Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hot , hot, hot ???

My friend has a peculiar habit when ordering food - no chillies & no sambal belachan whilst I'm on the contrary. I will tell them I want chillies & sambal belachan; the more spicy, the better !!

This is the amount of chillies that I can consume per day or per meal. I know this might be nothing to some... Or way too spicy for others? I love hot & spicy food. To me, Tarak pedas, tarak syiok & tarak sedap. How about you?


_butt said...

chup! I'm first! wahahaha

no chillies & sambal belachan for me, please! haha

L B said...

SO HOT!! Heaty!! Sure get lots of pimples on butt wan!!!!

angel said...

Whoaaa... kia si lang... how can every meal eat so muchi chilli?? How can? How can??

*dittos L B on the butty thing*

*brings magnifying glass to check*

Chen said...

err.. u tarak makan pedas & sambal keh?
Mana boleh macam ni? :P

u talking about this Butt ah?
Neh.. the one who left a comment above u?


I dun consume this amount every meal lah (except if I makan at home loh), but i would like to (if possible).

Wah.. U wanna check on Ah Butt ah? Poor her...

Run, Butt, run....

Cynthia said...

depend what season thou..and what mood too.
we have plenty of curry and tom yum during winter.
eat chili is boost your metabolism =)

L B said...

I was referring to who you were referring to, but you didn't have to say it out so LOUD liao!!! TKK!!! KKK!!!

Chen said...

Huh? depends on mood too?
Eating chillies will made one happy though :P

I still remember eating the hot Thai Tomyam on a hot afternoon ;)
Really sweat kaw kaw :D

okie okie...
will whisper softly in the future liao...

Poor Butt :P

_butt said...

talk bad about about me hor you two.. herrrr


btw, chen, how leh, all nice foods in penang sure the spicy one right, then if I go penang also.. wasted..


_butt said...

just kidding about merajuk part

butt not that small gas lahh.. hahaha.. I know mine is not. :P

may said...

chili give you pimples on butt wan meh? *konpius* Doktor, can show me butt as proof anot? yours lah, not the other one!

zewt said...

wow... incredible... as a doc, u know it's not good for the stomach right?

Will said...

cannot eat too spicy also... if not later go toilet bake cake will be suffering :P


Chen said...

not talk bad bout u leh..
talking abt u only, tarak talk bad :P

not all the food are spicy one..
when makan at hawker stall, u can always tell them u dowan chilli ;)

not small gas, then big gas liao?
always bloated?
LOL... jangan merajuk ya?
Kidding niah...

that is only applicable for Cocka..
since i remember he said he has pimples on his butt :P

U wanna see ah?
Tengok loh...
Very smooth & no pimples, right? :P

Dun worry..
My stomach can stand it ;)

U experienced that before ah?
That only happen to those who are not used to spicy food leh :P

papercrazy said...

So scared ah looking at the amount of chillie here

Eh, u never have constipation ah, taking so much hot stuff???

rinnah said...

I used to eat chillies and cili padi with nearly every meal, until I was told by my doctor to stop! So now I am a very good girl and don't eat any chillies at all.

_butt said...

yeah, I do agree that eating too many spicy stuff is no good. see, doc.. all of them also said not good eh XD

Chen said...

This is not Fear Factor leh..
Nothing scary here ;)

Nope.. Dun worry ;)
Can always drink more water mah..

Hehehe? why ah u have to stop?
Experience gastric discomfort ah?
Chillies does not cause gastric ulcer leh..

Dun worry, I dun have any ulcers ;)
In fact, chillies does not cause ulcer (as contrary to the common belief).

hehehe, it all depends on individuals. Everyone has different level of tolerance ;) In fact chillies has medical benefits too ;)

Remember? Szechuan citizens consume hot & spicy stuff. :P

_butt said...

Szechuan got winter ma.. syiok to have spicy stuff kekeke

yep, every individual got different level of tolerance. was wondering though doc, can the stomach be 'trained' to take the spicy food even when it seems you can't?

I've a friend who loves spicy food but her bf couldn't really take much of it la at first. so what her bf did was 'practice' taking spicy food almost everyday with her and now he can handle any spicy food in town with no sweat! the power of love.. haha

today I feel like spamming your comment area muahaha :p

Chen said...

They eat spicy stuff too leh even when it's not winter :P

Of course can..
U already have the living example there liao --> your friend's bf :)

I remember u r allergy to seafood such as crabs & prawns.. u dare to take the challenge or not? I'm once allergy to those foodstuff too, but I still hantam.. Now i'm desensitized liao & no longer allergy to those yummy food liao..

_butt said...

alamak. what's wrong with me tonight. asking and answering myself pulak.. *slaps forehead*

you still rmb!! hehe. eh ya lo hor. I rmb you're once allergic to seafood too. but I'm only allergic to crabs, thankfully phew.. maybe one of these days can go take up the so-called fear factor challenge.. but for now better not risk it, exam coming soon. :P

if I go for 'crab experiment' someday and got allergic reaction hor, can I get FOC punya medical fee from you? hehe

kidding lah..


sleepy liao.

sweet dreams!



Monk[+]Icon said...

wah, lokter! u and me really kawan kawan ooh...

Chen said...

u r good student mah..
can get excellent grade for your fantastic performance :P

Yeah, I remember..
u & ah nel didn't touch the crabs mah

since exam coming, then u better dun touch it yet ;)

If develop allergic reaction ah, pop in one tablet of piriton or any anti histamine loh.. If u sked, pop one tablet before u hantam the seafood ;)

apa tu FOC punya medical fee
made me conpius kaw kaw only :P
if FOC then it's not called medical fee liao...
I presume u mean FOC punya medical consultation? :P
u must be sleepy liao, till salah type?

u like hot & spicy stuff too?
Kam cheng liao..
*Hi 5*

Simple American said...

Wahlau!!! Pass me the fire extinguisher. Push me in the pull. I cry just looking. keke

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

yorrr....not spicy meh?

see oso feel hot d...


Chen said...

*pat pat*
dun cry..
Hope u dun get a shock out of your life :P
Abuthen, the most u get from consuming the chillies is teary eyes or watery nose mah.. o
r sweat a little bit mah..
or might be slight cough??
Nothing scary, right? ;)

Give u one glass of cold soya bean milk :)

woof2 & meow2,
I love spicy stuff ;)
Wanna have a glass of iced lemon tea? ;)

mistipurple said...

wah, very hiammm so much chillie hot hot ohhh. i temporary cannot eat them. sensitive stomach. but 'cheating' and desensitizing day by day. hehe

YD said...

oooh-la-laaaa... we've got a HOT doctor here!

I can't eat too hot food... how to call myself a Malaysian ar?

Pink Cotton said...


OHHHH!!!nxt time u come back i bring u to eat chilli ONLY ok ok???

Chen said...

catch cha curi-curi makan chilli liao

Dun worry..
There are lotsa M'sians out there who are in the same boat as u ;)
So u r definitely not alone :D

pink cotton,
Abuthen, got place who only serve chillies meh? :P

Talking abt chillies, I wanna eat Szechuan steamboat again...
pedas kaw kaw tapi syiok :P

zeroimpact said...

I don't take such form of spiciness
I like curry though

dino said...

i like chilis and sambal too...
cos, my friends don't like chilis so i will sapu all.. and they consider me as crazy... LOL

JL said...

too hot too hot...

*pengsan said...

No chillies or belacan for me too
Runaway fast

Selba said...

wah... wah... wah... you really like chillis, don't you?

that kind of green chilli, what do you call it? here in indonesia, we called it as RAWIT. Usually the chillis is "crashed" then mixed with kecap manis (sweet soya sauce) or directly eaten with the fried food (I just had mine for a few minutes ago, hehehe).

There are many kind of rawit, the very hot one and no hot taste at all, how do we know which one is very hot and not? the only thing is to bite them, hahaha...

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Iced lemon tea or icey lemon tea?


Monk[+]Icon said...

yeah yeah! i eat bak kut teh with 2 mini bowls of chilis!

King's wife said...

For some strange reason, the small plate of chillies looks really appetising!
I am not a very pedas person. But I must have my chillies/soya sauce whenever I eat noodles.

Chen said...

Talking about curry, there are several different types of curry..
I love the potatoes inside the curry more than the meat.
And now, the Red Devil Curry comes to my mind :D

Good !!
Another chillies kaki :D
U r definitely not crazy..
u r very normal..
Absolutely normal !!!!!

Wake up, wake up…
if not i feed u chilli liao..
Cos eating chilli will make u more alert leh..

Chen said...

Errr.. why lidat wan? :(

Yes, I love chillies..
I love all those hot & spicy foodstuff..
The spicy szechuan steamboat that I have in szechuan is fantastic !!

I dun really know wat is the name of that chillies. Issit cabai burung? Not very sure...

U have your lunch very early today…
Or is that breakfast? ;)

Haha, eating is definitely the most accurate way to taste the level of spiciness..
But definitely it comes with the "price" especially for those who can’t handle spicy food :P

Chen said...

woof2 & meow2,
Icey lemon tea?
This sounds so familiar…
Are u both someone that I know of ?? ;)

Kamcheng !!
Welcome to the chilli gang :P
I enjoy eating my BKT with lotsa lotsa chillies & garlic ;)

u r a pedas person lah, cos u r "hot" :P
Most of the times, I like to pour the chillies on top of my noodle ;)

Bernard said...

Cabai burung please.

sbanboy said...

I like all the sambal, chilli padis ... etc .... I am coming to Penang real soon.

Chen said...

Great !!
I have found more cabai kaki :)

Yeah !! Another "hot & spicy" food lover :D
Penang has been waiting for your arrival for long long time liao :)
Make sure u really come after your exam ;)

kyh said...

eh... u same like me leh! me and my mum are ultimate cili padi lovers! luckily still can eat cili padi while being vegetarians! HAHAA!!!

i can pour one plateful of cili padis into watever dish i'm eating ~ but i dun like the chillies being drenched in soy sauce... cos i think the sauce will spoil the flavour a bit. :)

and hor, sometimes when we're waiting for the food to serve in restaurants, i will eat the cili padis to kinda stop my hunger a bit. KKK!

mistipurple said...

must ask you. you eat all those seeds also ah? FKK. wait chillie tree grow inside stomach. :P

Simple American said...

I do that. I even sneeze cough. You might think I'm going to die. haha. But I will ear it all. hehe Looking like I die with every bite.

Chen said...

Another cili gang, great :D
Chillies indeed do wonders.
They add urmmppph to the dishes. Make everything more tasty.

I even tried the nasi goreng cili padi not long ago ;)

eat cili padi to stop hunger?
Wah... I have eaten the vinegar chillies to stop hunger before, but not the cili padi yet :P

very geng chau lah u...
can come up with all these ideas :P
Must giggle at one corner liao.. :P

Hehehee... stay cool :)
Dun worry..
u will get used to it with constant practise.
Eventually u will love chillies :P

kyh even eats the cili padi to stop his hunger while waiting for the restaurant food to be served :P

Alicia said...

hehe that looks way too much lol.. if me, i'd just consume mostly half of that portion :P

Chen said...

half of that portion is considered a lot too for others ;)
U love chillies too, yah? :D

day-dreamer said...

Wahlau... curry I can manage, but cili padi, I'll most likely be hospitalized. Hehehe~

My dad has a friend who eats wanton mee with cili padi rather than the normal pickled green chillies. =.=!!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
a bit kua chiong liao lah... Kkkkkkk...

I would like to eat my wantan mee with cili padi too, if they provide cili padi ;)
pedas pedas, syiok mah... :P

Alicia said...

kekeeke sometimes i like it.. XD but i prefer sambal..

Chen said...

I prefer the fresh chillies than sambal ;)

kyh said...

i dun like pickled chillies (oso known as chillies in vinegar). taste so weird! dun like... still prefer the natural cili padis, without any artificial flavours! :)

kyh said...

and hor, IMHO, those malaysians, thais, indons, bruneians and sg'reans who dunno how to appreciate spicy foods and chillies, i think they are quite 逊 lor!

oopsss... maybe this kinda comment is offensive to dem! :P

Chen said...

how about other pickled food?
pickled vegetable, pickled leeks, acar etc?
yes? no?
like? dun like?

shouldn't say till lidat lah..
each individual has different taste bud and different tolerance level towards spiciness. That makes each & everyone unique ;)