Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ben Ben strikes..

Ben Ben was in town last week. Luckily he didn't paint the town red. Visit Penang must go makan-makan - especially Duck Egg Char Koay Teow, Penang Assam Laksa & Penang Chendol.

Ah Ben busy taking photo of the ho chiak Duck Egg Char Koay Teow in Sin Hwa Coffee Shop. I noticed itu budak loves "salty" stuff. Kkkkkk... Cos he added in extra soy sauce into the CKT. Besides CKT, we ate Penang Assam Laksa and Lemak Laksa (Siam Laksa) from the same shop but different stalls. I didn't take any food photo cos Ah Ben will post them up in his blog :P

After lunch we went jalan-jalan to Kek Lok Si Temple. The weather so hot, can die. We were so dehydrated and almost pengsan half way while walking uphill. Luckily no heat stroke. Really beh tahan. Felt much better after drinking the iced cold mineral water :P Ah Ben said my face was flushing red like tomato due to the intense heat & sweating.. LOL

Stopped by the famous "longkang assam laksa" in Air Itam Market for a bowl of Penang Assam Laksa. Yeah, both of us share one bowl cos we were still full from the previous makan session. Ah Ben was worried seeing the amount of chili cos he dun take hot & spicy foodstuff. Thanks to the refreshing iced coconut drink, we felt more energetic.

Next was a short trip around town (driving of course, no energy to walk liao) and we stopped by the esplanade for a short moment of Kodak Session before heading to Fort Cornwalis (to meet Sir Francis Light, don't play-play).

Dunno why this Ah Ben felt high-high tei. Instead of his ritual trademark io ka chng, he busy dancing on the street pulak. So artistic. *Faint*. I won't post photos of Fort Cornwalis (Hehehe, visit Ah Ben's coming post for the pict).

Following that, Ah Ben having a good time teasing and kacau-ing the black-black tei talkative bird. And the good thing was.. the bird answered him back. Hahhahaha

Prior to leaving the historical fort, we left our foot prints signature behind.. (Must act like tourists). Ahem.. Ah Ben with his cute little "Boing Boing".

Then we sapu the famous Penang Teochew Chendol (at Lebuh Keng Kwee off Penang Road). Phua Chu Kang & Rosie visited the stall too. Hehehhe.. Dropped by the old Chowrasta Market and the gigantic second hand bookstalls. Chowrasta Market is the place to buy Penang local foodstuff such as tau sar pneah, dodol, nutmegs, preserved fruits, belachan, durian cake etc etc. Ah Ben phobic seeing the number of flies savouring the preserved fruits.

Following that, we wanna try our luck- passing by Liucas' house hoping to see him, but too bad we didn't manage to meet up with him. I guess Liucas drove his Ferrari out somewhere, going kai kai. The final trip of the day was to meet the naughty cute and adorable Ah Boy. Kkkkkk....


Redsponge said...


angel said...

kkkkk... ahben must be wanna do smashpop jump :D

laksa laksa wo ai niii...

carcar said...

chup! the points add into ben ben THHC pls.

carcar said...

smashpop jump not everybody able to do it, only smashpop and his gang, haha...

aik, why got word verification keh?

Chen said...


This one should be Benben's jump

wah.. from liulian liulian wo ai ni
now becomes laksa laksa wo ai ni liao? Wonder what will u come up with next :P

Got such things wan meh?
Seems like Ah Ben hasn't count his THHC points for months liao

We dun need smashpop jump
We can invent our own jump :P

Itu word verification ah?
Cos got *&^%$#*@ spammer eat full nothing do & spamming my comment box frequently. So I switch on the word verification for the mean time loh.

mistipurple said...

ahben met ahboy. :)

day-dreamer said...

Wah... what also leave for a^ben to post, must go stalk stalk poke poke his blog and see liao. LOL!

That should be called not benben's jump, but benben's dance. LOL!!

Waaa... the hand-drawn Boing-boing also very cute leh. Hehehe!

L B said...

Aiyoh, dinnertime, and I've only got leftover kali rendang kai! So sad, so cham... look look at the CKT also faint, look look summore at the Longkang Assam, faint harder... tbut luckily got ah ben pic to wake me up a bit. better than smelling salts!

Wennnn said...

Wahhh Ah Boy din pee on Ben Ben meh?? GIve him a warm welcome ma!! heheheheh... Yerrr assam laksa... tummy growling liao... Got ulcers now also dun care.. Chen I wan some.. Pls dhl for me la...

kyh said...

I lol @ his jump jump dance dance!

wah so much food... got gaina ny weight or not?

and ben's handwriting is nice! urs too!

liucas live in penang one ah?

may said...

ben-ben so rajin, hor? I wasn't even that rajin when I was in Penang! then again, he had more days to enjoy than me... heheh! how cum didn't introduce duck egg CKT to me wan? *takes a bite*

ah nel said...

my food is cute and adorable?tenk q... :P

ah nel said...

angel :next time we meet i take pigcher u do smackpork jump ya!LOL

a^ben said...

eh eh eh` this is not smashpop jump larh!!!

it's my artistic pose~ besides, I wasnt jumping leh` hahahahahaha :P

now i shall invite everyone to do this dance/pose, wadever you wanna call it~ hhhahaha


rinnah said...

Wahhh... I want the longkang assam laksa... long time never eat liao...

This post got cute-ness overdose leh, chen... cute a^ben, cute boing2, cute ahboy...

What else is there left for a^ben to post? You seem to have covered almost everything. LOL!

eve said...

Ah ben mia dimples very kiut..fuiyohh...i can imagine , kalau gi Penang , sure put on 2kgs one..ish..

Will said...

that fort again? :P

i thought ben's doing the titanic move... solo version...

cutiepie said...

waaaa the longkang asam laksa really has the colour of our local longkang .. only thing the laksa loookkkss so syioook!

Chen said...

ah ben meets ah boy
misti meets misty?
Rhyme mah..

day dreamer,
Kkkkk.. dunno when will he post up his version of story :P
He took quite a number of photo that day.

Should we name it as Ben Ben’s Ballet Dance?

Kali Rendaing Kai is equally delicious
And equally sinful :D
Till Ah Boy also wanna BBBB

Yeah yeah.. Ah Ben is better than the smelling salt
And much better than the Skunkie,
Which has been missing in action for ages :P

Chen said...

Ah Boy dun pee pee on people wan
Even if he is travelling inside the car, he will tahan his pee till we reach the destination, then only he lets go :)

Got ulcer also sapu?
U very daring liao.
I sked the delivery man might sapu the laksa

The live dance is even better..
Too bad I didn’t take the video shots :P

Walking up all those steps to Kek Lok Si can help to burn the calories :P

Hehehe, I always tell ppl my handwriting is nice, but they dun believe :P

Liucas is Penang Boy. Yeah, he is in Penang. I saw him yesterday morning. The forever white-white tei friendly little Maltese.

Chen said...

If I didn’t remember wrongly,
this is Ben Ben’s first visit to Penang. Yeah, he was here for few days. So more time to go around.
And more time to makan more food :P

The duck egg CKT stall close very early leh.. They tutup kedai at 4 sumthing in the evening liao. That’s why I didn’t bring u there.

ah nel,
What say you?
U want me to deskin & goreng u kaw kaw ah?

Smack pork jump?
Smack the pork will jumping ah?
Instead of "Smashing the Popcorn" while jumping :P

Chen said...

This is Ben Ben’s authentic Ballet Dance Pose leh?

Wah, next time if anyone meet up with u; He or she shall pose the Ben Ben’s Ballet Dance Pose too ah?

I also haven’t eat the longkang laksa for few months liao. Lazy to go there cos hard to find parking place. Unless got visitors to bring around, then different story lah :P

So many cute-cute tei mia character here. Must get some anti dote liao
To counteract the cute overdose syndrome :P

I didn’t pose in details mah
And didn’t pose the photos
So, he still have lotsa things to post. Neh, all those food picture and scenery picture :)

Chen said...

U wanna cubit his face ah?
His face is nice to cubit wan..
Cos I cubit him before – pinch his cheek lah :P

Makan manyak manyak in Penang,
then starve when u back home loh

U been there liao but many still haven’t visit that place yet mah
That place is worth a visit for those the first timer.

So wuliao meh, till doing the solo titanic pose?

very longkang and very authentic
yum yum yum…
Too bad I forget to tapao few packets back home :P

Doreen said...

Ben is funny (^_^). Only been to Penang once when I was like 12 years old....couldn't remember how the food there tastes like anymore (-_-)

lynnx01 said...

Hey I didn't know Ah Boy is so small! He doesn't look that small in photos of his own.

Chen said...

U can find hawker stalls and food court mushrooming in Penang. Only the better quality one will survive, since we have endless choices and selections here. One basically can find food every few hundred meters apart. Food is everywhere. No one will starve (cos cannot find food) unless no $$$ lah

The food here in Penang is different from the one available in Sarawak. I won't say which state has the best food since it's up to individual. Everyone has different preferences and different taste buds. One man's meat might be another man's poison :D

Hahaha.. u r not the only one who were cheated by the photo in the past. Remember? Photos can lie too. Ah Boy is very small in real life.

Pink Cotton said...


when can i get to meet LIUCAS???ha???u tell me!...WHEN???????? WHEN???????????????

Pink Cotton said...

LIUCAS pulak!


i mean ah boy!

*shy shy*

*shrink to a corner*

_butt said...

ah boy is cute.. but ah ben doing the flying pose looks even cuter!! cant help laughing!!

so syiok jalan jalan cari makan! :D

mistipurple said...

lol at Pink Cotton! haha she is so cute!! *goes to corner and bring her out!*

nyonyapenang said...

a gastronomic tour of penang with a^ben...a day well spent.

psst...when you wanna go mum-mum with me again?

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Still waiting for your coming trip in August, if u r coming lah :P

Why u so blur Sotong geh?
Ah Boy so sad liao...
cos u called him as Liucas
he very merajuk liao..
how how? HOW?

I remember Ah _Butt never been to Penang yet leh and she sked of hot & spicy food stuff :P Bila nak mari?

Dunno why she so Sotong?
Must be she ate Calamari Rings @ dinner time :P

Kkkkk.. When will Kak Nyonya back to Penang again? Looking forward to mum mum, yum char & keng kai with u leh..

_butt said...

sighh.. so near yet so farr.. anybody wana sponsor me? :(

Chen said...


Eryn said...


Where is that Sin Hwa Coffee Shop? Got map? In Balik Pulau? *drool*

Chen said...

Sin Hwa Coffee Shop is located in Burmah Road, opposite the Pulau Tikus Police Station.

Simple American said...

What a great day. I want some asam laksa so bad!!!

Chen said...

too bad we can DHL real food :P