Friday, March 16, 2007


Garfield is one of my favourite cartoon character during my school days. Garfield is like "a Human in Cat Suit". This fat cat has so many similarities with human. His thought resembles human's thinking. Not forgetting his selfish behaviour, his greediness etc etc.. Garfield says and does things that people would like to say and do. Garfield also struggles with human problems - obesity, dieting, loathing of Mondays, apathy, boredom etc. Wonder if Garfield ever melayang-layang anot?

My collection of Garfield cushions (>10 years).

I can still remember some of the Garfield's favourite quotes.. (cos they are hilarious)
  • Diet is 'die' with a 't'.
  • I'm not over-weight, I'm under-tall.
  • If u want to look thinner, hang around people fatter than u.
Behind the scene :
Garfield - the fat, lazy, overweight, cynical but lovable orange-coloured cat who likes eating, sleeping and watching tv. He loves lasagna and hates Monday. (good to hug cos so fleshy)
Odie - the dumb-dumb, stupid and naive dog (unlike the clever ah boy or liucas)
- Garfield and Odie's suku, pathetic kolian owner
- Garfield's teddy bear (dun play-play)
Arlene - Garfield's sweetheart (with long-long neck like giraffe; mutant feline ah?)
Nermal - Garfield's cousin (the perasan meow meow who thinks he is the world cutest cat) .

This famous comic character, Garfield was created by Jim Davis. Garfield was named after Jim's grandfather, James Garfield Davis. The first Garfield comic strip was debuted on 19 June 1978.


angel said...


angel said...

Waaa.. u really Garfield fan hor? U no likes... errmmm... Fat Cat? Or Kitty Kat? Or... Puss In Boots??

Ei, cat & dog kenot mix wor... nanti fight cat & dog, how?

*meows @ ah boy*

Apasal ada word verifikasi lagi??


angel said...

*golek balik*

LOL... So fast neh... who are the Spammers?? The Imperial Concubines spammed u?? KKKKKKK!

Chen said...

Woof Woooooooooffffffffff

I used to like Garfield very muchie in the past --> in the past :P
Fat Cat aka Fei Mau? LOL
Hello Kitty ah? --> tarak suka langsung..
Felix the Cat --> not my cuppa tea
Puss in Boots --> ini kucing comel juga, with big round eyes..

Wah.. u should meow to Liucat leh.. Ah Boy is 100% Dog :P

Kkkkkkkk.. lupa off the word verification again. What to do.. Lotsa spammers this morning mah..
Thanks for alerting me :P

Angel really cekap in ROLLING AROUND..
*applause kaw kaw*

Those anonymous spammers loh..
Those NBTD spammers
must piak with sotong :P

L B said...

pssst: I don't like Garfield.... :-( Sorry... But I LOVE AH BOY!!! & PussyGalore!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

My dotter said I look like Garfield wor. Got meh?

may said...

I gave away my Garfield pillow (like the one you have in these photos) to my aunt's dog. used to like him, but now I prefer Snoopy...

kyh said...

u remind me of my cousin... she's a big garfield fan! whole room full of garfield pillows and stuff! *faint*

but dat was then la. dunno now she still got that fanatic or not. LOL!

rinnah said...

*puts hand up* I like Garfield! I wanna luxuriate in sleeping all the time, scarfing lasagna, ordering Jon around, and booting Odie off the table! Muahahahaha...

Disclaimer: The booting dogs off tables only applies to Odie, and not clever/smart/cute dogs like Ah Boy.

lynnx01 said...

Eeee.. I don't like cats. I prefer dogs anytime! But I do admit, last time when I was young, I did have quite a number of Garfield (ciplak) merchandise - huge Garfield (later the cotton was extracted to make into pillow!!), bags, etc..

Kenny Ng said...

Wahhh... u did thesis about Garfield ah?

Selba said...

Yay!!! finally you blog about Garfield!!! Cool!!!

I'm still a fan of Garfield altough I don't collect anymore Garfield stuff like in the old days.

Chen said...

Kkkkkkkkk... Garfield so cute woh :P
i know i know u LUP ah boy,
& Pussy Galore..

psss... ever wonder if i let ah boy choose between Garfield & Pussy Galore, who will he choose leh?

Cocka looks like Garfield?
Looking up & down,
Left & right,
front & back..

Might be the sleepy eyes kua?

Your aunt's dog so lucky liao..
I won't let Ah Boy touch my Garfield :P
He can only see bu cannot touch ;)

Chen said...

whole room full of Garfield pillows & stuff?
Garfield stuffs are not cheap leh, unless those ciplak stuff from Thailand lah :P

Evil lah u :P

pssss.. Ah Boy happy liao cos u praise him smart, cute & clever :P

I dun like cats either, I mean the real cats lah.. not those plush toys ;)

u extract the cotton from the huge Garfield cushion to made into pillow??????

Chen said...

Thesis ah? Not up to par yet :P
I drafted this post quite some time ago liao, but left it half way ;)

Wanna add in more craps, but at the end, I lazy liao ;)

Yeah, finally....
after so long.
I have drafted this post long long long time ago oledi, I think months ago & kinda forgotten about it ;) Recently I snapped few photos of the Garfield pillows & finally the post is up :D

I still have few small little Garfield figurines which I kept since secondary school days :)

cp1 said...

i love odie .. the blur blur sotong kekekekekekek .. happy weekend

carcar said...

chen, may may is under malaysian abroad now ah... change category, same as me now...

carcar said...

*golek sini sana*


Simple American said...

Garfield is a cutie.

Hey! I understand everything now. Everybody wants me to come to Malaysia so they can feel so skinny next to this old fattie. KKKKKKKKKK!!!

Li Enn said...
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day-dreamer said...

Eee... I like Garfield also. So cute...

I once had a tutor who was a 101% Garfield fan. Her room can be turned into a mini Garfield expo already. Hahahaha~

mistipurple said...

i was crazy about Garfield when he was first out! even buy big plastic poster of him and learnt how to draw him by heart! now, sudah lupa everything.
also, he is not so funny as before, or maybe i am getting more cynical as i grow older. :(

L B said...

I think the Garfield movies ruined everything too....

Ah Boy would definitely got for Liucas if he has to choose between Garfield and PussyGalore..

_butt said...

Odie where got stoopid wor.. a bit dumb la but cute punya dumb wut.. :D

Chen said...

Hahha, and I love to see him jumping around and sticking out his tongue --> the bodoh look.

Happy Weekends. It's raining cats & dogs in Penang, hope the rain will stop soon, cos I want to go out in one hour's time !! :(

Kkkk... I tak perasan pulak..
*Smack forehead kaw kaw*
Tenkiu very muchie

Wah wah wah...
u kena the golek-golek "illness" too? Kkkkkkkkkk

Clever lah u, Oops... :P
Sticking tongue out like Odie :P

Garfield is a cute character in the comic strips but i dun like the Garfield character in the movie. :(

Winn said...

last time i used to love garfield too!! out he outdate oredi! no more heng the orange fat lazy cat!

now heng the white evil furry dog...

Winn said...

aiya i still got a tag hor.. i owe tag until duno when can finisi..

Chen said...

How about u? Do u have any Garfield soft toys, figurines or merchandise?

Hehehe, I still enjoy reading Garfield comic strips, even up to today.
Very entertaining.

Last time craze kaw kaw but now lupa liao ah?
So no heart wan ah? LOLOLOL
Garfield must be weeping in his heart liao...

Garfield wants u to be happy leh, instead of getting more cynical :P

Garfield movie tarak bagus :(
I still prefer reading the comic strips..

Ah Boy will go for the white-white tei Liucat? Kkkkkkkk

Chen said...

Odie the cute punya dumb dog?
The dungu anjing :P

last time very heng huh the fat-fat tei round orange ball :D
everyone also knows Garfield..
just like last time heng Lai Meng lidat :P

Err.. I didnt see the white furry dog yesterday morning leh..
Dunno he miss me or not
Wait.. See if i'm lucky or not today..

Yeah loh, u still have one more tag..
Kkkkkkk... Should I let u write Chapter 6 also?
Better not, sked later u piak me then cham loh...

zeroimpact said...

Yay, I remember I have a Garfield cushion too but don't know go where edi
I like odie, so cute cute cute

day-dreamer said...

Last time got one big Garfield soft toy, but now no more already.

I read Garfield comic strips from The Star everyday... :)

a^ben said...

*brings magnifying glass*

*looks for chen's drool on the garfield~*



Chen said...

I wonder if there's any Odie plush toy or not? :D

kkkk, u the same as zeroimpact, he also had one Garfield cushion too but don't know go where edi, now u had one big Garfield soft toy, but now no more already :P

I still have few old Garfield comic books ;)

sikui ah ben...
i don't drool on toys or cushions or pillows one :P

_butt said...

yerr so baaaad!!! poor Odie.. nebermind, if nobody likes you, _butt volunteer to like you Odie ohhhh Odieeee...

Kenny Ng said...

Paiseh ah... I tagged u liao

sbanboy said...

Garfield is my favorite .... coz same shape and we both share the same craving for lasagnas and we both hate mondays ... :D

Chen said...

Of coz lah..
In comparison with Ah Boy, Odie is dungu mah..

I like Odie also lah, although he is dumb :P

Wah.... Now is truly the tagging season liao.. kena tagged kaw kaw :P Kekekkee...

Garfield is really a human in cat suit ;)

dino said...

garfield eat too much of lasagna..
that why so "dun dun" look..

Chen said...

hahaha, to tell u the truth, i dunno what the heck is lasagna during my secondary school days.. Cos lasagna is not available in my hometown in Sarawak, and no internet to search for things or pictures like nowadays ;)

The first time I tasted lasagna was... something like a decade ago? ;)

Whiskoffee said...

Didn't know that Garfield is one year older than yours truly... -.-"

Seeing ur cushion collections reminds me of this one Garfield cushion which i have bought for a friend as a Christmas gift.

Reason for me choosing this gift for him is bcos he is always sleepy and has droopy eyelids - just like Garfield. When his gf saw the cushion, she laughed at this similarity.


But then, he threw this away when it was kena attacked by bed bugs... So sad...


Chen said...

Since Garfield is one year older, then he can become your Big Brother ;)

Sorry to hear about the Garfield cushion tat u gave to your fren. (I presume those bed bugs are house dust mites?)