Tuesday, March 20, 2007

鸟 Post (Bird Bird Post)

One fine Saturday morning, I went up Penang Hill together with my friends. Nope, I didn't hike up via hiking trails up the hill. (I will only do that if I have NBTD or .. EFND?).

As usual, we took the easy way up.. via Funicular Railway.... The last time I stepped my foot up there was in 2002?

Since this is a 鸟 post, I will talk about birds. We visited the bird sanctuary next to The Bellevue Hotel. Cute boh the green little obedient birdie? I even let the cute little birdie walked on my finger. Mana tau.. the notti little fella 得寸近尺 - climbed all the way up to my shoulder and later to the back of my neck instead.. Kkkkkkkk..

The curious sam pat parrot - looking with great interest at my camera, cos I told the parrot "Smile, You are on Candid Camera" :P

Wah.. Blue-blue tei parrot with round-round tei big eyes.. The eyes look so fake, like rubber !! Feel like poking the eyes :P

Another shot of the same parrot but from different angle. Ahem at the weird posture. Bird ah Bird, u think u r performing in circus meh?

Eeeee... so fierce looking geh? Summore small eyes (luckily not pin point pupils) ..

Look at the stunt posture.. Clinging on to the ceiling with both claws leh !! Dun play-play. Ini burung banyak cekap. *Applause*

The polite & humble red-red tei parrot greeted me with "Hello", and rupa-rupanya that's the only English word he knows. Hello, hello & hello.. Cheh...

Kkkkkkk... Ini burung reminds me of Cocka, cos he looks like ayam with his fancy hairstyle. Have to keep a close eye before he starts pecking my camera lens with his sharp beak :P

Looks like ayam or not? Handsome juga ni burung ;)


lynnx01 said...

Am I the first??? Yay! This post is scary. I don't like anything with feathers!!

mistipurple said...

chupppp. wah so many birds. i read after this. *drop eye drop and see birdies* :P hehe. *dirty mind*

mistipurple said...

wah so many big birds!!! very colorful!
Kokokai escaped after you took those pics ah? :P

when you said the little bird climbed up to your neck, i thought he was going to peck you there. luckily not!

Chen said...

Yeah, u r first today :D

LOL.. I still remember u r phobia of chicken.. U mentioned it in my previous chicken plant post or the phobia post several months back ;)

u r fast today :P
The birds inside there are mainly parrots (from different countries) and hornbills.

Dirty Mind? Kkkkkk...
Can pour some washing detergent on your head liao :P
Kkkkkkk again :P

Nice to look at those colourful birds.. And the bird sanctuary was well maintained. Not smelly at all.

Which Kokokai u talking about?
The talking kokokai ah? :P

*touch wood*
The little bird is not that notti yet :P

day-dreamer said...

So many birds~!

Careful o... nanti become 鸟人. :P

Simple American said...

This is my second trip up the Penang Hill. I remember Hijack Queen took that train too.

But introduced me ot the bird sanctuary now. Cool! I like birdies. :) So many pretty ones too.

carcar said...

wah mistipurple got nice display pic leh! awesome!

not only the birds are sam pat. the photographer also a little bit sam pat...

nah nah nah, i said little bit nia ok...

Chen said...

鸟人 really brings back memories..
Me & my coursemates used to scold those cocky one as 鸟人 in the past :P

The birds are handsome & pretty, and most importantly they are clean and smell nice !!

yeap, Misti has nice profile pict ;) very purple, and very misti..

Kkkkkk... The photographer is only a bit sam pat huh? Not like those birdies.. Extremely sam pat till I also no eyes see :P

angel said...

Whoa... a cuckoo-bird post...

Oopsie... wrong jiao species... kkkk!

Up there got bird park ka? I donno wan... psssst! I'm supposed to 'name' the BP hill worrr! FKK! Ti(p)u! LOL...

*agrees with carcar*

Kenny Ng said...

So many bird bird... so which bird u like to play? :P *cabut*

Monk[+]Icon said...

so cute the blue parrot...

_butt said...

hahha!! so nice!! I likey birds!! :D

the blue blue tei parrot hor.. must have thought the sky is gona fall.. but then he/she not so sure.. so that's why la that posture lo. kakakaka

_butt said...

err.. i duno what i said make sense or not.. lolololol

L B said...

Isn't that INDECENT EXPOSURE from that yellow birdie??!!!!

may said...

where's Cocka?! he should be joining in on the fun with his cousins!!

we used to have... errr, I think they're called love birds, but I'm sure they have a more official name to them. one whole cage of 14, I think. and one day, it got stolen... and broke my grandpa's heart... *sigh*

kyh said...

wah those birdies so beautiful! cantik sial!

so which one u wanna take home? ;)

Chen said...

Cuckoo bird is also niao mah Err.. jiao? Salah type geh? :P

Last time dunno neber mind wan..
at least now u know liao :P

so issit confirmed the answer for tat is somewhere in BP hill liao ah? Kkkkk
I dunno the specific hill name woh
I can't remember the exact location liao.. might be somewhere near Paya Terubong?
Time to google later.. if i have time :P

agree with Carcar ah?

tarak tarak..
itu hari tarak main burung..
itu hari saja :P

iml said...

Those beaks look dangerous.

Chen said...

There are different blue parrots species from different countries but I didn't pay attention to their names. Looks similiar though ;)

I like most animals & birds too, except those who ka ka cau cau & bite ppl...

or... might be the bird wanna show off with tat posture??? LOL

Indecent exposure ah?
but can't see a thing geh?

Chen said...

Might be Cocka sked being locked inside the cage like the other birdies, then no freedom liao...

So bad geh the thief..
Curi the whole cage of 14 birds..
&*^%$#@ on your behalf to tat pencuri burung !!

There's another pair of lovey-dovey parrots up there, which I didn't post up the photo ;)

If i can bring one back home, I will choose the first one - the green little birdie ;)

And some of the parrots have broken lower beaks.. Must be the result of biting the cage too much?

Pink Cotton said...




woo penang hill hoh?tell sikit got wat else bsides birds up tehre..

*jot down*

zeroimpact said...

Wah so many bird bird
I long time no see bird bird liao

dino said...

u got teach the parrot to say I LOVE U or not?

Chen said...

pink cotton,
ai si, poke all their eyes?
so ganas wan :P

Nothing much up there loh..
Can have a birdeye view of Penang..
Previously got canopy walk, but closed liao (i guess due to poor maintenance? :P)

Huh? u long time no see bird-bird liao? including pigeon ah? I see pigeons everyday, till sian liao..

No woh.. I busy tangkap gambar :P

mistipurple said...

Imperial Doctor, the Emperor has a problem with his... er.... elongated eel.

Chen said...

talking about eel...
reminds me of the yummy unagi.. Kkkkkk...
boleh makan? :P

Cocka Doodle said...

The 7th picture...how come kenot see the parrot kukujiao geh? LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

*Haunting Lynnx01* Be afraid.....be very afraid.....

mistipurple said...

er... you gotta ask the emperor that. not sure if you'd wanna eat his... elongated eel..

sengkor said...

free them.. free them.. they belong to the wild..

rinnah said...

The birdies look rather fierce... beak and claws all so sharp sharp one! *runs and hides*

I also never been up Penang Hill in a long, long time... like maybe 7-8 years?

Selba said...

Oh.. they look so beautiful!!!

I love this kind of birds.

sengkor: I don't think it's a good idea to free them if they have been living with humans for a long time because in the wild, they might can not survive anymore.

Chen said...

I guess it's the same reason why we can't see ayam's kkc. LOL

wah.. u dun bully lynnx lah..
later she piak u then i dunno liao

The emperor prefers to eat Long Yoke :P
Preferably the sinful & delicious Grade A++++ Gourmet Bak Kwa

Free them?
Aiyak.. wasted liao if lidat...
Parrot living in the wild..

Chen said...

The claws are indeed sharp..
Abuthen, most of the parrots have broken beaks, I mean the lower beak.
Likely cos they bite the cage too much?

Hehe, the parrots are all kept inside the cage. So don't worry. No need to run & hide wan.. :P

The weather up there in Penang Hill is not as cooling as before..
I sweat a lot when I was up there..

U like parrots?
Those parrots are from different countries eg. US, Africa etc ;)

There are few hornbills inside the bird park too :)

Simple American said...

Somebody has a cute baby picture. Have not changed a whole lot since either.

RayChin said...

nice picture, will try to go there one day if possible..

Chen said...

Thanks SA ;)
Thank God u didn't cubit the baby's cheek :P

Thanks :)
Nothing much to do up there (and they have closed the Canopy Walk). I was hoping for cooler weather and I was kinda disappointed. It's hot.

Whiskoffee said...

Very nice photos you have there. =)

Whiskoffee said...

So many birds! Woo hoo!

Chen said...

Thanks :)

I remember visiting the Jurong Bird Park too in Singapore, but that was 2 decades ago ;)
That was my first & only visit to Singapore up to date :D