Monday, June 11, 2007

World Milk Day

Malaysia is celebrating World Milk Day today (11th June 2007) in KL Sentral (from The Sun newspaper) with free carton of UHT milk given to commuters (courtesy of Tetra Pack). The World Milk Day is celebrated worldwide on 1st June, founded by FAO (the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN) in 2001. Many countries have arranged activities to honour milk in all its forms and shapes.

The highlight of the event in KL Sentral was Mr Moo - the friendly cow who joined Tetra Pak team in spreading the message of World Milk Day. Mr Moo was very hardworking and seen walking abround the station, giving away information cards on milk etc. Mr Moo somehow reminds me of Misti (our constant milk provider), Ah MooLah and all the Moos here. Mooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

I LIKE milk. Don't cha? I know there are many out there who loves milk except Day Dreamer, Angel & Winn, with Winn's priceless "quote" of the century, "I dunno why people always assume babies like milk and choke them with milk!! Babies hate milk. That explain why all the babies vomiting or burping milk right after feedings". Hahahha.. That's our beloved Winn. Don't you loves her?

Happy World Milk Day


JoeC said...

I love milk too! choco milk, strawberry milk..... endless. That reminds me I gotta drink my quota of milk today :P Cheers!

and yes, Ah Boy have been tagged :)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

i love milk too...



kyh said...


i love milk too! i esp love choc milk! u can add spoonfuls of MILO to a glass a fresh milk, stir it well, and there u hv a glass of yummy milk!

we lup lup winn!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... you can still remember I don't like milk! *touched*

I'm lactose intolerant. What to do? :(

L B said...

World Milk Day!!! Milkmaid must be celebrating under the table again! *images of a milk-drunk jaga springs to mind!* H A P P Y W O R L D M I L K D A Y !

L B said...

*and Ah Moolah skips around happily ever after*

lynnx01 said...

Esh! I won't be around to collect the free milk. Hehhe

angel said...

Oklah, oklah... I can have choc milk... which I just had this morning :p

*goes under the table to check things out*

may said...

awooo-moo! happy milk day! shall we squirt?

eve said...

I love milk...Hubby lactose intolerant everytime he drinks milk , we have to stay 1 mile away..he wont stop bombing..kekekekke

Chen said...

carrot milk, honey dew milk, banana milk, milk shake bla bla bla
Nowadays Marigold came out with multi grain milk
I bought one carton (1 litre carton) but haven’t try it out yet.

Ah Boy being tagged?
Okie, I will convey the message to him.

woof meow,
How about susu kambing?
Heard so much about it but I haven’t try it out yet..

Milo susu kaw kaw?
Made it iced milk milo shake then

Chen said...

day dreamer,
yeah, I remember u have milk intolerance. Cos most people love milk mah. Only a small handful dislikes or hates it :P

U ever try out the soy-based milk?
Nowadays there are several milk products catered for people with lactose intolerance.

I presume Milkmaid is busy milking at the moment, since it’s World Milk Day. Dunno how many pails of milk she milked?

Milk-drunk jaga?
Really have to giggle under the table liao :P

Aik, too bad..
Else u can take photo together with Mr Moo :)

Chen said...

Kkkkk… so u only take those "flavoured" milk
Bukan susu asli, tapi susu berperisa

Wah, don’t lah shine torch under the table :P
U sked Ah Boy liao...

Squirt white-white tei mia susu
or squirt black-black tei mia Sotong ink? :P

Let’s continue to Moooooo..
Reminds me of the Mooo song Misti sang for your birthday
Moo Moo Rocks !!!

Wah, your hubby lactose intolerance still drink milk ah? Or he drinks those lactose-free milk product?

Doreen said...

Eh? World milk day? How come New Zealand no celebrate? Thought we have tonnes of cows here ler, and also exporting milk like hell...too far to celebrate may be. Hehehe. I don't hate or luv milk. Just neutral.

Chen said...

The official date for World Milk Day falls on 1st June, started since 2001.
So weird geh, New Zealand dun celebrate World Milk Day?

Neutral ah... How about milk products eg chocolate? ;)

King's wife said...

Have you had your big glass today? :)

nyonyapenang said...

gua suka cow's milk...everyday gua also minum milk....but please, i dowan goats' milk.

ehon said...

i am BACK! :D

world nen nen day. very interesting. hmmm..

rinnah said...

I like milk too! But I'm slightly lactose intolerant also, so must be careful not to drink too much... or else I will have tummy upset! Kekekekeke!

Mana AhMooLah? *looks under table*

ah nel said...

eveliday i drink milk n soya! ;)

*when 1st saw ur blog title i tot u ask all gals make milk* LOL

Pink Cotton said...



*yam seng with all the cows*


a^ben said...

susu~ ahahahahha

must be winn mama always paksa her drink milk, then she benci~ gip this kinda quote` hahahaha :X

Redsponge said...

hmm i prefer chocolate flavour, CAN? 'x'

_butt said...

witty winn winn! :D

milk is good for our bones, right, doctor? :)

*moooo along*

Wennnn said...

Chen I dun like milk but then hor I like the milk tat MIsti's provides....

papercrazy said...

I only like condensed milk.....or flavoured milk like dutch lady choc or strawberry flavour

U in KL??? said...

I don't understand why sooo many of my patient don't take milk frequently. They always 'yuck' when I suggested milk.

mistipurple said...

hehe. i come already. paiseh so late. i also lactose intolerant. must find good source of calcium. no tofus, lactic acid must watch. teeth also break chor. front tooth wor. jialat. i am transforming into a wolf.
winn very cute. wish she posts more. she very funny and very busy.

Chen said...

king’s wife,
I have had my share liao..
Not one big glass but normal-sized glass :P
Susu Lembu Marigold

nyonya pg
Hi-5 to all the cow’s milk lover :D
I heard goat’s milk have that unique taste (or smell?)
I haven’t try it out yet ;)

Welcome back Alive & Well
U didn’t get frozen camping in the cold weather after all

World Nen Nen Day? LOL
What a name :P

Will said...

reminds me of the hokkien song "su su nyam nyam" hahaha

Chen said...

Milk are just too nice to resist :D

Ah MooLah is busy playing hide & seek leh.
Dunno where he hides liao…
*continue searching under the table*

ah nel,
I tot u will say everyday u drink kopi. Mana tau it’s the healthy milk & soya pulak :P

Pour another glass of susu lembu

pink cotton,
SUSU rocks
trying hard to imagine how u yam seng with all the cows
Wait... u r referring to human cows or animal cows?

Chen said...

u suka or tarak suka susu?

Winn very keng wan mah
Can come up with all sort of ideas & hypothesis.

Wonder what sort of milk Liucas drinks :)

Can, coffee flavour also can
Or cappuccino flavour pun boleh

milk is of coz good..
but not the sweetened condensed milk
that one is the tipu milk :P

(The Moooooooooooo reminds me of the yesteryear FernLeaf advertisement, when I was still in secondary school time)

Chen said...

Hahhaha… Misti is very active & hardworking providing milk to everyone.
The "Misti Milk Factory" operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
Working non stop wan..

condensed milk is the ti(p)u milk leh..
full of sugar niah :P
the unhealthy milk !!

I’m not in KL lah, but in Penang
U baru balik from KL, right?

Might be they thought milk is for small kids and children
Most people prefers drinking coffee than drinking milk

Chen said...

cos u busy providing milk to everyone mah..
Imagine Misti running around with Mr Moo in KL Sentral

Might be u can try out those soy-based milk.
Nowadays there are several lactose-free milk products available in the market.
To cater the need for those who are lactose intolerance.

Woof ah?
No wonder u howl like a wolf

I miss Winn Winn too
She very busy wan..

Su Su Nyam Nyam?
Lagu apa tu?
I never heard of it before leh…

Btw, I have a friend by the name Soo Soo. Nice name, right? ;)

Leonard said...

first of all.... Mooooo... happy milk day!

i also like milk, remember the primary school days where i order milk everyday.

recent years seldom drink milk wonder my bones are weak! must drink, must drink!

Doreen said...

Chocolate? Er.....less than neutral. Too sweet, don't like, bitter ones ok lah. I do like ferrero rocher. Oops, that's hazel not chocolate..hehehe

carcar said...

i love milk, i love winn too. i love Day Dreamer and Angel too.

but i love milk the most.

this mornin there is a joke with my colleague, she said my small bak chang for bf not enough.

i tot who is my bf?

she said is breakfast lah.

bf can be breastfeed too she add on.

i told her i love breast. i mean breastfeed.

cutiepie said...

happy moo moo milky day .. i love .. banana and milk ..

Firehorse said...

Soli I kenot drink susu wan, oni drink soy but can eat ice cream wor :P

Chen said...

Happy Milk Day to u too :)

During my primary school day (when I was in Primary Six), the Msia gov started the "School Milk Project".
For those pupils who were interested, they have to pay a small amount of money and get 2 cartons of chocolate milk each week. I was one of them who enrol in the project :)

Hehehe, u gotta start drinking milk again ;)

Most people loves chocolate.
Dark chocolate tastes nicer and i prefer the slight bitter dark chocolate taste than the sweet milk chocolate or white chocolate.

And the chocolate with liquor tastes equally nice too :)

Chen said...

Errr.. analyse the names u mentioned. U no love me geh? :(
*cry croc tears* :P

u love milk the most ah? That’s good.. Nowadays, does Carcar drink more milk than coffee?

Yeah, I get confused with the abbreviation "bf" too in the past
And the same thing happened to LB

Very milky indeed.
I have my supply of milk liao.
Milk and banana?
Reminds me of the banana-flavoured milk by Marigold HL Milk

At least can still eat ice cream
Not so bad then :P
Wanna vanilla ice cream? ;)

papercrazy said...

if u no in KL, how u know ada milk at sentral??

me came back last friday before the big flood

Chen said...

I get the info from the Sun newspaper Saw the newspaper shot I took with picture of Mr Moo? They write the venue there mah :P

Luckily u cabut early..

ah nel said...

i no drink kopee wan as it make me kenot slp...;)

make sure the susu limbu must low fart if pull kelim make me vomit... ;)

Chen said...

ah nel,
same same
i also dun drink kopi :D

it's nice to drink once in a while those krim-krim tei susu :P