Saturday, March 03, 2007

Meet the Blogger Tag

One fine day, when yours truly was still busy hibernating in the Land of Hornbills, a heavenly Angel (not Angel the dog, kkkkk) gave me a big angpow with this Faint kaw-kaw Meet the Blogger Tag. Mmmmm.. Let me exercise my brain cells a bit. Trying to recall who are the bloggers that I have met with so far, and some of them have "retired" or "semi-retired" from blogging liao..

Winn, May, Angel, LB, Carcar, Day Dreamer, Liucas, Butt, Kenny, Zeroimpact, Will, Nyonya Penang, Sengkor, Pink Cotton, Red Sponge, Mr Goober, Ben, Papercrazy, JL, King's Wife, Cocka, Kat, 9393, BabeKL, Izso, Alicia, Ah Tak, Cynthia, Wilson, Fh2o, Kristopher, Miracle8, Slenzie, Dreckker, Ah Nel, CooknEngr, Agus, Fish Fish, Sharl612, BlackWidow, Dayang, Sbanboy, LT, Gasman, Nurul, ShookMe, AC, Shackks, Darren, Jellyfish.....

*Count count* 51 names up there. Wah.. I met up with so many bloggers liao ah? Dunno whether I missed out anyone or not. Psss... Ah Boy merajuk & stares at me one kind cos I didn't include in his name up there. Okie, back to serious business --> answering the FKK tag questions.

Q1. Who is the first blogger you meet?
~ So long oledi & I also can't remember liao. At first I thought Will is the first one I met, but I was wrong. I met up with CooknEngr earlier on ;)

Q2. Who is the "most wanted to meet blogger" for you?
~ Most wanted? Walao... Ah Boy loh kkkkkkk... especially when I go outstation lah !!

Q3. Who is the "I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet" blogger?
~ If I can meet & want to meet, then go meet lah. Apa pasal somehow never got to meet pulak? Cannot be so loh soh & por por mah mah wan. Definitely must piak with Sotong liao if lidat !!

Q4. Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
~ Wah.. got such thing called group of bloggers wan meh? If so, might be the group of CRAPs bloggers who enjoys crapping & eat crabs at the same time :P

Q5. Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
~ meet right now? Not right now lah.. Tomorrow can or not? or the day after tomorrow? :P But I would like to meet with u, u and U loh.. Those whom I haven't meet before, I would like to meet up. Those whom I had met up with in the past, of course I would like to meet up with you all again ;)

Kkkk... I told u liao, don't vomit blood or hematemesis after reading the Qs & the As. Since blood is precious, I won't pass this on. Later everyone vomit blood then susah :D


mistipurple said...

hahaha i read your last line and lkk! (laugh kaw kaw) ya, blood is precious. cannot have the blog doctor running around saving blood loss hor? lol

Selba said...


How nice living together with a blogger (read: Ah Boy).

Well, hopefully to meet in you real life someday... in order to melepas rasa rindu? *wink* so far only hear your voice and see you through webcam :)

angel said...

waaa misti so fast wan!

no vomit blood ahh... kam sia for humouring me :D

ps: At my last count, I've met 45 ppl the past year... I also didn't believe I've met so many ppl thru' blogs... power neh blogs... ;)

*bloodless hugs*

pps: apasal ada word verification pulak???

Chen said...

The most is I will ask them to drink back the blood they vomited :P
This is really ajaran sesat liao
nyek nyek

Yeah, I can meet that blogger day & night ;) And he is lying next to me now...
How sweet...
Will Lulu starts blogging soon?

Hope to meet up with u too :)
The day will come wan..
Either when I visit Jakarta, or when u visit Malaysia some day in the future. Malaysia & Indonesia is just nearby ;)

power, very powerful..
or some called it as "powderful" :P

*bloodless hugs back*
can we have *platelet hugs* too?
or *plasma hugs*?
These are blood components too mah

I switched on the "word verification" yesterday night cos got wu liao spammers mah.. Forgot to switch off this morning. Now I switch it off liao :P

L B said...

You've met me meh?!!! Sure or not? *throws a flying peanut into your mouth* Maybe it was someone masquerading as me? Maybe a serial killer? Maybe a LMKKK? *can't wait for July 14th* *maybe earlier* *what a TERRIFIC tag* *such a MAGNIFICENT tag* *such a POETIC tag* *FKK*

Wennnn said...

U also not yet meet me?? U dun wan to meet me meh?? Not the wan to meet kenot meet meh???

Ah Boy said...

why u dowan to list up my name?????
*merajuk again*

Chen said...

might be I met your evil twin that day? LD
The one who is busy sucking & licking crabs, busy with flying peanuts, busy taking shots of *censored*, and busy beating the crap outta pda monopoly

July 14th...
soon, very very soon :D

i met u before in my dream
dreaming of u cooking nice & yummy dishes, till i lao hao sui in the dream :D

of coz i want to meet u...
when u flying back here or when i flying there time ;D

ah boy,
u go back to sleep, okie?

_butt said...

only this kind of tag will make anyone vomit blood answering it.. lol

day-dreamer said...

That's why I said doctors are very noble... this doctor didn't tag anyone for fear of wasting blood. KKKKKK!

cooknengr said...

Whatsup Doc,didn't we have the first blogger meet back in "email blog" days ?

Chen said...

feel relief leh i didn't tag u :P

day dreamer,
Kkkkkkkk... blood is precious mah.
Cannot simply waste blood wan :P
I have another tag to answer..
Might be next week lah..

Oh yeah, u r correct !!!
Now i remember.
Thanks for reminding me :D
Talking about the "email-blog" era,
those really were the days...
Wow.. tat was so many years back :)

kyh said...

Blood is precious! really precious! i need more blood! me thallasaemia ma...oh minor one... *seeks help from lokter sotong*

nyonyapenang said...

wuahhh...lokter ini agak 'high-profile' jugak hor.

Pink Cotton said...

WAHHH so many bloggers u met b4...i think hor..if anyone wants to find out more about any anon blogger...u r the most reliable source!

Chen said...

u need more blood?
Aiya, Thalassemia Minor or Thalassemia Trait dun need blood transfusion, unlike Thalassemia Major. So u dun "cheat" for blood lah !! :D

nyonya pg,
gua mana ada high profile woh..
I always believe that simple is good :P

pink cotton,
cakap till lidat :P

btw, u meet up with quite a number of bloggers also liao..
psss.... Bila Goldie wanna start blogging? :P

Winn said...

eh ur nasi kerabu mms quit cheng lehhhhh......but i wan real one la!!! haha

eh u quite ON hor. met 51 bloggers??????
wahhhh!!! i dun think i met that many!! hah

_butt said...

kakaka.. you dreamt of me? how sweeeet! :P

chinese newspaper with an article of me. hmm.. I bet the headline should read something like 'she's a chinese who duno how to read chinese' Kkkkkkkkkk

lots of photos sumore eh..

I do hope I could get away from being tagged, so I'm hiding.. shhh..

may said...

hmmm, I wonder if I've met as many as you? kkkkk! my fingers and toes also not enough liao. I think... I think... nah, I dowan to think! zzzzzz

Chen said...

I hope u have received the MMS earlier on & not this morning..
Kkkkkk.... Pretty hoh the contrast?
Blue rice with all the side servings ;) I bought it outside the hospital in the early morning prior to going to work.

I also never realised I have met with so many people till i started counting the numbers this morning :P

This is one of the weird weird dream i ever have. And summore, I seldom dream !!!!

Kkkkk.. u r hiding from this tag?
Shhhhhhhhhhhh then .....

might be u have too..
i never realised too till i listed out the names this morning :P

Fingers & toes not enough liao?
wanna borrow sotong's tentacles?

wah, it's midnight liao (your time zone). Time to zzzzz..
Good night :)

mistipurple said...

hahaha you twitter me here too!! pkkpkkkkk!!!!

Winn said...

eh liucas in pg. u can meet him anytime now! hehee.....

eh but he dam lansi one u have to queue for appt .....if he moood good then can meet u anytime with minimal fee......:P

ah nel said...

u sure regret meeting me ho!!!

Chen said...

of coz !! Must twit twit u :P
Winn has joined the twitter community liao, when is your turn?
Twit Twit Misti, Twitty Twitty

Yeah, I can meet up with him & buy him nasi kerabu :P Wah !!! Need to queue up for appointment one ah? This Liucas must be very happening one. Dunno riding Ferrari out to dunno where liao with dunno who :P

ah nel,
no regrets woh :D

Simple American said...

I wanna go to Penang and meet ya some day. :0

Chen said...

That's great. Looking forward to that day :)