

Human skeleton

During my undergraduate time; first year in medical faculty.. in order to familiarise ourselves with the anatomy or skeletal part of human being, me and my 4 other female chinese coursemates(There are only 5 chinese girls in my year out of total 180+ medical undergraduates, and 15 chinese guys) bought a set of real human skeleton from our second year senior in 1993 .. containing skull, ribs bones, spines, hips, pelvic bones, long bones, etc etc... at the price of less than RM200

I have no idea where is the origin of this set of skeleton.. (Indian? Chinese? Malay? or ? No idea...) What I know is this set of skeleton has been passing down and circulating around from the seniors to juniors for many "generations" already..

At first it was indeed scary to think of putting a set of real human skeleton in our room, just next to our beds.. a real life skull, at least a "real" skull, if not a "living" one !! Holding the skull, somehow an unsightly object, which had once been the head and face of a living person. (I wonder... if it belongs to a good looking person??) I still remember the skull with grinning face with some missing teeth, hahah... Later on we get so used with the skeleton that we even play around with it... throwing it up and down etc etc... At times, I even have the habit of holding the femur long bone with my right hand and hitting my left palm gently while thinking :)

The skeletal however had been our constant companion during our first year in medical faculty.. The next following year (when we were in second year), we sold the skeletal to our juniors... I presume this set of skeletal is still circulating among my juniors in medical faculty, National University of Malaysia :)

Too bad I didn't take any pictures of the set of human skeletons that we owned for a year previously.. (What to do? Previously I don't have any cameras.. not even the "traditional" film cameras.. and btw, there's no digital camera yet during my time way back in 1993)


cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, That habit is funny like hell, I lol when I read it. You should get one for blogging.. more inspiring ideas in addidtion to the already awsome blog.

hornbill said...

Aiyak... Iban called the skull Antu Pala... (head ghost). So sayang no pic ho...

izso said...

I don't get it.. how is it I'm spammed by messages from random anonymous spammers on my comments page but you lot aren't?

Anyway, nice pack of bones! :D

Chen said...

hahahaa... that habit can be scary to some as well lah :P

I'm wondering how will people react if I knock their head with the real human long bones :D

I went to few longhouses before and see them hanging the several skulls on the ceiling :) Wonder what is the purpose of this practise.. Is it for protection of the longhouse or ??

I get spammed once... err.. *touch wood* but I deleted the entire things "forever" loh.. so no trace left behind :D

L B said...

waaaaaaaa, this one not so scary lah! Looks like my halloween outfit summore!!

Chen said...

hahhaa.. I don't have the real picture of the skeleton at that time, cos I don't have any camera yet during those days.. not to mention digital camera, even the film camera also i dun have. So cham :( Miss lotsa photo taking opportunity :(

Anonymous said...

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