Friday, March 23, 2007

Clumsy Beetle

I was clearing my stuff on the table when I saw this little bug wandering around freely on my table. The little fella stopped moving when touched..

The juvenile in me turned the helpless little fella upside down.. Just for fun :P

Poor fella struggling like mad...

Never Give Up and at last he (or she?) made it - That's the Beetle Spirit.

How small big is the beetle? Tiny little bug, just merely few milimetres in size.. This is the actual size in comparison with the tip of ball pen.


May said...

OMG, a Flashing Beetle!! he wanted to show you his *ahem*... LOLOL!!

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Tut tut Doc, you're supposed to be the kind-hearted saviour of souls - not the torturer of living things leh! :D

Nice pics and the bug is indeed very cute.

Have a great Friday!

Simple American said...


Simple American said...

Did you feed him to the birds from the conservatory?

zeroimpact said...

Chen naughty naughty play with beetle
I like the colour
Flashing Yellow Beetle
Heh heh heh

angel said...

Wai... pin tai ler... :PPPPP *muaks*


ah nel said...

operate it c it got heart onot???

got heart later it wil revenge!!!

papercrazy said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee........geli lah....

eh, why the beetle pakai baju kuning and not the red baju?

lokter naughty naughty

Selba said...

hihihihi.... a yellow beetle......

wondering whether there's any different colour, all this time only knew the red colour :)

dino said...

pity the little beetle ler... kena torture by doc..

mistipurple said...

reminds me of the turtle you saw at the 'turtle pond'? also upside down after falling. er... living things with hard shells should avoid you. hahaha

L B said...

Quick, christen it Imperial Beetle™!!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... kejamnya!

Did it later die after you torturing it? :P

Anyhow, nice shots. :D

rinnah said...

The beetle is so small!!! *peers through magnifying glass*

Nope, still can't see IT.

eve said...

ohhh..i love the's sooo.........yellow...

Pink Cotton said...


isit a lady bug???but its yellow...hmmm i remember in primary school me n my frens will catch little tiny lady bugs from the school compound n keep them as pets in our pensil cases..muahaha

but nowadays i usually squash any creepy crawlies b4 they manage to climb into my hair..ARGHHHHH

Alicia said...

Don't b so mean to the bug lah.. :P

Chen said...

But the bettle flashing to the wrong direction liao :P
This must be a "suku" flashing bettle then ;)

I'm not kind hearted all the while,
else life will be very dull & boring without fun liao :D

The little bug fly away liao to goodness know where ;)

U have a great weekend too.

That sounds too troublesome liao..
I let it go..
(See? I'm considered as kind-hearted in a way too, cos I didn't crush him :P)

Chen said...

Flashing Yellow Bettle?
Hahhaha, somehow this reminds me of the Yellow Volkswagen Car :P

Similar shape as the bettle ;)

Who pintai????
u talking about me or the beetle?

I noticed sumthing !!!!
How come u are awake at this hour geh? (8:49 am)
Normally u still zzzz leh..
Dun tell me u haven't go to sleep yet :P

ah nel,
If I cut it, I will crashed the little bug into "yek pek yeah"
Revenge also never mind lah..
Not scared cos I didn't do any major harm to him :P

Chen said...

geli meh?
So small only..
So tiny mini little bug...

Err.. U never see bugs with yellow clothing meh? Quite common leh over here, at least I have seen many times liao :)

psss... I didn't squash the little helpless bug like that someone woh, so I'm not consider as notti lah :P

Errr.. u also never see the yellow beetle ah? I have seen it plentiful time liao ;) Another colour that I have seen (if I didn't remember wrongly) is dark brown colour :)

At least I didn't kill or squash the beetle woh.. I just made it "terbalik" only :P

Chen said...

hahhaa, u have good memories :P
I also forgotten I post that pict liao :P

Living things with hard shells should avoid me? Must tell the siput babi liao... Might be that will be my next target ;)

Wah... famous liao this Beetle..
Now become "Imperial Beetle™" pulak
So, it's worthy after all after it go through that brief period of torturing.. LD

day dreamer,
kejam? If kejam, the beetle will be death liao !! Kkkkkkkkk

Nope, I let it go in one piece ;)
Tarak tau mana itu si kumbang terbang.. :)

Thanks :D

Chen said...

might be u need to look under microscope liao :P

u like yellow stuff ah?
How about yellow page?

pink cotton,
Cute, of course cute :D
I dun (or hardly) put scary stuff up wan :P

I dunno.. It dun have those black dots or spots on the body woh like lady bug..

Keeping lady bugs as pets?
*giggle kaw kaw liao*

Eeeeeeeee.... why u lidat geh?
Squash them?
Abuthen, some of them indeed deserve to be squashed.. :P

Hahaha, at least I dun kill it :P

Redsponge said...

lokter...kenape buli beetle?!

carcar said...

beetle spirit rock!!

Sin Ling said...

Wah chen so bad la you, go bully the yellow beetle, ask ah boy to kiss the beetle, be ah boy's pet, hehehe... :)

Chen said...

siapa suruh itu beetle kacau saya? :P
itu beetle really tarak tau 天高地厚

Yeah yeah ;)
Beetle spirit is similar as Sotong spirit
- Never Give Up,
- Die Die also Never Give Up

sin ling,
I'm good cos I didn't kill the beetle. If I let Ah Boy touch the beetle, the beetle sure will end up in pieces :P

nyonyapenang said...

you made the beetle do breakdance ar?

Bengbeng said...

tats cool..i saw it a thousand times but i never saw what u saw...i must have been blind..guess i just take many things for granted

Will said...

yerrr... so naughty :P

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Shhhhhhhhh... dun say so loud lah..
Your eyes are so sharp :P

We tends to overlook things..
I always try to look at things from different angles, else I won't know what I miss out in life ;)
There are many beautiful things out there awaiting for us to explore further ;)

Yeah, never take things for granted :)

No beetles were killed throughout the process :)

angele said...

I thought it was a fake one at first sight!

Mwahahaha!!!Wicked Chen!

I think I would have done the same thing...turning it upside down and made it struggled some more...


kyh said...

eeeeeeeeee... so cute!!!

*kiss one ladybug*

angel said...

*lets kyh kiss ladyangel*

I woke up to comment in yr blog and then zzzz sekejap lagi kkkkkk!

but now 6.20am... is NOT YET zzzzz!!!

Chen said...

Hehehhe, fake beetle? :P
That's the beetle instinct -> stay still and pretend to be death when "touched" :P

Shhhhh... u r wicked too !!

u like to kiss ladybug meh?
How about other bugs?

Another thing, the bettle is so small, how u gonna kiss it ah?
I scared the little bug might accidentally fly into your mouth then cham liao :P

I tot u transformed into BUGs tim..
(hak sei ngor)! kkkkkkk...
rupa-rupanya LadyAngel pulak..
not LadyBug :P

Syiok huh u all Shalalala till so late, or should be so early in the morning?? :P

Enjoy your zzzz
(I just wake up half an hour ago leh :P)

Cocka Doodle said...

Feed it to Ah Boy. Very nutritious wan.

King's wife said...

I've never seen one this karer before.

Chen said...

Ah Boy says this bug is more nutritious to Birds & their close relatives, including Ayam or Kokokai.

King's wife,
You are not the only one leh who never see the yellow fella :)
I tot it is something common cos I have seen it plentiful time liao but now only I realised many have not seen the yellow bugs...

Whiskoffee said...

Looking at the little thingy kinda reminds me of an ancient yellow beetle (car) that my dad used to own donkey years ago...

Chen said...

The Volkswagen Beetle Car? ;)
A fren of mine drives tat car too in the past (her dad's car)

side note : Today I saw the yellow tiny beetle again !!

_butt said...

yerr.. so cham the bettle :(

doc you like that brutus fella la in popeye.. small creature also mm fong gor one you


Chen said...

cham meh?
I didn't kill it woh..
just made it upside down only mah :P

thinking hard whether to post up the Fly Post or not...
later u all sure say i bully the fly :P

Apalah u..
Comparing me with Brutus ??????????
Must piak u kaw kaw liao :P