Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kuih Bakul Kuih

Seeing the "3-layered-kuih" will always remind me of Chinese New Year. One slice of Tee Kueh/Nian Gao/年糕/Kuih Bakul (sweet, sticky glutinous rice cake ) sandwiched in between one slice of yam and another slice of sweet potato; dipped into batter prior to deep fried. Dunno what is the name of the kuih though. Kuih Bakul Kuih? LOL. Dun care lah. Sapu aje.

The first time I came across it was during Chinese New Year more than a decade ago - when I spent the festive seasib together with my coursemate in her hometown in Ipoh. During my university days, I didn't go back home during Chinese New Year coz the semester break was too short for me to travel long distance back home to Sarikei.

p/s: Btw, I didn't fried the kuih myself. I bought it from the food stall. Kkkkkkk..


Jemima said...

Sinfully delicious??? :P

papercrazy said...

wahhhhhhhhhh...me first time first.....waisehman

look so delicious hor.....ti kueh with sweet potato and yam sounds and look so nice and tempting...

errr....Chinese new year over so long liaw...yr ti kueh sure berkulat kulat liaw hor??

papercrazy said...

eh...how come me became 2nd liaw???? Sitiupid blogger....upload my comment so slow.....

papercrazy said...

since i cannot be no 1, i'm going to spam

at first glance look so like fried chix....u made me hungry nia

papercrazy said...

u got dip the 3 pcs into batter ah to form the outer layer??

papercrazy said...

recall punya recall, I think I got one more ti kueh inside the fridge....

must go and try the recipe....but must fry quite long hor considering the sweet potato and yam do so difficult to cook wan

papercrazy said...

enough spam liaw

Thank u

angel said...

Har? Gongxi gongxi already??? Wahhh... your tick tock tick tock really fast hor! :p


Chen said...

most sinful food are delicious :D

LOLOL.. cos u too cheong hei
Become second liao :P

Aiyak, nowadays can make ti kueh all year long mah
The ingredients are so simple
My aunty always bake her own ti kueh :)

Fried chicken?
Looking up and down which part resembles chicken

Btw, I didn’t fry the kuih myself
I bought it from the shop lah..
Me not so rajin :P

Aiseh, your ti kueh inside the fridge must be full with kulat liao
CNY was 4 months ago liao leh..

My clock rosak liao
Simply tick tock tick tock at times

a^ben said...

hehe.. I never see this kinda kuih geh? hahaa :X

Selba said...

Don't think we got it here in indonesia.... looks yummy... is it really really really sweet? must be a lot of calories, no? hehehe....

Chen said...

i also never see that type of kuih in the past (prior to entering university, which was more than a decade ago :P ). But the kuih is now available in Kuching liao. Since my mother bought it in Kuching (but i dunno where she bought it lah).

Not really that "sweet" cos the counteract by the layer of yam and sweet potato. But cannot take in large amount though.. else will feel "jelak" :P

Hahhaa... yeah, it's high calories stuff :P

L B said...

Oiseh, there are none of this kuih here in Italy too, but maybe still got a slice or two for me in Penang? Got? I bring TUPPERWARE, big enough to fit Ah Boy in wan..

rinnah said...

Oh, I have eaten this before but dunno what it is called... the sweet bit can get quite jelak one...

may said...

nian gao, my favourite CNY-related snack! my mom used to steam them in a dish and I'd pull and pull and pull 'cos they're just so sticky-gooey.. so nice. I like 'em better that way than fried in batter.

ah nel said...

i lyk the tee kueh my fren mom gv me coz she spesel order less sugar wan n i just slice it n eat...


u so lazy of coz lar u wont cook...LOL

day-dreamer said...

Wow. Long time never eat this (heaty) goodie liao. But I don't quite like it if the tee kueh is too sweet.

Chen said...

The kuih is always available..
from the hawker stall nearby my house

Trying to imagine how many pieces of kuih u wanna stuff inside that gigantic tupperware

yeah, cannot eat too much
else sure jelak kaw-kaw

hehehe... i enjoy pulling the sticky nian gao too.
and cut it apart with string instead of using knife.

I prefer the steamed one too. Too bad cannot feed Ah Boy cos sked he might get choked :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
so syiok,
got free tee kueh
summore just slice & eat
luckily u didn't mention just open mouth & eat instead :P

i only cook prn, when necessary :P

day dreamer,
Hehehe, nowadays everyone is health conscious (okie okie, most people lah, but there are exception) and prefer taking low sugar products. Home made tee kueh is still the best, cos we can control the amount of sugar we use ;)

Pink Cotton said...

how come can find the kueh outside of cny ge?!?!?!?

my mama used to cook that...hee..but no batter outside...hmm mebe can try the new recipe nxt yr cny :P

ah nel said...

prn???u left the "o"



Chen said...

pink cotton,
aiyah, nowadays dun have to wait till festive season to eat that kuih liao. Just as bak chang is available all year round :P

Previously I used to dip the tee kueh inside the beaten egg and fried it. Taste equally nice.

ah nel,
porn your head ah :P
eat pop corn lah

Wennnn said...

one look at it I really tot is nin ko...looks yummy leh

kyh said...

wah i so love this! and i can eat this too! yippie!

suddenly i want CNY to be back again!!! :(

ehon said...

*licks screen*

best is when the yam n potato are sweet.. wahhh.. lau hau sui to the max!! i always just fry them with egg. lazy lar. :P

mistipurple said...

i love tee kuih!!!
how to make ah? then no need to hoard in the fridge all year round! somemore can make with less sugar, wah dreamland ooohh! *drools*

zeroimpact said...

Now you make me want to go and buy from my usual place in Imbi
Come to think of it, long time no eat edi
Must remember to go soon to get kuih bakul, fried banana

Firehorse said...

Haven't had this in a long long time liao, look reli good.

Chen said...

Errr.. u didn’t see wrongly.
It’s indeed nin ko leh :P

Hehhe, I didn’t realize earlier on this can be considered as vegetarian stuff.
I have Malay colleagues who love this kueh too
There’s still long way to go prior to the next CNY
*count count*
8 more months to go :)

Don’t lick the layer of dust coated on the monitor screen

I used to fried the tee kueh with eggs too in the past.
Simple and easy, and tasty too :D

Chen said...

u mean how to make tee kueh?
Or how to made this particular kueh? :D

I dun have the tee kueh recipe,
I can ask my auntie for it
She makes tee kueh every year for CNY for own consumption and for close relatives.

yeah huh..
I also haven’t eat banana fritters or pisang goreng for quite some time liao. Loves the banana fritters fried using the gigantic pisang tanduk
More tasty :D

Hehe, this is available almost all year long in Penang.
Unless the hawker stall owner wanna takes a break :)

SomebodyHasToBe said...


mistipurple said...

i think no need ask auntie lah. sure need a lot of 'kungfu'. i think i wait for CYN and then hoard in fridge. haha. thanks hor.

Doreen said...

Eh? I know nian gao but never seen anything like this before. Looks interesting, and yummy. Hope I could try it one day.

Monk[+]Icon said...

been a long time since i had kuih bakul... *gulp*

Chen said...

*supply Kleenex to wipe the excessive saliva*

hehehe.. just take the simple way out huh? wait till CNY lah (not CYN). Abuthen, that's a cute typo.

Or might be can try your luck by looking under the table too
who knows u might be lucky?

Yeah, u can try and cook it yourself. Simple ingredients except that u might not be able to get the nian gao easily outside CNY :)

The last time was CNY 2007? :P

nyonyapenang said...

gua suka fried tnee kueh...satu kali can sapu 5 pieces....

eastcoastlife said...

Looks so yummy. Can get it anytime on the streets? I want to try this when I'm in Penang yah! hehe...

Rodrigo said...

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Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Wah!! satu kali sapu 5?
just like sapu apom manis?
very keng liao

The fried tee kueh is available at certain stalls only.
Sure, no problem.. provided the stall is opened when u r in town :)

_butt said...

makes me think of chinese new year now.. he xin nian, zhu xin nian.. lalala~

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. tat's one of CNY song i suka
join Butt singing ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
he xin nian, zhu xin nian..

dino said...

nice.. nice...
my favourite...

Chen said...

yum yum
wish to take one bite now :P