Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Santubong & Damai

Instead of posting up photos of the beautiful Damai Beach & Gunung Santubong, I will put up something different ....

Dreaming of going to Maldives but no $$$$? Don't worry... This one.. Mmm, not bad also, right? Cuti-cuti Malaysia :P

Blue sky but... Errrr.... Swampy area with Mangroves ???????

And not forgetting the naughty little Mudskipper messing around in the pool of mud. Fun meh playing in muds????

Mmmm.. The "This & That" (dunno what) on the rocks. Who cares?

Hehe, and last but not least, This is the "House on the Water (special edition)"that u won't get to see often. Anyone stay inside there? Might be.. fishes? or tadpoles? Kkkkkkkk

Reminds me of the Puteri Santubong song once again..
♪ ♫ Puteri Santubong, Puteri Sejinjang,
Penjaga gunung Negeri Sarawak,
Manis sik ada dapat dilawan,
Anak dak Dewa turun Kayangan ♪ ♫


L B said...

CHUP first, come back next week to comment... Sotong making too much noise inside tummy...

L B said...

Ps: Ya, if we don't kena JackPot, we go there for BBQ mudskippers..

L B said...

Can KUCH KUCH HOTTA HAI around those mangrove trees... Not sure about rolling up the hills though.. Look kinda steep to me.

Chen said...

i tot u will say come back next month instead :P Yeah lah, who ask u to swallow the whole Sotong? Now Sotong throwing tantrums inside your tummy liao.. Really no eyes see.

Should I go Genting Highlands to strike the jackpot? Mmmmm.... Abuthen, BBQ mudskippers sound yummy too.

Imagine Angel & May KKHH around the mangrooves tree, summore in the swamp!! And Winn & Misti doing the rolling uphills thingy with leaves sticking on their clothings ;)


cp1 said...

notty mudskipper!!! sit down!! khi khi khi

psst thanks for peepin in ..

*nite2* zzzzzz

angel said...

Yerrrr! Dowan to KKHH at the swamp area! Rosak my sari! I want go Maldivessss!!!
*goes hide in L B's Fantasies*

day-dreamer said...

Good pics! *thumbs up*

mistipurple said...

*thinking whether to roll uphill or not* donwan to tear sari, like the princess anjali!

escapes to LB's fantasy land oso.. wait for me!!!
*drags sotong along*

Chen said...

i guess that was a hyperactive mudskipper who cannot sit still :P

Good night ;)

Kkkkkk.. dowan cuti-cuti Malaysia ah? Maldives... here we come :)

Thank u, thank u..
Terima kasih banyak-banyak :)

since u r there liao..
just do it ;)

u also wanna go Maldives ah?
drag Sotong along too?
to BBQ or ????

Cocka Doodle said...

The 'this and that on the rocks' are known as barnacles. They play a major role in the ecological balance....like eating up the nylon rope left behind by fishermen.

Kenny Ng said...

Nice scene leh... house on water ah? I saw many in Taman Negara before.

carcar said...

reminds me of the sajak, and the song too!

thanks! i miss malaysia! i mean those schooling days...

Will said...

eeeee alien fish :P

Chen said...

thanks Cocka for the brief but concise lecture ;)
Barnacles... cute name though..

are those abandoned house?
I mean the one u saw in Tmn Negara?
I never been there yet ;)

Malaysia miss u too,
just like how I miss u :)

schooling days ah?
Mmmmm... I still prefer working days than schooling days, cos I hate exams !! LOL

cute or not?
wanna BBQ? :P

_butt said...

eee. the midskipper looks cute!! but I won't dare to touch la.. mud leh.. :P

kyh said...

this one mana can setanding dgn maldives??? this one so swampy one... KKK!!!

u din catch that mudskipper for a sizzling BBQ meh? :P

those on the rock... r they barnacles???

L B said...

I still have sotong inside tummy....

may said...

so the KKHH!! I should show some scenes of beaches here too. we go row boat, can?

sengkor said...

u think can i keep a mudskipper as a pet mou?

dino said...

the mudskipper can be eaten??

Pink Cotton said...


which part of damai beach is this??never seen b4!!!

hehe feel like stepping on mudskipper!

OOPS..tehre i go again..i m growing uncontrollably sadist these days..*sigh* must b the stress

nyonyapenang said...

play in mud, like mudbath lidat, goood juga lar.

Selba said...

The things on the rocks looks quite interesting... something odd must it be, hehehe

Chen said...

mud only mah, not something "disgusting" like those "u know wat" :P
After touching, u can always wash your hands mah..

pssss.. Pink Cotton wanna steps on the cute mudskipper :P

if loaded with $$$, of course will choose the best lah..
if not, have to settle for the second best or seventh best or ninety-nine best ;)

The mudskippers so tiny, no meat to savour.. So better dun waste energy to BBQ them :)

Yeah, those are barnacles according to Cocka, the Wise Man

u lah.. swallow the whole Sotong without mercy... summore savour the sotong kangkong
No wonder the Sotong play drums inside your tummy :P

Chen said...

Fast-fast show liao..
We all wanna tengok the eye soothing sceneries of Sydney beach.
I never been to Oz leh..

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream...

Can, but I sked Liucas might get jealous liao...
Later u pay more attention to the pet mudskipper than him.
Summore the mudskipper so dirty & Liucas is so white & clean :P
So de contrast :D

So small, no meat to savour woh..
Summore got mud taste..
sure not nice wan..
Kkkkkkkk… so better dun eat :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
which part ah?
Actually it’s near Santubong.
Next to the police station in Santubong
I dun think many people will visit this particular spot :P

Walao, u so ganas wan..
First u pull out the ant’s antenna
Now u wanna step on the mudskipper
wa chin kia liao

Poor u :(
Hope tat someone will stop kacau-ing u :(

nyonya pg,
Nyonya is indeed keng :)
Mud bath woh…
How come I never thought of that? ;)

According to Cocka,
those are barnacles,
which play a major role in the ecological balance....
like eating up the nylon rope left behind by fishermen.
I copy & paste what he wrote :P

rinnah said...

Woah... You can be Visit Malaysia Year 2007 photographer liao...

Show people the REAL side of Malaysia. *giggle*

Kenny Ng said...

Nop, all are restaurant on the water... very nice.

Chen said...

The REAL side of Msia?
not only that, and might be the UNSEEN side too ;)

I see, u mean those "normal" restaurants on water :)

hehhee.. I guess u misunderstand the meaning of "House on the Water (special edition)" liao. What I meant is the house is partially collapsed and a portion of the floor is touching water. That's why that house is not occupied by any humans hence the fishes or tadpoles are the new occupants ;) Hence "special edition".. LOL

yenchiew said...

hahaha.. a mudskipper! damn suka see those fellers hopping about on the mud..

lovely lovely shots!!

Chen said...

hahaha, not only the lovely mudskippers, but nice to see those cute little crabs too ;)


Simple American said...

Looks pretty interesting. So this is second place prize from Toto?

_butt said...

PC noooOoOOoooOOOoooooO...

muddy go run for your lifeeeeeee...

Chen said...

yeah, it's interesting..
and very hot too..
I almost got sun burn ;)

*scratch head kaw kaw*
what have this to do with Toto? :P

Dun play-play with Pink Cotton ;)

Abuthen, I would like to see how she steps on the mudskipper too..
But this sounds pretty cruel, huh?