Saturday, March 24, 2007

Doggy & Gardenia

Ah Boy & his precious plain Gardenia White Bread.

The worried & cautious Ah Boy constantly keeping close eye contact with me ... He sked I might take away his precious Gardenia Bread. I love his stylish "trademark stare". Very yau yeng.. Don't you love him? *Muacks*


mistipurple said...

so cute Ah Boy guarding his bread liddat!!! you always steal his bread after giving him ah? hee. *runs* *gibs AhBoy spare bread just in case!!* :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Wah...Ah Boy like damn lansi looking liddat. LOL

L B said...

*asks Ah Boy to bite Cocka's backside*

Waiseh! Don't ah! Don't ah!! You touch and see?!!

Woof! Woof!! Ah MooLah!!!!

Selba said...

Hahaha.... so cute....

good that ah boy isn't showing his teeth :D

Sin Ling said...

chen remember i wanna pinch ah boy ya, i wanna cuddle and sayang him *give ah boy another precious gardenia bread*... :D

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy prefers Bak Kwa than Gardenia Bread leh..

Chen said...

Ah Boy very kan cheong about his food wan.
Why I want to steal his food woh?

pss.. Ah Boy requests for char siew.

lansi meh?
Bergaya woh...
sak sek yan mia pose :P

Bite, bite, bite...

Who touch who now? :P
waiting for "Ah MooLah"'s price to drop further :P

Chen said...

so cute & so adorable :P
How's Lulu?
must update more about her ;)

He will definitely show his teeth if someone grab his food :P

sin ling,
Hahaha, I remember.
Ah Boy prefer Bak Kwa or Siew Yoke. If those are not available, then he will eat Gardenia Bread :P

ah boy,
I know lah..
U dun have to mention so many times :P

may said...

errrr... was that the stare before he went... *ngyaaaapppppp!!* on me? LOLOL!! *pats Ah Boy's head*

L B said...

Ah MooLah price going UP!!!!

day-dreamer said...

Ah Boy's eyes so BIGGG! Hahahaha~

Dogs eat bread one meh?

*cooking dinner*

Chen said...

paiseh paiseh.. :P

should be different stare kua..
this one is more of the suspicious & curious stare...

Aiyak, I tot u just told Ah Boy the cows are very cheap & asking him to buy in a herd?

Day Dreamer,
Yeah, he has big round eyes..
Cute huh? :P
He eats almost everything ;)

Cooking dinner?
wat u wanna cook tonight?
Steamboat? ;)

lynnx01 said...

Cute dog!! But sorry, I have to say this over and over again... I still think my Scooby is cuter. Sorry!

angel said...

I think he sked cocka pinch his klang-klang lar...


mistipurple said...

lol at angel!
er... donno whose bigger hor? *close eyes*

kyh said...

the skin so kilat! got eat bread summore.. KKK!

first time i see dogs eat bread leh...

Simple American said...

There must be some history encouraging that concern. KKKKK!!!!

Chen said...

Beauty or cuteness is in the eye of the beholders :)
Ask every pets owners..
To them, their pet(s) is/are always the cutest;
so there's nothing wrong with that
No worry :P

Before Cocka pinch his klang-klang, might be he will bite Cocka's butt or klang-klang first..

Wah.. ini saya tarak tau liao..
Abuthen I remember that "someone" from far-far away land (the other side of the world) previously said Ah Boy's klang-klang is similar size as his klang-klang woh.. Really laff die me when I read that...

Chen said...

shinny black coat, nice huh?
He not only eats bread, he eats vegetable and salad too..
Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, taugeh, beancurd, green vege also he sapu :)
But of course he prefers meat stuffs lah..

No "history" behind all these lah..
He is very protective of his food..
Might be that runs in the blood..
Miniature Pinscher's blood..
must ask his great great grandparents liao :P

carcar said...

Don't you love me?



niao ren?

Chen said...

niao ren will alway loves nia oren & vice versa.
that love bond runs in the genes liao...
cannot be separated wan ;)

Whiskoffee said...

The dog's skin texture looks strangely shiny..

Or is it just me?

Chen said...

I took the photo on a bright sunny day, and thanks to the bright sunlight.. making my doggy's fur looks more shiny ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Ah Boy is vegetarian one ah?

Chen said...

LOL... u ever see a vegetarian dog meh? :P
He eats everything..
Hampalang Sapu ;)
But of course he prefers meat lah..

Pink Cotton said...

tsk tsk

ah boy so thin!!

no wonder la..he only eat gardenia bread

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Ah Boy is very hyperactive wan..
like to run and jump around..
eat a lot also won't really put on weight wan :P

aNNie said...

ahboy cutelah.. c hboy.. like my doggie (ahpui) lah.. like 2 guard their foods.. well actually i like 2 kacau him after giv food to him. hiak hiak.. nottie me.. :D

_butt said...

i feel like cubiting ah boy now.. muahahahaaa


Chen said...

your doggie name is ah pui?
Hehhehe, what a cute name ;)
Does your dog made Grrrrrrr grrrrr sound if u kacau him when he makan time? :P

Wah.. cubit ah boy?
I cubit him on your behalf lah..

*gentle pinch*

aNNie said...

hey.. DR Chen.. sorry 4 d late reply.. i was away from kch 4 d last 2 weeks...
no ahpui wont make sound bt he starring at me.. but my other dogs will, but if shout their name they stop lah.. nx time giv u c my ahpui photo.. Happy Easter Tuesday!

Chen said...

i guess it's doggies nature to guard their food.

Looking forward to see ahpui's cute photo :)