Saturday, June 16, 2007

Photo Hunters : Hair

photo hunters

Today's topic is Hair.

Ah Boy, my cute and adorable innocent looking smart little Min Pin with smooth, short and shinny black coat/fur/hair with tan markings. Wanna make a wild guess what was he looking at?


papercrazy said...

wah....gonna make sure I am first this time...

better post this first...comment later

papercrazy said...


the ears so cuteeeeeeee
have u pulled the ears on my behalf???

papercrazy said...

errr....i think ahboy just woke up from his nap izzit???

The mouth ada saliva lah....

L B said...

S A A A A T T T A A A A A Y Y Y Y !

Jemima said...

Food??? :p

Kenny Ng said...

Ah boy was looking at a gal upskirt.... :P *cabut fast fast*

angel said...

Looking at ahben io ka ch'ng?
Looking at siew yoke?
Looking at gardenia bread?

ahboy ahboy wo ai niiii!

ehon said...

looking at me lor! his geng mar! :D kkkkkk

Doreen said...

Emm.....Ah boy was looking at a tennis ball, waiting to fetch?

may said...

he's... he's... looking at me! wahahaha! ok lah, looking at benben.

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. Finally u r :P
Tahniah, tahniah
wanna say kongratulasi earlier on but it sounds so weird. :P

Aiyah, why u all wanna pull poor Ah Boy's ears? Pink Cotton also always wanted to pull his ears leh..

No lah, Ah Boy wakes up from Zzzz for long time liao. Someone distracted him, that's why he was busy paying full attention :P Siapa tu someone leh? Kkkkkk

Wah.. my left hand and my fingers are not Satay leh.. They are not edible.

Chen said...

Aiks, my poor fingers become food pulak? :P

I was swinging my left hand and moving my fingers to attract his attention and snap the photo with my right hand.

Kakakkaka... Ah Boy where got so hamsup wan? :P

Laff Laff Laff
He was looking at my left hand cos I was swinging my left hand and fingers to attract his attention mah. My usual trick loh. Kacau him with one hand and snap photo with another hand.

Ah Boy Ah Boy wo ai niiiiiiiii

ah nel said...

his adorable face to meat...*but can used to cook curry head* :D

he is looking at hot oil pan he is goin in... :P

Chen said...

Wah........ ai seh...
U curi-curi come and meet Ah Boy ah? How come I dunno about it geh?

U both notti boys :P

He was looking at something very basic and very simple. None other than my left hand. I was swinging my left hand and fingers to attract his attention mah. This is one of my usual trick. Disturb him with one hand and snap photo with the other hand. Made full use of everything. LOL

Yeah hoh, he was thinking of May jiejie. Recalling how May jiejie tickle his tummy, and sayang him. Kkkkkkkk

ah nel,
Ah Boy dowan to meet u,
cos u r cruel to him :(

dieselfire said...

Cartoon on TV!!!

tegdirb92 said...

beautiful dog! Wonderful color.

Barbara H. said...

I thought maybe he was looking at dinner! :)

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

What a pretty boy!

My photo is posted . . . it will make you laugh!

Vader's Mom said...

Lookin' at a treat? Well, maybe not. Vader would have had a string of drool from holding that pose for a couple of seconds.

Great shot.

rinnah said...

I also thot ahboy is looking at satay... mm cham ngan one... so attentive!

ipanema said...

i think he's waiting for a reward!

happy weekend! :)

mistipurple said...

ahboy really very handsome and cute. i must look at him whole day today. maybe that way i get inspiration to get things done!

Chen said...

hehehe, my dog loves to watch cartoon and animated stories, such as Toy Story. But this time he was looking at my fingers :D

Thanks, he is such a darling to me.

He will definitely look at food that way but this time, he was looking at my left hand and my fingers :D

Thanks. I will hop over soon :)

Chen said...

vader's mom,
Thanks. This time he was not looking at food, but my moving fingers :D

He can sure charm people with his big round eyes. This is his secret weapon. Hehehhe, that's how he asks for food, and summore with a "please" sign by lifting up partially one of his paws ;)

ipanema ,
He was fascinated with my moving fingers. Have a nice weekend :)

Ah Boy happy liao cos u praised him cute and handsome. Psss... He loves to hear people praising him leh :P

Hehehe, I use Ah Boy's photo as wallpaper and screensaver leh. Syiok mah looking at him

Firehorse said...

Do you have to feed him special dog food to make his black coat shiny. He is indeed a cute wan but then I love dogs.

Imma (Alice) said...

Cute little fellow. Great choice for todays theme.

Drop by my lair
to see my hair,
With time to spare,
others will be there.

Jenn in Holland said...

Such a sleek coat, and beautiful eyes!

jams o donnell said...

What a handsome fellow!

Selba said...

First I thought ah boy was looking at cicak (lizard) on the wall, hehehe...

Ah boy.... the cute boy in town!!! :D

A. said...

Such a lovely dog! Yes I use the same trick to attract the attention of our cat when I try to take a picture of him - waving or clicking my fingers.

day-dreamer said...

Ah Boy's eyes very big o... :D

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

What a fine looking dog!
Happy Hunting :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Is that a mini pincher? He looks cute. Come on boy...good's a doggy biscuit. Ouch...that's my finger...LOL

Have a nice weekend :)

srp said...

Well, either a ball, which he would be looking at if he were my Max. Or a biscuit. Cute dog!

Chen said...

I didn't feed him anything special. His diet consist of Pedigree dog food + human food (including rice, meat, vege & fruits). Hahaha, he loves human food

Nice poem which rhymes.

Thanks. And my doggy can charm people with his pathetic looking big round eyes. Hahaha..

Thanks :)

If there's a cicak on the wall, he will bark at it. So he won't look at it quietly. Hahhaa.. How about Lulu? I presume she will bark at bugs and insects too?

Chen said...

Hehehe, Yeah. That's an excellent way to make them stay still for a while. Sufficient for few fast snapshots :)

day dreamer,
Very very big. U should see his pupils at night time. Gigantic :P

Cats~Goats~Quotes ,
Thanks. Enjoy your weekend :)

criz lai,
Yeah, that's a Miniature Pinscher aka Mini Pinscher or Min Pin. Hahaha, hope the bite is just a gentle bite :P

This time, he was attracted by my waving left hand. And he was paying full attention seeing what I was up to. LOL

Dragonheart said...

Very cute! :) His hair is very shiny!

ah nel said...

i so kind hearted whre got cruel...

*cook with guiness stout sure nice*

_butt said...

mangoes! ahboy likes mangoes right? hehe

Ah Boy said...

This Ah Nel, last Christmas time said wanna have peace with Ah Boy liao, now he bullies Ah Boy again.
Not sincere wan :(

Chen said...

Thanks, u r a handsome cat too :)

ah nel,
Ah Boy also says the same thing liao.
See his comment above.

No leh, I'm waving my left hand and moving my left fingers, that's why he was stunted for a while.

Yesterday night he overslept and didn't realise i was eating mangoes :P

ah boy,
Yeah loh, he so notti wan
Didn't keep his promise, huh? :P

ah nel said...

ah noy :whre got as i so sincere ler!i no lie worrr!!!

*when u wana bisit me n live with me for few days*

Chen said...

ah nel,
ah boy dowan to visit u cos u always mention about curry lah, cooking lah, wok lah, hot oil pan lah..

ah nel said...

mention nia ler!!!no harm... *yummy*

*ask ur totally free lokter to clean ur bak sai b4 took ur dogcher nex time* :P

MommyBa said...

food?? hehehehe!

nice post! thanks for sharing your photo for this week!

Chen said...

ah nel,
siapa cakap mention no harm woh?
tongue is something poisonous leh
don't play-play :)

p/s: that was not bak sai lah :P

hehhee... he will look at food the same way too, but this time he was focusing at my hand cos i was waving and moving my hand :)

ah nel said...

tongue poisonous how kam eveliday i eat n drink then the poison from my tongue gon in stomach i stil alive kar???

tat not bak sai but its kao sai :P

TNChick said...

My best guess would have been a person. =)

Chen said...

ah nel,
cos u r immune liao after continuous exposure :P

yeah, perfect guess
He is watching at my moving fingers :D

ah nel said...

btw i can see so big sak bo on the curry head...

Chen said...

ah nel,
u yakking about yourself ah?

ah nel said...

yakking bout the dogcher!!! *yummy*