Monday, March 19, 2007

A to Z

I sayang Winn, that's why she sayang me back in return, wanting me to chant about A to Z.

A is for the Angmoh Simple American
B is for my Beloved Cute Ah Boy
C is for Chen (who else woh?)
D is for Day Dreamer (not the Night Dreamer)
E is for the Early Birdie, Rinnah
F is for Fishball-er Sin Ling
G is for the Good Daddy, Bernard
H is for the Hibernating Sotong
I is for the Io io io till ka chng drop mia Ben Ben
J is for the Jeng jeng jeng Kenny
K is for the KKHH Misti
L is for the LMK addict LB
M is for the Mischievous Winn
N is for the Nutty Goober
O is for Oink oink Ocipala Pink Cotton
P is for Princess A(ngel), the puteri & malaikat
Q is for the QQ Carcar
R is for Rosy Selba
S is for Shalalala Nyonya Penang
T is for the Talented lenglui Maymay
U is U all (U, U and U)
V is for the Vegetarian KYH
W is for the White-white tei Liucas
X is for the X-treme Cocka
Y is Yours Truly (again???)
Z is for the Zealous Butt

The about A to Z sounds too serious woh.. Not good for digestion. For those with digestive problem, enjoy the lighter version instead ;)

A is for Aiyak
B is for Beh Tahan
C is for Cute Ah Boy
D is for Dumb dumb dei..
E is for Err
F is for Faint kaw kaw
G is for Gggrrrrrrrrrrr (learn this from Ah Boy)
H is for HST™
I is Me
J is for Joo Hoo (Sotong)
K is for Kkkkkkkkkkkk
L is for Liu
M is for Moo Moo
N is for Napet
O is for Ocipala
P is for Peng kaw kaw piak kaw kaw
Q is for QQ
R is for ROTFL
S is for Sot Sot
T is for Ti(p)u
U is Urmmph..
V is for Very Sampat
W is for We we wet wet
X is for XXX (Don't Peep !!)
Y is for Your Head
Z is for zzzzZzZZZzzzzzz

Can I see the following taggees' (learn the terminology from Winn) definition of A to Z? :
* Misti - ABC Tag
* Rinnah - T is for Tag
* kyh - From America to Zimbabwe...
* LB - Long Roads From A - Z
* Bernard - My Ace to Zed


a^ben said...


aiyo` i kena featured here again` so flattered ` at least no hak sei yan picture` hahahhaha

angel said...

s is for sienz.
s is for sot.
s is for siao.
s is for si.
s is for szzzzzzz...
s is for hugsssss..
s is for kisssss..

BTH, I feel ill... goodnite...

zewt said...

hey, it should be Z for zewt!

angel said...

Psssttt!! Cum cum, help me win RM50 isetan voucher @! Fai tikkk!!! LOL! After u get it, u send to me hhhhhh!!

*still ill*

rinnah said...

Wahahahaha... I learn new ABC today liao... Ok ok, I show you my version of ABC tomorrow... hopefully... no promises... *grin*

mistipurple said...

ah yo, princess ill ah?
*gib medicated oil*

wah, i hope i know my alphabet!
thank you for lupping me!

mistipurple said...

buay tahan!!! got Y is for Your Head ah??? hahahhaaa

Selba said...

Hehehe... wah.. this is the first time i saw someone got tagged and made it in 2 versions.

Cool! :D

Chen said...

i put io ka chng liao on the first list oledi mah..
*point point finger*

I is for the Io io io till ka chng drop mia Ben Ben

kkkkk.. io ka chng till ka chng drop

too many things to write for s
but too bad can only choose 1 :(

and eat some strawberry...

hope u get well soon..

hehhee... next time next time :D

Kkkkk... we discuss quietly behind the scene then :P

LB said...

Kak! I got tagged by Ms Beaverbanks for this, but it's a slightly different version in that the A to Z have fixed questions, unlike yours which is siply hantam!!! Kakaka, gonna "INCORPORATE" again!!!

Viva LMK!!!

Chen said...

I wanna write the medical version of ABC too, but at last I didn't.. scared bored u all to death later :P

*waiting for your version anxiously*

of coz i lup u..
how can i not lup u woh? :D
i wanna see your version of ABC
*excited kaw kaw*

Y is Your Head..
(I like to use "Your Head" mah)
Can, everything also can wan..
Beh tahan leh?
just like B is for Beh Tahan

Chen said...

I wanna write it into more different versions (with different categories) earlier on..
But at the end, I malas :P
So just settle for 2 versions ;)

I guess u must have been tagged by someone too liao :P
I still have one more tag to answer..

Simply Hantam one is more fun, right? Just like how we all Simply Hantam for the 48 Concubines storylines.. King's Wife really boleh !! Kkkkkk... Must compile all the chapters and made it into a novel liao

Long Life LMK
Long Life the Emperor

carcar said...

at first i was so disappointed, when i saw C is for Chen, and not Carcar...sobbed...

hehe...Q is for me!!


QQ is good! QQ is cool!

mistipurple said...

pass up homework liao. don't hit me with stethoscope hor?

mistipurple said...

KKHH!!!! now can roll up hills with you. no more pressure, pass up liao. whhooohoooo!! lup liu 99 for lupping me!

Chen said...

QQ Carcar
All double syllabus wan ;)

I love QQ too
QQ is special

Previously my cousin has a cute pet called QQ too :P

Genius lah u..
So fast submit homework liao :P
Good Gal :)
Why I want to hit u with stethoscope pulak?

The rolling season is here again?

pssss... now is the berry season ;)
Muacksberry & Hugsberry :)

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... good one, remember u still got another tag to go... ngek ngek ngek

mistipurple said...

hehe. that tone reminds me of the time i kept running around a circle, in case kena piaked. lol!

Chen said...

have been answering so many tags for the past few days & weeks :P
phobia of tags at the moment

I will answer that tag soon :)

I almost forgotten that scene liao..
of u running in circle for some unknown reason (cos I forgotten wat's the "reason" liao) with many pairs of eyes watching (your action). To avoid kena piak cos of what? :P

really Hilarious kaw kaw..
u still remember what's the reason behind ah why we wanna piak u?

kyh said...

i really peng-9-san!!!

KKKKKK!!!! really sotsot liuliu this tag!

woah... gonna heart attack and pengsan liao with so many tags coming my way...

*POM!!!!* (sound effect a bit)


mistipurple said...

so many people need medicated oil tonight! *passes oil from the princess to KYH*

that time i running and running ah? oso forgot oredy. only know i stop short immediately when you asked me why i was running!!! laugh 99 again!!! *peng*

Simple American said...

XXX Yikes! I peeped! 0.0

Wow I so special. First on the ABCs. Today Chen's blog. Tomolo the world!

may said...

I was looking and looking at M... how come not May wannn??? then I looked at T... wakakakakka!! I should change my name to Tay instead! Maymay Tay!! choi choi choi... *spits out thought*

carcar said...

qq also means QQ leh, very chewy, u know?

Chen said...

Nothing sot nor liu with this tag
very simple only..
u can write serious stuff for it
A is for Apple
B is for Boy
C is for Cat
D is for Dog
E is for Elephant
... etc
But I bet u won't do that :P

And the best tag u get is the Chapter 8 of the "48 Concubines".
Kkakakkaa, have fun drafting the story plots :P

Yeah, I still remember watching u running in circles for unknown reason..
Reminds me of those cartoon or comedy show

Chen said...

Cannot peep too much, later might grow stye :P
kkkkkk.. This is the typical local old wives story, but pity those who have stye cos they will be made fun of peeping ppl taking bath !!

*faint kaw kaw at the name MayMay-Tay*
reminds me of that SotSot-Tay & TinTin-Teh who really EFND :P
That SST really bring bad names to Sot Sot..

*Spit out MMT thought..* :P

Aiyak, how can i forget that earlier on?
*smack forehead again :P*

At first I only think of QQ = cute cute, now I remembered QQ = chewy too.. Kkkkkkk

Cocka Doodle said...

C is also for Cock. Ok ok...i meant cocka doodle. Happy now? LOL

rinnah said...

Submit homework liao! Hee hee hee!

Chen said...

Kakkaka, which Cock u talking abt? :P
Itu keh?

Good lah u, so fast come up with such a compilation. Must tag u more liao in the future :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah~~ d is for day-dreamer wor... *暗爽*

Tankiu tankiu!

Simple American said...

If they cleaned their eye out with the bath water then maybe they don't get the stye lor? :P

_butt said...

wasehh.. zealous _butt?? simply put ka? :P

_butt said...

but I'm honored to make it in the list hehehe *happy*

L B said...

I have done my homework, BOSS!!!

Long Road From A - Z

Chen said...

luckily is Tankiu tankiu & not tangki tangki..

this is really "ajaran sesat" liao

if simply put, i will put Butty Butt liao.. or might be Buttery Butt :P
Kkkkkkkkkk again :P

Your biological terminology is indeed ichiban..
beh tahan but to applause loud loud & clap kaw kaw ;)

Simple American said...

"ajaran sesat"

What? 0.0

Chen said...

similar as "false teaching" :P