Sunday, March 25, 2007

Moo Moo Reigns

Showing off my collection of Moo Moo aka Cow Cow or 牛牛 (distant relative of Moolah aka $$$).

This is my favourite Moo Moo.. White-white tei with black dots and pinky face.

....with dumb & helpless looking face.

This is another cute Moo Moo, but I gave it to my good friend liao.. (another Moo Moo lover).

My very first Moo Moo.. accompanied me since 1993. Wah.. 14 years liao??

The Musical Moo Moo .. Shake his butt and you will hear the ocipala music.

The McD Magnetic Moo Moo - leading a boring life (sticking onto the fridge for years) :P

The Angelic Moo Moo keychain - with congenital anomalies.. Big head (?hydrocephalus) with angelic wings.

Fridge Magnet blue-blue tei LC Moo Moo.

And not forgetting the adorable cute little Moo Moo aka White Yak (牦牛) I saw in Sichuan, China last year...
Commercial Break...
LSLB™ has few cows for sale - namely Ah MooLah, Ah MooLah II and Ah Susu. These are unique cows cos they only eat Lasagna. Good discount if buy in herd ;)

p/s : Anyone wanna donate Moo Moo(s) too add into my collection? Big or Small, I Hampalang Sapu. Thank you in advance.


angel said...


Gimme Moolah! :D
No, not in your post wan.. :P

angel said...

Ah Moo is you...
Ah Sotong is you too...

Apa lagi?

*starts bid for Ah MooLah*

rinnah said...

Me likey your favorite Moo Moo... the face is so blur blur and adorable... *cuddle cuddle squeeze squeeze*

*follows Angel* I also want Moolah...

Chen said...

Mooooooooooooooooo back :P

U only want Moolah ah?
dowan Ah MooLah meh?
Ah MooLah will cry liao :P

I'm I woh.. I'm human woh, not animal :P

luckily u starts bidding for Ah MooLah.. else sure Ah MooLah will hide in one corner & cry kaw kaw liao...

Cute hoh the Moo Moo?
very soft too..
can squeeze kaw kaw :D

U dowan Ah MooLah meh?
only wants Moolah???? :P

L B said...

KKKKKKKKKKK!!! MOO!! Yes, nothing like fresh Milk in the morning right off the jugs!! Ah MooLah™ wants good home!!

may said...


ooops, sorry, wrong animal!

I have quite a few cows too, I should've sent them to you before I left. forgot whether I packed them to be given away, or still in the box... hmmmm... coming anytime soon? :P

Chen said...

very fresh liao the milk..
and can eat steaks too every morning? medium rare steak? :P
cannot say so loud..
later Ah MooLah cries... :P

*Moooooooooooooo back* :P

Aiyak aiyak...
There goes my potential Moo Moo
*sob kaw kaw*

All the Moos are very busy, so no time to write blog :P

L B said...

KKKKK, wanna show off my Ah MooLah!!! too...

Chen said...

cute lah your Ah MooLah..

*cubit face*
squeeze kaw kaw :P

Selba said...

Wah... so many moo.....

Ok, will keep in mind whenever I want to give you a gift, I'll find a moo, hehehe...

p.s: but next time for sure, I want send it by post again! tak sampai sih... :(

Selba said...

Oops... I meant "WONT"

Defenitely will not send it by post!

mistipurple said...

cubit one by one...
and the last cheek.... Chen's!!! hehehe

Chen said...

Hehe, Cow rocks :P
What's your favourite soft toys? ;)

That Christmas parcel dunno drop where liao..
Might be inside the South China Sea?
Too bad.. :(

Wai wai wai...
u can cubit the Moo's faces kaw kaw, tat one no problem..
Abuthen, apa pasal cubit my cheek pulak?
I'm not Moo woh.. :P

Kenny Ng said...

Moooo....... I want milk milk! :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Wah...I see a saddle on the yak.
This fella does rodeo kah? LOL
This yak is so hairy hor?
Hairy til the kkc also don't know lost where.

Pink Cotton said...


the first moo2 got hair hairy bushy hair

eeeeeeeeeeeee 'x'

Chen said...

u want fresh milk or full cream milk or low fat milk :P

The saddle is for tourist like me to ride on the yak mah..
RMB 5 per ride ;)
Of course I won't miss the chance :D

kakkaka... of coz not :P

pink cotton,
cute mah the hair..
Apa pasal Eeeeeeeeeeeeee pulak???
So cute woh..

nyonyapenang said...

oooh....your request noted. will moo-ed you once i kidnap one moo-moo.

lynnx01 said...

Are you born in the year of cow (bull.. whatever.. hehehhe)?

Jackson said...

hehe...i love the 1st moo moo

Chen said...

Kekeke.. kidnap the poor Moo?
Thanks :P

I will let your mind exercise a bit instead of telling u the answer straight...
I graduated & started working in 1998...
U do a little bit of simple calculation, u will know the answer liao ;)

Yeah, the first one is the cutest.
That's why he is my favourite ;)

zewt said...

perhasps you should be known as a moo moo queen now?

kyh said...

the yak is so cute!!! and the camel too! nice moo moos u hv there! :D

zeroimpact said...

Yay, got a lot of moo moo
I remember the last moo moo I gave to my friend
So the cute cute tei
But I don't think I have any moo moo left now lo

iml said...

Wow!! you do have a collection of Moos!!

sengkor said...

feel like eating steak tim.. medium well mm goi..

cynthia said...

my sista collects moo moo too! she loves it soo much.

im not very big fan of toys, i prefer money =)

anyone kindly donate me their money? me thank you all in advance.


papercrazy said...

the fridge magent moo looks very familiar!! :-)

the 14 years old moo moo ah?? that one u bring to bed wan izzit??

Simple American said...

Reminds me of the advertising.

Beef. It's whats for dinner.

wakakaka *hug*

eve said...

tell me how u keep the moo for 14 yrs without it getting hitam ar?...

Chen said...

Haha, my collection is too little to be "crowned" queen;)
My friend has more collection than mine ;)

We passed by and stopped at this area on our way to Jiuzhaigou in China - with several white yaks and one camel. The white yak are very gentle and nice to pat.

I took a ride on the white yak too – RMB 5 per ride ;)

Aiyak, u dun have any Moo Moo in your collection?
Yeah, I remember not seeing any Moos in your backseat ;)

Psss.. I still remember the Sylvester :D

Chen said...

If I get to see any cute looking Moos, might be I will add on to my collection ;)
Is this consider as collecting rubbish? :P

U wanna eat Ah MooLah ah? :P
I will give u one glass of fresh milk to go along with the steak inside of red wine..

U collect money?
very practical hobby :P

I collect coins too – but only the coins of the countries that I’ve been to :) Not really collecting, but just that I keep the extra coins that I have..
Sentimental value mah.. :P

Chen said...

hopefully yours is still in one piece :P
I grabbed the last 2 Moo Moo magnetic fridge from the shop.
One I keep myself and the other one has to depart from her sibling...
*sob* :P

The 14 years old Moo Moo ah?
Happily lying inside the big box all these while :P
I dun have any toys on my bed lah..
Only pillows & bolster & comforter..
Very basic huh? :D

Wah wah wah wah...
So evil !!
Poor Moo Moo :P
*Cow Hug*

How ah?
I keep all of them inside the big box all these while..
that’s why tarak manyak sangat debu kat tu lembu.. :P

Psss.. No place to display them mah..
My house is so small :(
Limited space :(

_butt said...

That white yak also you sapu for your collection ah.. hahahaha

Monk[+]Icon said... you know there is a moo moo transformers figures too! I got one! quite rare to find these days...can see pic pic moo moo mode and also moo bot mode gero~

mistipurple said...

one milo kosong si pleeze. :P

Chen said...

of coz.. :P
Photo collection mah..
Different category of collection, but it's still collection..
I have several different shots of those white yak leh :P

Moo Moo Transformer Figurine?
Wow... Never know about all these..
The Moo Moo Mode looks kinda cute, but the stare is scary (cos red eyes). Moo Bot Mode? What a cute name ;)

Thanks for sharing :D

Ooi, kakak..
Ini bukan kopi tiam woh..
sini tarak serve milo ;)

mistipurple said...

got moo moo's milk mah. *brings own milo and waits in line for fresh milk* :P
*runs before sotong tentacles come out*

Chen said...

u want moo moo milk ah?
this wan no problem..

abuthen, don't run around lah..
make me giddy only :P

papercrazy said...

I carry my moo moo magnet in my handbag, reason no 1 cos it's cute; reason no 2 I forgot to take it out and stick it on the fridge

u want moo moo ah?? Ok Ok, yak can or not??

Monk[+]Icon said...

ya lor...etchelli, transformers got almost all sort of animal version too...remember i told u got sotong version...this the pics, sotong mode and of cos the sotong bot mode gerori~

mistipurple said...

kakaaka. i always seem to run around when i'm with you. hahaha

Chen said...

wah.. the Forgotten Moo Moo?
So kesian !!!!

Yak Yak also can,
we can moo & we can yak too ;)

The Sotong version looks scary lah..
Kkekekke, I still prefer the Moo Moo version :P

I can sense....
sukuness is in the air?

*cabut fast fast*

day-dreamer said...

Wah, Chen so many toys.

dino said...

moo moo, sotong... seem like u like cute cute stuff... :p

Chen said...

day dreamer,
this is just the tip of the icebergs :P If I show all, sure u will pengsan wan :P

everyone also like cute-cute stuff mah? No meh? :P
I have lotsa other animals too...
>>100 :P