Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who To Kidnap?

I was selected as one of the "fortunate" ones to be stranded on an island with Kenny. Apa pasal I kena chosen pulak? The reason given by Kenny are : He needs a doctor in case got illness or injury, so the best person I think is Chen. She can handle it very well. (ahem..) Without her we all also cannot survive. (ahem again...kembang kaw kaw liao.. Kkkkkk) She also very good in hunting nice food, so with her around we can get many nice foods too... :P (wah.. since when I become hunter ah? kkkkkkkk)

The story hasn't ended yet. The priviledged chosen ones are tagged !! The tag is "If you had to live on a deserted island for a year, which 5 6 bloggers would you bring with you and why?" Who are the unlucky ones to be stranded together with yours truly on an island pulak?

Don't worry - we are not stranded on this mini island.. Else, jialat loh !! Cham cham cham :P

1. Ah Boy - How can I leave him out? He is such a charming & happy-go-lucky affectionate little darling. Boring loh if he is not around. Die-die also must bring him :)

2. Pink Cotton - She is like my little sister woh. Of coz must kidnap her (coz I sayang her mah). Die-die also must take her along. Likely she will scold me when she reads this, cos.... u know lah.

3. May - Cookies? Muffins? Ginger bread? or might be XYZ Soup too? We will have endless supply of food since the baker is in town on the island ;)

4. Angel - Grade AA organiser (not the AA battery). She will drive us around, prepare a place for everyone to sleep and...mmm.. might be doing the laundry too ?

5. LB - Wanna eat siew pai kuat? Kalikai? Bakuteh? ABC Soup? Wanna have endless supply of edible & non edible apple? Not only that.. If I "kidnap" the Emperor, all the other remaining concubines & eunuchs will automatically tag alone. Soon, there will be a huge crowd on the island liao.

6. SA - Ini angmoh very geng. Excellent bedtime story teller (guarantee no insomnia liao). Futhermore, he is fully equipped with survivor skills. Ada tiger? Ada lion? Ada ular? Tak perlu takut !! Coz our hero is on the move :)

Who to tag ah? Close eyes and cover ears as I tag (so that I won't see or hear them scolding me for tagging them.. clever boh?)
1. Mistipurple - stranded on an island
2. Papercrazy - My List of Kidnappees
3. Pink Cotton
4. Cocka - Marooned On An Island.....
5. Selba - 5 Bloggers I Would Like To Bring On An Island

Those who wanna kidnap me with their out of the world reasons :P
1. Kenny
2. SA
3. Albie
4. Rinnah
5. Papercrazy


rinnah said...

Concubine R tagging along where the Emperor goes... Ekekekekeke

kyh said...

and when u bring angel, she'll bring me! KKK!

wah so meriah liao cos got conchie R and me and maybe some stowaways... dunno that mini island can contain so many ppl or not... :P

Pink Cotton said...


what ...YOU KNOW LAH???

i will scold ppl???

oops i think i just scold u 'x'

Pink Cotton said... like ur little sister???

*warm warm feeling*

*make hiao face*

mistipurple said...

*wears hiaowai grass skirt sway left and right to smuggle myself in*
haha. you know kidnap emperor, all the rest of the imperial gang sure follow wan!! *so cleber*

so i kena tagged. hinn liao. who to bring ah?? *want everyliuliu how? howwwww i ask liuuuu???*
(maybe do your style and kidnap the kingpin hor? wink wink!)

angel said...

Haha!! Yippie! I get to go onto another Island! So far, I get to go to two islands and including this SMALL island in PENANG, three liao!

*calls to misti*
Bring me! Bring me! Me! Me! Meeeee!!!

*kiasu KK*

*kidnap brad put inside the trunk*

L B said...

I think I will give up my day job and go stay a year here, a year there, another year there, one more year over here... *sigh* If only I can bring along my oven... kkkkkkk™...
We gonna have a big party!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Oi! How can? I baru finish 1 tag leh.

Kenny Ng said...

Haha.. I forgot about this tag already. Good choices wor...

Simple American said...

I am with LB. Quit job and become an island man. Hire Elton John and tell him we want the male version of Island Girl.

Thank you for picking me Chen. I can take Ah Boy for walks too. :) Whack little sister on the bum when she scolds jie-jie.

may said...

whee!! this would be my... *counts on fingers* 4th island I get to go to, I think! the more the merrier. can bring Ah Boy and Liucas too, yea? since they're not "people" but "acessories"... LOL!! and sneak in a few stowaways...

L B said...

That island that you posted up... great for the KKHH set? Just swing around those coconut trees, and roll into the sea.. No need to roll up hills, unless you need to roll back up once you've roll down?

LOL! Elton John?!! We don't need another eunuch.. Let's hijack Gong Li.

Chen said...

LOL... that's great
the more, the merrier mah..
come come come :D

Kkkkkk... more & more ppl joining liao.. :D

Dun worry, we are not staying on that mini island. That's not the paradise island we're going to :) The real island is much bigger & located further away :P

pink cotton,
See? I kena marah again :(
But dun care lah..

Aiseh.. make hiao face?

Chen said...

clever leh my fabulous idea :P
LOL again

yeah loh.. wanna bring many..
but can't..
can only choose 6 woh :(
*really headache*
have to throw dice to decide liao :P

kidnap the emperor again?
But that tactic works ;)

That small island is not our final destination leh.. We just stopped by there for a while (cos someone seasick mah). The real paradise island is further away ;)

kidnap brad put inside the trunk?
Got sufficient oxygen supply or not inside there?
Later he pengsan then i no eye see liao..

Chen said...

great huh?
can have vacation at different places each year ;)
Can can, of course u can bring oven...
We will bring along the portable electrical generator too :P

ini dunia semua pun boleh..
Cocka Boleh !!
Msia Boleh !! :P

yeah.. u tagged me quite some time ago liao, but i still remember lah.. just that i "lazy" to write earlier on :P

Chen said...

Elton John?

Ah Boy will definitely love that
He loves hiking..
Mind u, he can walk & run very fast till i beh tahan...
although he has short legs, but not one can beat him when he starts running.. really amazing :P

Giggle at "Whack little sister on the bum when she scolds jie-jie" LOL..
at first I didn't get the meaning.. but when I re-read again, I finally get what u mean :P

Ah Boy is already on the list liao.. Kkkkk.. how can I leave out Ah Boy woh? I presume Con W will follow the emperor, hence the Imperial Dog (or Cat?) will tag alone too?

We are going on a cruise ship. Lotsa rooms for stowaways !!

yeah hoh? Never come across my min tim... Roll into the sea ah? Kkkkkkkk... indeed very KKHH liao.
That mini island is located not far away from my place woh :P

LOL..More & more ppl joining liao..
dun care lah whether it's by hook or by crook :P

ah nel said...

definately a good choce bling ah boy on tis time coz he wil b a nice food...

pink cotton nice food to eat oso...n can used her cotton to plotek ur skin...

angel u bling her hai lat lorrr as she knew how to cry onli worrr!!!


kyh said...

wah now baru i know angie so 哭包 one! KKK!!! if bring her must bring lotsa tissue paper liao... maybe jamban mia tissue... :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
we are civilised people, so we don't simply eat things wan :) I dunno what will Pink Cotton do to u when she reads this liao... Kkkkkk...

Angel where got knows how to cry only woh? Later she ti(p)u u then i dunno liao... Hahahha

dun listen to rumours :D
Angel is on the contrary..
She has a very sweet angelic smile & she loves to laff. She will always greet u with Hahahaha...
Mana ada 哭包 element woh? :P

Mochii said...

hahah kenny and his tags :p

papercrazy said...

*scroll down the page with shaky hands to see who kena tag*

*check tag list with eyes closed tight tight*

Phew....tarak my happy! end of story

Monk[+]Icon said...

btw...which island is this ah? sure got enough supplies for everyone ah? gero...

Chen said...

Hehehehe... I'm suppposed to answer this tag earlier but I lazy :P

Laff kaw kaw..
kuwak lah u...
manyak pandai :D

aiyak... tat is the island we passing by.. tat is not the final destination!! LOL

p/s : That is the mini island opposite Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel in Penang island :)

Selba said...


I got tag again!!! Pretty soon my blog will only posts of tags, hahaha

No worries, I wont scold you coz'

1. I love being tagged
2. I sayang you lor :)


day-dreamer said...

Hmm... I think I'll bring you along too... L B's tagged me. Hehe.

Chen said...

Very soon your blog will only post tags? LOL

u really love being tagged..
Many scared being tagged leh :P
Thanks for not scolding me & sayang me :)

day dreamer,
Hehehhe... I can stay in many different islands several years liao..

This reminds me of the old American tv drama series "Fantasy Island" in the late 70's. You were not yet born during those days ;)

Winn said...

when u coming againnnn!!!! faster!!

dino said...

wah.. .u bring me, i bring u...
later can have party on the island liao....

Chen said...

When ah?
This is the One Million Dollar Question, and the answer is...
Dunno yet lah.. :P
Tak tau lagi..

so many people,
can party all night long on the island liao..

_butt said...

alamak! you remind me of my homework!!

still thinking who should I 'kidnap'.. kekeke. but then again hor, I know only a few to kidnap..

Chen said...

dun worry..
Neh... your partner in crime (psss.. that day dreamer loh) hasn't do her homework too !!
So u r not alone :P