Friday, June 15, 2007

15th June 2007

Today is 15th June 2007. It is amazing how fast time flies. Without us realising, half of the year 2007 has gone (with the wind?). And not only that, 15th June 2007 is also a milestone to me, as it marks my 10th year in service. I can still remember clearly what happened 9 years ago (15th June 1998) when I just joined the service, reported duty to Ministry of Health and started my profession in Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching. Happy Working Anniversary? Nah...

Should I continue on with what I'm doing now? Or should I venture into a different field (for a change?). Should I embark on a new journey and start a new chapter? Mmmmm... Well, it's almost 1 am. Time to hit the sack & Zzzzzz.

p/s: And Yee Hon at one point thought I'm probably only a few years elder than him - like around 24-26 years old. Wah... Kkkkkkk...

Quote "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." NIV Matthew 6:34
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mistipurple said...

congrats for being dedicated to your job. i admire your steadfast direction. i know which ever chapter you might decide on in the future, is already blessed by Him.

L B said...

Change? Wind of change? Hmm, you could become a Vet, I suppose, or a wait a min, even a cool Zombie like us! Wanna?

Wennnn said...

Time realli flies.. Kelip mata saja suda 10 tahun...change????? New chapter????

angel said...

actuary hor... my working anniversary also in june... but i forgot abt it liao kkk :p

u 10 yrs, i 11 yrs... wah... u r catching up! haha...

wind of change? become nurse?? kkkk *cabut*

Happy Lokterversary!!!
*brings liulian kek*

Lokter lokter wo ai niiii!!!

_butt said...

LOL @ LB's comment! :D

10 years is amazing. thinking of taking the leap of faith? how about photographer? :)

zombies are cool too. and we don't shoot animals for fun. lol.

ehon said...

aiyoo. :P nvm nvm. age is just a number. see! i only 16. wisest 16 years old like ever! :D hiak hiak hiak.

happy working anniversary!!! time flies hor. just like yesterday only new year. im getting old!!!! cham. getting harder and harder to tell ppl im 16!

FireHorse said...

Happy working anniversary :o)

may said...

10 years is a long time, congratulations! to move on or not to move on, well, depends on whether you really enjoy what you're doing and wouldn't mind doing it for the next 10 years. who ever said you need to change job just 'cos you've been at it for a decade? my mom stuck to hers for 32 years!! ok, that's too long... LOL!

up to you my dear, and whatever it is, I wish you well.

a^ben said...

happy anniversary~ hahahaha pandainye ingat tarikh :D hahaha

papercrazy said...

Happy anniversary!!

U want a change in career ah??? Wat abt a magician??? kakakakaka

rinnah said...

Wahhh... so fast 10 year working anniversary liao! Congrats!

I wonder if I will get there... but actually it's in a few more years time. o.0 Not that far away... Kekekekeke!

Leonard said...

Congrats on the 10th anniversary!

you never know how fast time flies, did anyone upstairs turned it FASTER or replace with a new and stronger battery?

if you're comfortable with the job, stay on. if seek new challenge, jump ship when a good one come by! ;)

ah nel said...

change to housewife easier!no need work n fulltime blog... ;P

the quote from HIV Matthew as he suffer from HIV wan kar? said...

I think I reported on 15 June 1997 to Hospital Kuantan

JoeC said...

So our time here on earth is short, lets not bother about the rat race and concern over the human race and prepare ourselves for the REAL day that matters. Cheers!

Chen said...

On and off, I will feel sian cos doing the similar thing for so long
Human nature mah
Always like to do something new and something different :P

yeah, Wind of Change.
A bit sian liao after working in the same place for so long.
See how…

Vet? Mmmm… sked kena gigit for no reason. Regarding zombie ah, This one can curi Zzz any time or not wan? :P

Yeah loh.. sekelip mata.
I still remember prior to our graduation, me and my Chinese coursemates were talking about reunion and gathering 10 years after our graduation. It seems so long during that time but without us realizing… time flies :P

eve said...

I always believe in doing what you love , but a few incidences tell me that that is not always possible...Eh , am I out of topic or what?..soli

Chen said...

KKkkk… so sama-sama wan ah?
Although not exactly the same, but similar also lah
I want to do something "totally" different lah :P

Thanks for the liulian cake,
And thanks for lup me :D
*very sweet liao*

Yeah, zombie dun simply shoot animals wan
Else Ah _Butt will piak them with liulian skin
Dun play-play :P

Age of course is just a number.
Same as money, its a number too.

Why u choose to stay at 16 years old? Better to be 21 than 16 years old leh.

U r getting old?
Really laff die me liao :P

Chen said...

Thanks :)

On & off I will feel bored doing the similar things (after so long..)
I really dunno whether I still want to do the same thing for the next 5 years.
Human nature mah,
always want to try out something different and something new.

Thanks for your wishes :)

Entering the chamber of torturing,
So significant!
Of course die-die also must remember the date lah

Chen said...

Ah Boy might like that,
So that I can do magic and make him grow bigger.
He wants to become Doberman :P

Time really flies wan..
I feel like just graduating not long ago only :D
Really tick tock tick tock..
Countdown to dunno what

hahhaa.. yeah, someone uses the Energizer batteries instead of Eveready batteries

I do like my job, but just that I feel bored doing the same thing for so long. :)

Chen said...

ah nel,
who says housewife no need work?
More work in fact.
Have to do everything :P

HIV your head ah.
U need to wear glasses liao :P
I wrote NIV lah, not HIV.

Wah.. the same date, but one year earlier :P
U r Bernard’s coursemate? If so, I presume u will know my friends from UM then :)

Yeah, I understand what u mean
Cheers :)

It’s good if one is able to do what he/she loves. But as u mentioned, it’s not always possible.
Well, Life still goes on, whatever it si :D

day-dreamer said...

Half a year past. So fast.

Happy anniversary! :)

Doreen said...

If happy then keep it, if boring then change field lar. if boring but good pay then KEEP IT! Hehehe

nyonyapenang said...

here's wishing you many, many more (I borrow angel mia word) 'Happy Lokterversary'. :)

redsponge said...

happy anniversary ;p

Chen said...

day dreamer,
yeah loh, sekelip mata nia half a year gone liao. What have we accomplished leh? One thing for sure is we makan a lot :P

Haha, the pay is just average, not to the extend of good. Manage to survive but not to live comfortably :P

nyonya pg,
Terima kasih manyak-manyak
Tengkiu very muchie for your warm wishes :D

red sponge,
Suddenly, The "Happy Anniversary" sounds like Wedding Anniversary pulak. LOL

Pink Cotton said...

today i cun2 work for 1 mth at my new company liao wo


wanto chg field??bcome wat?full time blogger?kekeke

ah nel said...

house wife more work only used mouth...

lou gong!!!come tis do tat!!!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Time really flies, huh?
I still remember last time u so anxious and so kin teo thinking about joining the new company. Now everything has became history liao.

If can generate good income as full time blogger, i can consider about that too. LOL

ah nel,
Wah.. u can predict what will your future wife do liao ah?
So geng keh? :P

ah nel said...

i noe it coz lokter did tat n i got 6 sense wan... :P

ehon said...

cos 16 still can gila gila mar. :P no need to vote, no need to think too much. all covered by adult! and not too young also. :D n i miss being 16 except the part where my best friend passed away. that sucks big time!

:P getting old lurrr.. need more antioxidants. lol!

Chen said...

ah nel,
your 6th sense jalan or tak jalan wan? Or wrong frequency?

u can still choose not to vote mah despite if u reach 21. LOL. Wah, u prefer to depends on somebody meh instead of leading an independent life?

Sorry to hear about your friend passing away at such a young age. Life is pretty unpredictable. We dunno what might happen the next minute. That's why we shall cherish every moments we have and don't procrastinate.

miracle8 said...

10 years? Wow thats a long time. As long as you are happy in your job, 10 years would seem like 10 months. Agree?

Chen said...

it's actually 9 years, and entering the 10th year on 15th June. Yeah, time really flies without us realising it. Wondering where will I be 10 years later? :)

Simple American said...

Interesting lah.

Are all doctors employed by gaoman?

Simple American said...

And ten years oledi. You must be Malaysian Doogie Howser when you started. wakakakakaaa

Chen said...

all docs in Msia need to work with the government for 4 years - this is the compulsory service. If one didn't complete the compulsory service, they are not allowed to practise medicine in Malayia.

Wahahhaha... if i'm now 24 years old, then I'm Malaysian Doogie Howser lah. LOLOLOL. Too bad I'm not :P