Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cute boh?

I went to FH2O's house last Thursday (5th day of CNY) since it's CNY. Unker showed me the bird nest in front of his house. The mama bird flew away when she saw us :P

How I took the above photo? Unker is kind enough to bring out a chair from his house. I stood on the chair, lowering down the tree branch (which holds the bird nest) with my left hand and started snapping photo with my right hand using my compact digicam Minolta Dimage X50. Cute but fragile little fella...
Photo courtesy of fh2o

The birdies really grow up fast.. This is the latest update I get from FH2O's post.. Now the hungry little birdies look like this liao, with mouth widely open. Cute or not? How I wish I can see this lovely scene when I took the snapshots of the birds earlier on. Aiyhhhhhh.....

And surprisingly, the non edible Pink Bananas/Musa Velutina Pinkie which I saw when I visited Unker in August 2006 is still around !!


Pink Cotton said...


Pink Cotton said...

mouth open so big sumore
eeeeeee...looks like lizard 'x'

eh the mama bird so good ho?quick2 fly away..i tot she will KETUK ur head ...

angel said...


wait ahh... I pakai baju first...

angel said...

Chu bi nyeee...

*feeds the baby bird with... sotong!*


Chen said...

pink cotton,
Kkkkkkk... all the botak babies are lidat wan lah.. :P

wah.. u ever see lizard open mouth so big meh? Kkkkkkkkkkkkk

sikui lah u
the mama where got so bad one
ketuk our head :(
choy choy choy
*touch wood kaw kaw*

walao.. tat means angel is nekid earlier on? LOL

Chu bee leh???
cute leh?
ho ngoi leh?
comel leh?
ke ai leh?

wah? feed the baby bird with.. Sotong????????
Sotong come & haunt u then u know !!!

day-dreamer said...

Cute birds~

Nice flowers~

mistipurple said...

aaahhhh my comment kena makan-ed!!

mistipurple said...

i said .... i forgot already.
short attention span mah.
*goes away head down*

L B said...

*quickly covers birds from Cocka Doodle*

L B said...

*covers pink bananas from Cocka too*

L B said...

What species are those birds, ah?

_butt said...

lol.. PC, where got scary? cute laaa.. so.. so.. fragile!!

that pink banana looked 'hungry' too.. lol

Simple American said...

Pretty cute bananas. For Pink Cotton. ;)

Little birdies so cute too.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Looks so cute! Must be even cuter in real life.

Wonder if they would have appreciated you putting a piece of 'char siew' in their mouths. jk :p


kyh said...

yeeeeee.... kawaii eh!!! :D

nature's lovely scene... so we must conserve nature! *a community service message brought to u by mix fm* LOL!

the pink bananas... wah...so weird one...nvr see b4...

may said...

they're not exactly what I'd call cute, but I'm sure they look beautiful to the mother!

any sotong tentacles to spare to feed them?

sengkor said...

u got try to lower the branch to the max and let it go to see how high the nest will fly..? *just kidding, dun scold bad words..* :P

JL said...

very cut...

u r going to feed the birdies bananas kah? :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
The birds should be cuter now…
Almost one week liao
Must have lotsa feathers oledi… :D

Your comment kena makan-ed?
Kkkkkkkkkkkkk… Too bad loh:P
Or u posted in the wrong post instead?

might be u said... Mmmm....
Sorry woh, I also dunno wat u said earlier on :P
But dun go away head down lah…
No problem wan :P

Luckily no need to cover all balls from Cocka

Those are skittish birds called the Pied Fantail (Rhipidura javanica) or "murai gila" (I got the name from fh2o’s post.

Chen said...

I guess Pink Cotton dun like those fragile stuffs :P
Too geli for her to handle kua? Kkkk

Tat pink banana looked "hungry" ?
Wah… how u come to tat conclusion geh? So keng wan :D

Everytime I see pinky stuff, I will think of Pink Cotton
Very cham liao…

furkids in HK,
Yeah, the little birdies are very cute, very small & fragile
Need to handle with great care :D

Hahaha, drop a piece of char siew in their mouth?
I would be happy too if someone put a piece of char siew in my mouth too

Chen said...

what other community service u offer?

I never see those pink bananas elsewhere too. It’s indeed an eye opening experience ;)

wawawa… why want to feed them sotong tentacles woh?
Poor Sotong !!! :P

Psssssssss… Sotong asked me to convey this message to u "Sotong tentacles is not equivalent to worms leh…"

Oops, cannot help liao but to scold bad words liao !!

I so good wan, won’t do all those notti stuff lah..

Hahaha, luckily u didn’t say "u going to eat the birdies ah?" :P

zewt said...

luckily they didnt open their eyes... your flash might blind them... haha!

Pink Cotton said...


why no post wan??
ur performance merosot oredi...no more everyday posting..kekeke

_butt said...

haha.. somehow that pink banana reminds me of the birdie's beak.. lololol

Kenny Ng said...

The bird bird so cute... hehehe

Winn said...

aiyo the mouths so big! looks yummy!!! when u guys plan to eat it leh? i wan to come oso!!

Chen said...

No worry, the flash is off :P

pink cotton,
Wai.. I mana ada cakap I will post everyday woh? :P
Yesterday I sleep early coz I gotta get up early this morning ;)

Mmmm….How come I didn’t notice that earlier on?
It indeed resemble’st he birdie’s beak, just that the "mouth" didn’t open so wide

chubee little birdies..
hope it won’t end up in someone’s tummy :P

Yeah loh, big big mouth
Must be eating a lot wan..
Wonder if the birdies are tam chiak or not?

Shhhhhhhhh… dun say tat so loud lah.. We do tat secretly, okie?

Wennnn said...

Wah ur camera damn keng ah... Welcome bek lor.. sorry I hv been away din come visiting... kong hei fatt choi to u ah....

Selba said...

hehehehe... I saw it in Francis' blog :)

I love birds, especially parrot (Indonesian Noorie) and cackactoo! They are so adorable! :D

Chen said...

not very keng lah..
Kkkkkkk.. TQ TQ

Kong Hei Fatt Choy.
I also didnt do much visiting for the past few days. Lotsa things to catch up liao :)

I love the open mouth wide-wide pict. So cute & so adorable ;) I had a talking bird in the past, during my primary school day :)

Bernard said...

Woww.. Good shots. Thanks for showing them.

Chen said...

thanks Bernard. Glad u like them. Wonder what happened to the little birdies now..

FH2o said...

*LATEST NEWS* When I came back from Bintulu last thursday night - the birdies have already flown away leaving behind an empty nest!

Chen said...

The birdies have finally grown up & become independent liao...They are indeed fast learners. Can imagine them flying happily in the sky