Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pink Cotton's Doggies

I finally get to meet Pink Cotton's doggies last weekend. Wah... so chu bee, so ho ngoi, so cute, manyak comel. 好可爱. Cubit kaw kaw !! *Pinch*

Say Hi to Goldie. A "weird" dog with big eyes & PINK nose !!! First time I see dog with pinkish nose. No wonder Pink Cotton loves Goldie lah!! This puppy is only ... count count with fingers... 2 months old (birthday @ 28 Dec 2006).

Angel, remember I told u I met Angel last Saturday? This is the four legged Angel. She has a toy that looks like her ;)

The fierce Dee Dee. Don't play-play :P

Syiok leh watching Goldie playing & manja-ing with Angel.

Oopsss !!! Goldie hungry liao, hoping Angel can provided her with milk. Goldie still a little puppy mah. 2 months old only. Kkkkkkkkkkkk

Last but not least, another Pink Cotton's pink gadget (Nintendo DS Lite) featuring a dog called Angel. Kkkkk... Angel, see? U r so famous :P


Cocka Doodle said...

Waaahh..they all look very nice...especially cooked with wine and spring onions in a claypot over a slow charcoal fire.
Muahahahahaha!!!! *evil laughter*

Pink Cotton said...


today u no lazy *patpat* comic strip some more!!!

and got my pink gadget..WAHH i love this post! i give it 90/100!

Cocka Doodle said...

Duruchigi (mixture with seasonings)

It is a food made by mixing dog meat with seasonings and vegetables, and boiling and roasting them. When eating Duruchigi, Soju(liquor) is usually accompanied for its taste.

The standard amount of ingredients for one portion.

(1) Ingredients

200g of boiled dog meat, 20ml of gravy, 50g of green onion, 50g of leek, 40g of dropwort, 20g of perilla leave, a little pepper, 5g of perilla oil, 1g of salt, 2g of
mashed garlic, 2g of mashed ginger, 2g of red pepper

(2) Cooking instructions

Put gravy and vegetables into heated pan and roast them, and after vegetables
become softened, put dog meat and ingredients into the pan and mix them. If it is not salty enough, dip in the sauce.

may said...

those little doggies so cute!! all small small wan. cocka must be having a field day thinking of all those ways to cook them... LOL!

Pink Cotton said...

yao si
i better lock up my dogs 2nite...

Pink Cotton said...

call the police someone! 'x'

angel said...



Sei lor... have to tukar species liao... woof!

L B said...

I wanna becomne Cocka Doodle's Best Friend too!! Invite me! Invite me!!! I bring VSOP!!!

Sin Ling said...

All the puppies also cute, can i have one? wish to have a cute puppy, ah boy le? diabaikan? wah nintendo, very nice to play and very trendy wo... :D

Pink Cotton said...

guess what im doing rite now???

saya sedang makan sotong

*munch munch*

Chen said...

wah.. lei mei sei kor ah?
I think claypot cocka rice taste better :P

pink cotton,
but today u lazy woh :P
Sei loh, I haven't send u the photo yet.. so the lazy..
See? I'm still lazy !!

only 90/100 meh?
I tot u will give me 100/100?
si beh tamak :P

wah.. where u get this recipe?

Chen said...

i went to few different houses to see Goldie's siblings !! And went to another house with 9 doggies !!
Those 9 doggies remind me of Liucas
I was busy snapping photos at people's house
Will post more pictures soon :P

pink cotton,
u lock up cocka can liao
he is ayam mah
easy to lock up wan :P

Angel the dog
woof woof
Ah Boy, Liucas & Mini have fren liao

Chen said...

Ai Si...
Ah Boy dowan to fren u liao

sin ling,
Pink Cotton will cry woh if u take away her beloved doggies :P
Ah Boy where got diabaikan?
He is lying next to me leh...

I dun have nintendo :(

pink cotton,
ai si !!
U makan sotong?
How can u makan sotong all by yourself?
At least must belanja me mah... Kkkkkkk

*grab PC's sotong & coke*

Jackson said...

cute cute!!

Mr. Goober said...

lol..a big family of dogs..and even dogs inside electronics??!

must be siao dogs

Redsponge said...

ewwww few days no visit ur blogs nia...already dipinkcottoned!

Scary...better cabut first!

Chen said...

super duper cute
too adorable ;)

The dogs are like the owner..
jumping here & there..

siao dogs ah?
i have no further comments liao..
else she will bok me :P

red sponge,
wat to do?
She is too influential :P

oh yeah.. now i remember u sked of doggies !!!!!

Simple American said...

So cute the doggies.
How come the puppy got a pink nose. Hey it is the same color as somebody not to be mentioned with the initials PC has painted her fingernails. What a coincidence lor?

kyh said...

aiyoyo... so cute leh! *kuchi kuchi ku*

wahh that pinky really eng hor... take care of so many woofs at once...

*steals one*

day-dreamer said...


So cute!!!

Ah Boy got new friends already...

_butt said...

*cubit kaw kaw*

papercrazy said...

so cuteeeeee wan...that DeeDee really no play play wan ah.....very fierce

Eh, I think got 1 dog left out lei....*count count count*

Where is Gracie lei??? LOL

Goldie is Pink Cotton's competitor liaw....she also very pink and soon she's gonna set up her own blog - Goldie in


lynnx01 said...

Oh man! Really pink nose.. hahahaha.

Chen said...

Hahahha, I sincerely hope the pink nose is not due to PC's pink nail varnish. Kkkkkkkkkkk... wat a joke :P

I tot pink-coloured nose only appear in cartoon. But who knows.... I manage to see one in real life. :D

That Pinky is only the part time care taker woh. Must give tribute to her beloved mummy & other family members too :P

Steal one? Wah...
Goldie's mummy in fact give birth to many puppies.. All her siblings are in the nearby neighbourhoods, but in diffferent houses :D

More and more doggies joining the community liao :D

Chen said...

I heard Goldie crying kaw kaw

Kkkkkk.. I join in cubit-ing too :P

Dee Dee very fierce with u all too ah? Notti dog :D

Yeah, there is another black dog being locked far away. PC say dun need to care about that dog :P Her name is Gracie ah? :D sounds better woh. Kkkkkkkk...
Later I will go & check whether the pup set up her blog liao or not? LOL

Cute leh? :P

mistipurple said...

i now realised i was gonna post a comment and then drop in bed last night. *smack own head*
the pink nose very cute.
*substitutes Kokokai's dish with pig trotters*

mistipurple said...

*smack own head again, after reading my english* PKK!

nyonyapenang said...

aiyooohhhh....sooooo chooooh beeeee

a^ben said...

aiyo!!! ki si lang~ shud have gone to pc's house` hahahha :)

Chen said...

i tot u will piak kokokai's head with pig trotter instead for having those evil thoughts?

let's cubit Goldie's face together..
*group cubit*
*sha la la la cubit*
*gong xi fa cai cubit*

u should !!
And summore she showed me her neighbour's dogs !!!!!!!
So many of them..
full of dog furs liao...
I will post up the other batch of photos soon :)

Jo said...

Aww those doggies look so cute!! ;)

Chen said...

There's one more doggy which I didn't take photo cos it's locked up :)

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