Wednesday, March 14, 2007

5 Magical Wishes?

Albie said I can run, but cannot hide from this 5 Fantasies 5 Wishes for whoever & whatever tag. Mmmm... what should I wish for? Gotta be something extra ordinary, and different from the others :P

1) Tour around the World, but not in 80 Days. Hope to visit Angkor Wat, Taj Mahal, Little Venice, Greece, Egypts etc.

2) Savour Fugu (Blow Fish) - The World Most Deadly Feast? Are u interested??

3) Get myself a DSLR camera, might be Canon EOS 350D. Let's see how things go...

4) Taste the World Most Expensive Ice Cream (USD 1,000 per sundae). The Grand Opulence Sundae from Serendipity of New York City. Garnished with 23K edible gold. I can't imagine myself eating gold !!! Such an expensive Ice Cream - really "I Scream" liao.

5) Own the Specialised SX Trail FSR II Mountain Bike (RM 14,000). Must be syiok cycling such an expensive mountain bike !!

Kkkkkkk... Should I or shouldn't I tag? Let's toss a coin. The final outcome is.. to continue on with the tradition. Hence, the following victims are the chosen ones ;)
1) Pink Cotton - When you wish upon a tag
2) Goober
3) Winn - 5 Magical Wishes
4) Lynnx - Tagged Again
5) Selba - 5 Wishes - Tag


angel said...

Har??? Gold mya ais keyleng??? How to eat wor? Eat liao will sh*t gold too??? :P

angel said...

Yerrr... u want try fugugu?? Why wor? Eat lah normal fish... ikan kembung, ikan pari, ikan cencaru... normal fishy better maa... :P

*throws a fish ball to ah boy*

Pink Cotton said...

*repeat to self*

i must b good gal from now on
i must b good gal from now on
i must b good gal from now on
i must b good gal from now on
i must b good gal from now on

LB said...

WAAAA!!!!!! Damn great your 5 wishes!!! See, senang nya, kan?!!! KKKKKKKKK!! *lidi until pengsan, that ice cream!!*

Chen said...

yeah loh.. Gold mia..
first time i know got such thing..
Read about it few days back :P
Kkkkkkkkk abt the eat gold shit gold theory.. :P

Fugugu ah?
so cute geh the new name for fugu?
fugugu sounds like ang gu gu only :P

tat one is a delicacy leh..
curious mah..
wonder if anyone ever eat Gold Fish or not?

Throw fish ball to Ah Boy?
Fish Ball = Sin Ling

pink cotton,
apa pasal u mumbling?
u r always good gal mah..
tat's why i always sayang u :)

earlier on I want to write those boring stuff, but after think-think a while, I manage to come up with this...

senang, finally no susah..
Keng leh that asi keling
eat gold !!!!

kyh said...

Woah the ice cream! I oways wonder why gold leaves can be eaten har??? no harm one meh?? 23 K gold? not 24 K gold ah??? KKK!

Canon Eos ah... Nowan Nikon D80???

mistipurple said...

lol at Angel's substitutes of fishes for you to eat instead of the Fugu!! *further suggests pomfret, ikan merah, ikan bilis, salmon, lobsters, dory fish..* okie, something doesn't belong up there, haha.

Chen said...

supposedly can be kua..
but dunno got any side effect or not.
must read up more on dat..

might be 24k not edible kua?
i dunno :P

Nikon 80D much more expensive leh..

ikan bilis? LOL
i like pomfret, especially steamed pomfret. Salmon sashimi is nice too.

Lobster? o.O
I want !!!!!!!
(put aside the thought of Fugu at the meantime :P)

Cocka Doodle said...

Can scrape me some of those gold flakes from the icecream ah?

Fugugu is the male species of puffer fish ah? How I know? The 'gugu' word gave it away la.

Kenny Ng said...

Phew... tak kena this time...

Anonymous said...

Yes you can eat gold as long as it is 23K or higher. Check out: You can purchase from a retailer and make your own ice cream gilded with edible gold or silver as a much more reasonable price!

Simple American said...

You dun wanna see Texas lor? *snif snif*

Oh well. I got to go there lah!

Winn said...

oppssssssss........buta buta kena......hahaha.....let me think think ha sin...:p

Pink Cotton said... taste good meh??
reminds me of SAND

Alicia said...

whoa u got that pic after reading izso's blog ah? hehe xpensive ice cream lei..

Selba said...

Yay.. me got tagged by Chen!!! :D

Woooowwwwww... you wanna eat fugu??? so risky leh... Well, I also wanna try it but only taste it on my tounge.. chew it... but don't wanna swallow it... in case the fugu still got poison. Eh.. at least that way is safer rite? kekeke

VampireM said...

walao... if i ate that ice-cream,
then i savour my shit lo... look at my shit closely, see got bling bling shiny or not...

stomach cannot digest gold, right?

cp1 said...

*laughing* angel said eat gold ice cream then get sh*tty poo poo .. i want one too ..

lynnx01 said...

I'll fulfill the tag soon.. but not now. *Needs to reorganise some mess* My end-of-course assessment is up in less than 2 weeks and I haven't even touched my lecture handouts! Deep deep trouble.

rinnah said...

psst... Chen, when you eat fugu, eat it at the "naked" sushi bar... then take photos and show LB to add to his sushi aquarium fantasy... Wakakakaka... *naughty grin* ;-P

carcar said...

none of them i like :P kekekeke...

Chen said...

scrape some only ah?
enuff meh?
how about i give u the whole leave? (if i have the chance to eat it lah)

Hahhaa, true also hoh?
Fugugu :P

i know liao..
each time there is a tag being posted, kenny only read the last line, to check whether he kena lottery or not ...

Wow, thanks for the info.
Really an eye opening "experience"

of coz I want.
Too many places to list down mah..
so, i just randomly list down few that comes to my mind at that split of seconds ;)

Chen said...

tarak buta buta woh..
Liucas asked me to tag u wan..
He miss his mummy mah..
He wanna read more of his mummy's post ;)

pink cotton,
Dunno woh..
never eat GOLD before..
The most is, I touch it only..
Now i really curious how GOLD taste like :P

Aiyoyo, How can u compare GOLD with SAND woh?
totally two different thing :P

I remember reading about the expensive ice cream some where some where but forgotten where it is liao.. Now u mentioned it, likely is I get the idea of that ice cream from there liao. I downloaded that pict from another different website after google abt it ;)

Chen said...

Hehhe, u enjoy being tagged huh? :P

I'm indeed curious how Fugu tasted like. It is such a delicacies & not everyone will have the chance to savour it ;) I think we can consider that as once in a lifetime experience? ;)

If it contain poison & someone chew it, I presume the poison will disseminate too ;) I dunno :D

Hahahha, I just go through the easyleafproducts website and apparently they have quite a number of products with edible gold or silver, including chocolates too !!

If it's edible, I presume it can be digested? But I need to read further for more info :)

Kekkeke.. Do visit the easyleafproducts website at ; I'm truly amazed at the range of product they served.. Wow !!

Chen said...

Sure, No problem.
u have to prioritize your activities especially study ;)
All the best in your assignments & study & everything :)

Faint kaw kaw
what a suggestion :P

Wonder is Nemo included in his sushi aquarium fantasy too?

sure boh?
U dun like travelling meh?
I tot most people enjoy travelling, just that time & $$$ doesn't permit us to do so.
Too many constraints...

Pink Cotton said...

why no updates???

*take out placard and go on strike*



day-dreamer said...

Wah... Chen manyak good taste.

You know something? I think I can get a laptop using the amount of $ you're gonna invest in that ice-cream. Hahaha~!

zewt said...

that's all.... i think most ppl will wish for 'not having to work'....

i wanna be a EPL player :P

_butt said...

*looking at the list of bloggers kena tagged*


oops. so bad me. :P

seriously, you wana try fugu?? got insurance cover or not :P

Bengbeng said... ice-cream

YD said...

hehe... saw your comment in my post, and now see another mention on the DSLR. :-D

Not going for the 400D? I'm comparing Canon 400D and Nikon D40, but for budget wise, I might settle for the latter.

How is your research into DSLR going?

sengkor said...

dr, can explain abit how come gold suddenly become edible one?

dino said...

why want to eat the blowfish?? they are so cute.. >.<

domesticgoddess said...

this weekend (16-18 March) got Canon Warehouse Sale ah... ;)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
lidat also can???
cos I lazy mah..

u kuai-kuai go & eat your McD lunch :P

day dreamer,
Haha, wish only mah..
Not necessarily will come true wan.

I won't invest my $$$ in that ice cream too, unless if I'm "overloaded" with $$$ lah :P

I tot most will wish for health & wealth?
Abuthen, having "lotsa $$$" & "not having to work" is totally 2 different things..
It's forever a viscious, non ending cycle ;)

EPL player?
U must be a hardcore football fan then :D

Chen said...

Hahaha, I know I know..
Initially I wanted to tag u too,
but I know u have lotsa assignments to do mah, so I kesian u :P
Kkkkkkkk... See? I so good huh? :P

Now I feel like trying mah..
Later in life I might have different thoughts..

Insurance coverage?
I dun think so kua :P

beng beng,
There's edible gold chocolate & silver chocolate too ;)

I dun need the high-end one..
more over 400D is much more expensive ;) 350D will do since i'm not really a professional photographer..

I didn't really do so much research on those DSLR yet. I have two friends who are using Canon EOS 350D.

Chen said...

My dear sengkor,
Sad to tell u I dunno woh..
I just found out few days ago gold is edible, and so is silver...

Might be we can go & ask Liucas?
Might be he knows ?

Blowfish is cute?
might be also hoh?
Since they are so puffy...
like a ball lidat :P
bloated kaw kaw...

Issit? I dun know about that..
(I tarak read newspaper :P)
Where is it held ah?

mistipurple said...

i make you busy again.
you are .... bestowed Chapter Five of the Concubines Adventure! :P

L B said...

*watches the angel's boobs rolling around across chen's blog......*

mistipurple said...

watches in amazement..

Redsponge said...

*blink blink*


*blink blink*

Stupe said...

no need expensive RM14k bike la, get a pair of stronger leg better.

Chen said...

*Faint kaw kaw*
Hope u won't vomit blood, ooops or vomit rice after reading my version of story..

*Watches along too*

Same here...

red sponge,
blinking at wat ah? :P
The expensive ice cream with edible gold ?
or... ? :P
kkkk.. or might be your eyes are tired liao after prolonged wearing of contact lens?

Hahha, I put the RM14K bike up out of curiosity. I just wanna test ride the bike, and not owning it ;)

may said...

if that was $14,100 for the bike instead, it would've been enough to buy me a car over here!

psssst... would you feel heavier after eating all that gold?! can sell you for good price ah? kakakaka!

_butt said...

thank you doc!! you're so baik hati!! :D

might wana try this korean delicacy too.. live octopus!!!

Chen said...

why wanna settle for a bike when one can get a car at the similar price?
unless one day when i'm truly loaded & blessed kk with $$$$
kkkkk again :D

psss.. I will share-share with u if I get to eat that ice cream leh.. So, pls dun sell meeeeeeeeeeeee...
lidi lidi liao :P

live octopus?
like the one shown in Amazing Race in the past?

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, I had Fugu twice, good stuff. But you have to get it at Shimonoseki for authenticity.

Chen said...

yeah, I still remember your fugu experience together with Fish Fish. I will keep that in mind, hopefully I will have to chance to taste it one day :)