Friday, March 30, 2007

Fry the Fly? It's Flyday !!

The fat & juicy Maggots or Larva (I heard someone saying yucks).

The Pupa Delicacy. Wanna have a bite? Btw, this is not Fear Factor.

This is the final "product", namely The Majestic Fly... with glorious death (Not every fly has the opportunity of being pierced, pinned & photographed.. )

At least he is not all alone by himself....

Happy Flyday !! or is it Fryday? or Friday?


mistipurple said...

Loctor, why you so liddat? make me lose my appetite. thought they were dates some more.

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


watt tatt....

angel said...


nyonyapenang said... got exquiste collections.

L B said...

At least it's not tadpoles!!!

kkkkkkkkkkk™... Doctor, is this what you get up to on your day off?!!

*rolls under table*

Chen said...

artistic mah.. not meh? :(
why lost appetite woh? :(
U thought those were dates?
sorry but I wanna giggle

woof2 & meow2,
beautiful lah..
nice piece of artwork leh..
Not meh? :P

luckily u dunno what are the source of those maggots & fly :P
else u will ueckkkk & puke more :P
or vomit kaw kaw..

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Good good, at least I have someone here who dun puke :P

Yeah, I have quite an exquisite collections..
Wanna see more?
Free of charge wan..
Not everyone has to privilege to have a peep leh ;)
Specially for nyonya oni :)

Kkkkkkkk™.... Tadpoles !!
I almost forgotten about those little fella liao

No lah.. I took those shots few weeks back liao :P

Errr....Rolls under table --> searching for tadpoles? or? LOL

lynnx01 said...

I was drinking soup when I read your post... hehe

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

beautiful meh?


cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, did you pick up the Fly's tiny eggs from Ah Boy's 米田共 with a pair of tweezer ?

Chen said...

hehehe... u dun feel geli, right?
That's great ;)

woof & meow,
Great specimen for photo shooting !!
If not, I dun take shots of ugly things :P

Hahahhaa, luckily nope :D
Some of those are specimens collected from those decomposed c*rpses ;)

Will said...

didn't know you have an appetite for these stuff :P


Redsponge said...

hmmm how u nail the fly???

Pink Cotton said...



thanks for making me not hungry =S

Chen said...

i take photos of everything..
whatever things that catch my interest :P

red sponge,
pierce the pin thru the body of the fly loh... (sounds a bit cruel leh?)

pink cotton,
u gotta thank me liao..
cos u hungry just now & wanna search for food in the kitchen :P
safe all the trouble searching for food liao !!!

Monk[+]Icon said...

auch..that outta hurt...

kyh said...

wahhhhh! more! more!

the maggots are for wat one? eating dead skin cells??? wat bout the flies?

the pupas kinda like pills leh. KKK!

u shud take more maggots pics! i wanna see! so interesting! :P

Chen said...

Dun worry ;)
the demised specimens won't feel a single thing :P

Hahhaha, most people yucks & uecks over the picture & u wanna more? ;)
I took several photos of the maggots of different sizes, different stages & different species but I didn't put up here.. :D

Btw, those are maggots collected from decomposed corps*s. The pupa & the flies were to complete the life cycle of the maggots ;)

mistipurple said...

should i venture to ask this..

you all collect the maggots to do what ah?

eve said...

err..chen...never mind la...*throws sandwich into the bin*...uwekkkkk

YD said...

ermmm... ermmm....

I remembered last time, u usually said something is cute, then u cooked them. ^_^

Now you have got to the next level! Lokun, salute salute! hahahaha...

slurp! said...


even though sago worms not available in penang, it's still not right to substitute them with these mah ...
*runs & hide*

may said...

it's Saturday now... LOL!

Wennnn said...

Wah lau loktor.... Eeeeeee U so grosss la.. I just finish eating nia and then come to ur blog see the flies.... Alamak run to toilet to vomit.... blearghhhhhhhhhh

Chen said...

the maggots are specimens collected from dead bodies loh..

throw sandwiches into the bin?
so wasteful meh?
Give it to me lah..
Don't waste food :P

LOL.. tat was almost a year ago liao, and u still remember.
That's great :P Hahhaha.. remembering those crabs, cockles, clams, balitong, lala, prawns etc etc... all ended up being cooked & makan-ed :P

Chen said...

*giggle at the Oh Mag-Gots*

What to do?
Can't take photos of Sago Worms..
So take photos of maggots loh..
But at least I dun eat those maggots, unlike the sago worms :P
Kkekkekekek :P

It's now Sunday liao..
1st April which is April Fool Day
*Sunday hugs*

i tarak gross lah..
i very normal woh :P

Errr.. not cute meh the worms?
U hurt their feelings liao :(
Maggots also have feelings wan lah They are emotional creature too

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Whilst many bloggers post photos of sumptuous food on their blogs, doc chen posts pics of things opposite in the scale of attractability. :D

Interesting that you share part of your work life with us. Thanks!

Oh, and happy April Fools Day!

Chen said...

LOL.. Hence those who visit this humble site are "The Brave & the Bold" :P
Glad u enjoyed your stay here :)

Enjoy your weekends and hopefully no April Fool pranks ;)

day-dreamer said...

At first I really thought you took part in Fear Factor or what! :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
LOL... I won't partake in Fear Factor cos I dun have the gut to eat all those so called "delicacies" lah.. Kkkkkkkk..

dino said...

where u get the fly and the baby flies??

somemore u wanna fry the fly o_O"

can open kilang sell fry fly liao...

papercrazy said...


How can u treat a little small humble fly like dat?? Pierced it with such a long nail somemore???

But then, they are really a nuisance lah...can't blame you, I'm just being a bit exagerating nia

seriously, how do u managed to pierce thru the heart like dat? So vampire style....heheheh

p/s are those maggots from Pink Cotton?? neh, since she's rotting away?

Chen said...

where is the source of those thing ah? u really wanna know?
From decomposed corpse woh..

Fry the Fly is just the name for the post mah..
I chose it cos it rhymes ;)

Neh neh neh neh...
u also say flies are nuisance liao.
so u agree with me that they deserved it, huh?
I didn't pierce the flies lah..
Someone else did it, I only took the photos :)

Muahahahha at your "p/s"
Better dun let her read this, else u habis liao...
abuthen, I remember she drew flies also, right?

Simple American said...

Did you wash your hands?

So what do you fry a fly in?

Chen said...

i presume i washed my hands..
oops.. can't remember liao :P

I fry the fly in the frying fly pan :D

_butt said...

seriously, at first glance the first picture looks like steaming baby carrots in a pot. LOL!!

Chen said...

steaming baby carrots in a pot???
BUTT !!!
u r the best-est !!!
I really lup u kaw kaw !!!