Monday, March 26, 2007

Dogs Again !!

On the 7th Day of Chinese New Year, after playing with Pink Cotton's doggies, I went for dogs visitation together with Pink Cotton & aunty (Pink Cotton's beloved Mummy loh) . We went to few houses and finally... I get to visit the house with 9 doggies, The Furry House !!

I dunno who is who cos they all looked similar, and all the doggies want a pat on their heads, especially Uncle George.

Uncle George manja-ing with Pink Cotton.

Pink Cotton offering *Free Head Massage* to the doggies...

Si Beh Song !! Sitting on the sofa woh !!

This one lagi syiok. Zzzzzz kaw kaw on the floor.

"Like Mother, Like Daughter".

Indeed a big happy family :)

Lenglui DogDog with her brand new CNY haircut.

Kkkkk... Seeing this doggy reminds me of Liucas - I'm referring to the palm tree hairstyle, not the colour :P


Winn said...

hahaha liucas mana u!!

liucas said...

i tengah do one important research. my mission is to save the world! i heard now the KLCI not very good. m trying to 'yin kao' how to revive the sluggish market

angel said...

Just now oni I thinking, I wanna get a doggie... yang won't shed bulu wan altho' got bulu... got dogs liddat arr? But I want playdog...

But then again, aisay, sure very kesian my dog cos he/she will have to stay at home half a day... :( How ar?

angel said...

Really syiok lah see all the dogs... u din take pic of "angel" arr? :P

Chen said...

Liucas very busy wan..
he is the VID
Very Important Dog mah :P

Your mummy talking about u leh..
She kinda miss u ;)
Wah.. u tengah yin kao stock market ah? Any tips or not?
I wanna invest too :P

LOL.. u ask Winn whether Liucas shed bulu or not? Ah Boy rambut pendek but shed rambut too leh..
Playdog? Kkkkkkkkkk
Toy dog lah :P

How ah? Sayang the doggy more when u come back home loh..
To compensate mah :P

"Angel" is not there mah..
She is playing with Goldie else where ;)

L B said...

Ok, that time of the month again!! COCKA!!!! Bring Ka Chang!!! Come, come!!! Yesterday we had Ah MooLah steak, tonight, we gonna have stew!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

The last picture still reminds me of Lucas.....the time he fell into the shit pond. LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

LOL @ LB's.

Yes yes! Fire up the barbeque pit!
Oil the wok! Bring out those s'ap chuen tai poe' herbs!

Monk[+]Icon said... cute lerr....beh tahan~

Kikare said...

pretty dogs, but ...... how many times must one vacuum the house with so many furry dogs? *faint just by thinking*

Simple American said...

So many doggies. *scratch head repeat 9 times*

kyh said...

SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

i like the brownish-blonde one on the sofa the most! kam sei kwai hor ngoi ah!!!!

*pat pat the woof woofs and oso the moo moos*

may said...

cute liao!! but yeah, I'd agree with angel - I'd rather have a short-haired dog so I won't have to sweep up bulu more than I sweep up my own hair, hahaha!

wish I had a dog here, but no pets allowed in the apartment... and kesian also, alone most of the time... :(

day-dreamer said...

Wah, Chen can start her own Animal Planet liao.... KKKKKKKKKKKK!

Chen said...

Tokking about ayam stew ah?
Roasted ayam or BBQ ayam also will do :P

Liucas will sure bite your ka chng if he reads this !! :P
Abuthen, kesian Liucas lah..
Fall into muddy pond will do lah..
Need not shit pond :P

BBQ ayam?
Ayam soup with thousand year gingseng?

But hard loh to take care of 9 dogs !!! Dog fur everywhere liao.. ;)

Chen said...

I absolutely have no idea..
What I know is the sofa is definitely full with dog full :P
I only realized that after I got up from my seat..

Not only scratching heads,
but scratching ears,
tickling tummies..
& non ending patting on the heads..
And not forgetting the endless licking from the doggies...
syiok huh?

U like that one the most ah?
Tat dog can bites,
unlike his other gentle siblings ;)

Earlier the Moo Moo yaks...
Now the Woof Woof barks :)

Pink Cotton said...

ehhh u still blog abt them ah...kekekkeke..long outdated!..muahaha

Pink Cotton said...

when i see these pics i teringat the 'hairy' feeling after we come out from the house


ptui ptui...

Chen said...

Like my Ah Boy?
Kkkkkk... Short fur but still he gugur rambut ;)

The doggy can sleep at day time mah.. Just like what my Ah Boy does all these while.. I wonder if he does any naughty stuff when I’m not at home.. :P

day dreamer,
I have my mini Animal Planet Series since last year liao..
The day when I started on the Taiping Zoo Series...
Which I haven’t complete yet ;)

pink cotton,
Of coz..
No dateline wan mah..
Can write whenever I feel like writing it :P
That’s the fun of blogging..
I haven’t finish with my "Taiping Zoo Series" yet, which I abandoned for almost a year liao :P

LOL abt the "hairy" experience..
Your poor mummy kena the most..
And u so notti summore..
(referring to the episode inside the car) :P

ah nel said...

so many mop...she so hardworking mopping the floor...


*y she need so mehni dogs while she say she got bf*

dino said...

i like doggie..
the doggie so cute...

angele said...

Awwww =D

So hairy.So pretty!

Because they're worth it!

L'oreal motto for shampoo right? =p

Selba said...

Oh... they are so adorable!!!

I wanna hug hug hug them all....

JL said...

beetles, birdies, moo moos, & doggies... why no kitties/fishies?? :)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

so adorable...

Chen said...

ah nel,
Floor Mops?

Who is that "she" u talking about ah?
These are not Pink Cotton's doggies leh.. All those are her neighbour's dogs :)

do u have any doggies in your house ah? Doggies are indeed human's best friend(s) ;)

The L'Oreal's slogan sounds something lidat..

The owner even sleeps with the dogs.. but i'm not sure how many dogs get to sleep on the bed at one time ;)

Chen said...

Indeed adorable, but they seriously need shower ;)

take your time & hug slowly, one at a time :P
cannot hug all at one time, cos too many liao ;)

Hey, u come back from Sabah d?
Wanna hear your Mt Kinabalu stories liao :D

Why I didn't post kitties/fishies ah? Might be cos i never adore cats? :P

Ikan ah? I have...Just that I never posted them up yet so far :P

woof woof & meow meow,
Thanks :)

dino said...

don't have any doggie lei...

Chen said...

get one? :P

rinnah said...

So many dogs... LOL! I had 11 dogs once... 1 mummy and 10 puppies all running around...

_butt said...

kawaii ne!!

mistipurple said...

so cute. all look like soft toys. *hug to bed*

papercrazy said...

Heard one of the dogs can actually tell the difference between a Virgin and not..How, i dunno! :-)

dino said...

i don't know how to take care them wor.. :p

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Love love love the pics - they look all so cute!

Especially love the mother daughter photo.

Thanks for showing!

Chen said...

11 DOGS??????????
what happened to those 10 puppies?
give away? ;)

Cute kaw kaw :D

they are much better than soft toys..
can hug & cuddle kaw kaw
they are warm..
and they can lick :P

Chen said...

i know which dog u talking abt liao....
That dog always go to that someone woh ;)

not difficult lah..
as long as u fulfill their basic requirements..
Dog needs TLC too ;)
Just like human

Glad u like the pict
Yeah, those are one big happy furry family..

rinnah said...

Yeah, gave some away, some died, now left with one sole survivor from the 11. :o)

Chen said...

So kesian ah?
Only one sole survivor? :(

The sole survivor must be the toughest one.. Cos according to Darwin's Theory of Evollution, only the fittest will survive

*crap a bit mah*

dino said...

TLC?? is it Talk, Laugh, Cry???

Chen said...

New definition for TLC liao..
instead of Tender Loving Care, now we have Talk, Laugh & Cry !!
Fabulous idea ;)

dino said...

LOL.. tq chen..

Chen said...

u r mostly welcomed ;)