Sunday, March 18, 2007

48 Concubines : Chapter 5

*48 Concubines is a special writing project created by Simple American to celebrate LB’s birthday. The chapters are to be written by the members of his blogroll. Each author is unrestricted in how little or how much they write. The story must flow, however. Try to write your chapter in 72 hours and then pass it on.*

** Rating : 18 SX U Post **

After so much action and dunno how many rounds of 6-some in bed, the Emperor is extremely exhausted. Not only that, he is hungry too, with stomach growling - humming the do-re-mi tune...

*Dialogue between Emperor & His Concubines W, M, A & C (after the 2-hour- consultation & medical advice given by the Imperial Doctor to the 4 concubines) *

Juicy or not? Of course juicy, coz so much yummy food. Potong stim or not? No steamed food though.. Kkkkk. And now I pass the next episode to the King's Wife.

48 Concubines :
Chapter 1 (Simple American)
Chapter 2 (Ah May)
Chapter 3 (Angel)
Chapter 4 (Misti)


angel said...

Liu berry cleber, CHENBERRY!!!!

We are Family!


angel said...

*peeps again*

The Emperor notchet wakey wakey...

Wait I got wake him up... KKKKK!

angel said...

I sudah buat paging... paging all concubines & emperor... but I think they all still @ the Imperial Bed lah... kkkkkkk!

*faster siam*

may said...

KKKKKK!! HHHHHH!! so SKK!! so Lormaikai!! I think the Emperor's gonna whack in all those food despite your health advice, iDoc. or shall we call you Concubine D?!

Chen said...

Kkkkk... hope u all dun pengsan after reading this :P
berry berry family

now is his zzzz time mah
unless he wakes up in the middle of the night to visit the loo :P

walao.. u so hardworking, paging all the concubines & emperor ah?

Must piak that emperor liao for being notti.. whack everything :P

Abuthen, is not my "direct" health advice leh.. I indirectly told the other Concubines W, M, A & C earlier on.. Then they convey the message to the Emperor mah..

i just add in the addendum *Dialogue between Emperor & His Concubines W, M, A & C*

Remember? I'm the Imperial Doctor?

a^ben said...


where got u~ u see the lormaikai~ so oily, wet and slipery~~

u see the toufu~ so soft and springy~

u see the pork (is that pork :X) so fat and juicy~!!

this chen` manyak isi tersirat leh wei~ ahahahhahahahahahahahah!!!!

a^ben said...

hiaw till die~


*siam with angel*

rinnah said...

Poor Emperor... after exercise must eat mah... *wink* Liddat also cannot eat this, eat that...

Chen said...

ini ah ben...
*faint kaw kaw*
lidat also can?
fikir bukan-bukan ini budak :P
I should have pass the baton to u then

since when ah ben become so HH?

keekekekke, of coz
must keep the ball rolling & the story going mah..
else nothing to write liao :P

angel said...

Waaa... itu a^ben's hiao-hiao mind working overtime! KKKKKKKK!!!

Wah liao... my paging not loud enough la... boh lat liao... wanna go eat lormaikai liao....

Toodles! *muakberry*

Kena spam kk again arr? I also got kena u know... but no eye see...

mistipurple said...

i come in liao, summoned by the princess!! KKKKKK!
LOCTOR!!!!!! i lup your story so much i need to peeeeeee!!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

LB sure go long piak now... LOL

mistipurple said...

buay tahan this loctor, i still laughing 99!!!!

mistipurple said...

loctor, your third pic, i have to click directly on pic to see the picture. maybe it's my computer.
(the longkang laksa really went to longkang on my computer)
tried three times same result.

day-dreamer said...


Pity... wanna fok shi the Emperor pulak we have to tahan lapar and tahan drooling... :(


Chen said...

never tot ah ben will have such thought.. :P
*really jatuh spectacles*

Must be your pager mia battery weak lah..
U lama tak charge battery liao..
See lah !! :P

Yeah loh, sibeh sian..
have to temporary put this word verification up again :P


angel letih paging u all just now..
Finally u have wake up from zzz :P
wah.. lup my story till wanna Peeeeeeeeeeeee ah?
so kua chiong meh? :P

Huh? long piak who?
piak u ah?

Chen said...

laughter is the best medicine mah
Abuthen, cannot laught continuously for too long wan, later tummy ache then cham loh :P

aiyak, wat happened to pict 3 on your pc ah?
really so jialat meh?
went straight into the drain?

cham.. suddenly i feel like eating longkang assam laksa tim :(
*stomach growling*

day dreamer,
u want deep fried tofu or steamed tofu?
or steamed brinjal?
or raw tomatoes?
very nice leh...

kyh said...


the yummiest chapter so far...

wai...u see u din gv food to the emperor, he now noe enrgy to wake up liao...

faster... call ha yan to get some 千年人参 for him to bou har, bou har! KKK!!!

L B said...

The Emperor stumbled out from the Royal Sofa, one stiff limb at a time, nursing an especially stiffer than the others, wondering at the dim going on in the Turtle Pool again... He crossed over to the Royal Apple Chamber, and lazily gazed at the Royal Spread...

What he really wanted was a Lormaikai, followed by a bowl of that Longkang Laksa, and then some slices of Grade A+++ Bak Kwa, but Tofu and Sliced Cucumbers? Didn't they realize that he would never be able to walk upright and properly until he had his wicked ways? He summoned for the Imperial Doctor.

"Please convey my deepest apologies to the Concubines for waking up so royally late, and let them know I will enjoy the Tofu & Sliced Cucumbers as soon as I can walk properly. Now, bend over.."

King's wife said...

oh shit! How lah...**thinks hard**

Chen said...

the yummiest & most healthy chapter

Dun worry, the Emperor will wake up wan. Sleep too long will get backache leh :P

千年人参? Tat one he everyday also drink mah..

Finally the emperor wakes up :P
Wanna vegetarian version of Lormaikai? :P

*Mesage conveyed to all the 4 Concubines*

Mmmmmm... bend over ah? mmmm...
psss.... There are few pieces of hot & spicy KFC on the dining table. Hot from the oven. Wanna have some? :P

I smell Bakuteh !!!

king's wife,
U can do it,
U can do it,
U can do it,
U can do it,
U can do it..

Fulamak, I sound like chanting :P

L B said...

I want all that KFC, spicy or not spicy sapu!! And the Ice Cream Potong too!! Gimme.. need all the energy I can get!! *burning calories like no tomorrow at the Turtle Pool*

L B said...

*not yet start cooking bakuteh yet!! KKKKKKK.. So the procrastinate!!*

Chen said...

KFC chicken thigh, chicken wing, chicken breast, chicken neck, chicken feet, chicken gizzard... and chicken butt too? Kkkkkkkk

and one box of ice cream potong (red bean flavour, durian flavour, yam flavour, coffee flavour etc)

Tat BKT smell not from your kitchen ah? Must be from your neighbour's house lah... Smell so nice..
Ah Boy wanna brings big-big bowl to visit u liao :P

mistipurple said...

lol!! go go King's Wife go!
you can wan!!!!

*continue bending over, Loctor!*

sees the Emperor grabbing KFC off the Imperial Doctor's table!! Doc so nice, relented!

Happysurfer said...

Chen, this is a cute twist. Clever! **Still laughing.** I'm following the drama, you know?! This is like a soap opera with cliff-hangers and all.

Chen said...

cannot simply bent over wan..
not good for the spine
can get prolapsed intervertebrae disc if always bend over while carrying things :P
giving medical advice here :P

u want KFC too?
Lotsa leftover...
everyone can have few servings ;)

Hahahha, expect the unexpected ;)
I think most of them won't expect The chapter 5 storyline turn out this way :P

Enjoy the drama ;)
I'm waiting for Chapter 6 too ;)

L B said...

KKKKK at misti picking up on the bend over!!

But, please, no chicken butt, ok? I really don't know how to appreciate such a delicacy wan, as you already know very well!!! KKKKK...

*loves making Ah Boy's legs swim*

Chen said...

Misti is very meticulous & looking into the fine prints :P

No kai si fatt ah?
Might be can give that to Liucas? Who knows he might enjoy the delicacy.

Ah Boy cakap he manyak tired liao.. :P

L B said...


mistipurple said...

eek. i can't comment here. aaaaahh.

mistipurple said...

hehe. now okay again. *mini heart attack*
i meticulous ah? ah yo, until half my blog also gone now, hahaha.
upgrade dunno apa and now i'm half in limbo. *scratch scratch all over my head*

_butt said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVIN' THIS!!! SO the creative!!! *clap clap*

Simple American said...

*claps* *applause* *standing ovation* *does the wave*

Poor emperor. Simple American can let you share his secret lormaikai stash. No telling the good loctor!

cp1 said...

hahahah only cucumber .. emperor gonna slim down soon .. excellent 6-some exercise and healthy food too .. way to go!

mistipurple said...

me blog more or less found back her clothes.
*finding the emperor's yellow tei teh kor here*
you made him slim down so much right? haha

Chen said...

yesterday indeed VHST™!!!
BKT overflow kk ;)
Today so far HMT™..
Should be VHMT™ after work ;)

u made me puzzle kaw kaw by saying cannot comment yet u can leave a comment !!!!

mini heart attack?
Kkkkk… wat a terminology :P

But now I see u have revived the chatbow & the twitter board liao 

*paiseh paiseh* :P
Changing the storylines pulak :P

Chen said...

So touching….
*sob sob*
Thanks for the standing ovation & the wave :P

Oops… I smell something fishy going on here? :P
*Pretend dunno*

But the emperor is notti..
He makan KFC & ice cream…
And BKT too.. :P

not only your blog found her clothing,
but I saw something new too !!!
wah.. got profile pict liao
so nice ;)

lol about the wong wong tei the kor story :P
So wong..

mistipurple said...

King's Wife pass up Chapter 6 already!! quick go read! PKK!!

kat said...

Lokter, lu si no 1!! Ada gaya, mutu and keunggulan!!! Very the suit your style!! *clap, clap!*

Chen said...

thanks Misti. I was half way reading the hilarious post when u left a comment here.. KKkkk.... Still cannot help but laff at the Imperial Son & Concubine's W part... LOLOLOL
So scandalous...
Somebody mentioned the Imperial Executioner!!!
*Sexcited kaw kaw*

Thank you thank u :)
The latest chapter is up..
The storyline is getting more & more interesting..
Sure u will laugh kaw kaw too when u read it ;)