Monday, March 12, 2007

Skull (again???)

Some of you might still remember the fake skull & the voodoo lengchai witch loctor (from Sarakraf Pavilion) which I posted some time back in August last year. Mmmm... Tired of fake stuff? Let's have some real thing then. Presenting..............

Interesting? Spooky? Eerie? Scary? Scared the shit out of you? Hopefully not... This is not Fear Factor. It is not an uncommon scene to see real human skulls hanging from the rafters in the longhouses in Sarawak.

Fear Not. Psssss.. I too had one set of real human skeleton including the skull in the past.... which had accompanied me for the one whole academic year during my first year in uni ;)

p/s : Please don't curse nor freak out if u happened to read this post in the middle of the night.


kyh said...

I wont curse... I chup only... ;)

rinnah said...

I thot doctors use the skeleton replica to practise on, not real one???

_butt said...




btw, out of curiosity wana ask, what is the significance of hanging.. err, skull? is it as blessing or just mere decoration?


Chen said...

Good boy :)
u can go & eat your char hor fun liao

Nope, we use real skeleton & few of us shared one set during those days.
Real cadavers & real skeleton..
Dissecting the real corpses..
At least this is the case in my university.
Why want to use replica when the real one is available? ;)

Nowadays there are too many private uni & colleges budding..
I dunno what are their settings..

cabut again?
Come Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got meaning behind it wan why they hang the skulls. But I can't remember the details liao. I will find out & let u know later on :P

kyh said...

u went to the longhouse to snap snap???

skull not geli... my fren who's currently studying medicine in India...u know wat... her hostel... the first floor is solely used for storing dead bodies... as u know la... most Indians there are poor and hv no money to hold funerals for their dead relatives, hence they sell it to the medical colleges and unis. and she stays on the 4th floor alone in her room. damn eerie nia when nite comes... and esp when u need to go out kia kia... hv to past the first floor!

kyh said...

btw, i finished my char hor fun dy! KKK!!

mistipurple said...

not scared.. not scared.. *breathe*

Chen said...

Kkk.. wanna pay a visit to Sarawak Longhouse? Interested? ;)

Your poor friend. It is scary at first but I'm sure as time goes, she will eventually get used to it ;) Actually nothing to scared of once u r used to it.

We put the real skeletons inside our own rooms too in the hostel. In fact under the table next to the bed. I played with the skeletons too on & off, throwing the skull up & down or hitting the femur bone at my hand ;)

The skull loves u..
cos u r not scared of them

No worry, u won't dream of "them" tonight ;)

lynnx01 said...

I always very very scared when visit the Sarawak Museum longhouse section. Don't dare look up. HEhehhe.. my dad claims that he spent his uni life sleeping above a skeleton. Cos his roomie was studying med.. before my dad slept at night, roomie still studying. Halfway he woke up at night, roomie studying... in the morning woke up, roomie still studying!!!

may said...

zzzzz... zzzzz... back when I'm more awake... zzzz... zzzzz..

a^ben said...


i see the voodoo doctor again! hahahaha

eh eh` who got cough or anything can contact him wor` sure berkesan one` lols :P

angel said...

I not sked... I also got skull maaa... Naaaaa! :P

Kenny Ng said...

I got a t-shirt bought from Sawarak, the pic on the t-shirt same as u showed, got skull one.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

That's really interesting. Doc, are you going to elaborate more about this place you visited for the more curious?

Thanks for the write up. Interesting indeed!

L B said...

I tried to stop peeing in my pants.....

Simple American said...

I think I have a bone to pick with your. wakakakakaa

And no one better get a dirty mind with that comment. :P

may said...

thank goodness I decided to go back to sleep instead of really reading what it's about! I could've had nightmares instead of that weird dream about us Twitter-ers twittering at McDs...

Chen said...

hopefully u r not fearful of the skulls in the longhouse section in Sarawak Museum :) Do u deal with the real skull etc for your anatomy session? :)

Wah, your dad's roomie is a typical bookworm. Studying throughout the day & night. :D

Looking at the clock...
3:24 am liao local time in Sydney
u wake up for toilet session? :P
Go go go... balik zzZzzzZzzz
Come back when u r more awake :D

the voodoo loctor & his "mischievous" stare, creating a big hoo-hah in the past !!
And now he is back in action again!

Chen said...

ini angel manyak pandai woh
yeah loh, we all have skulls mah
those who dun have skulls..
Fulamak liao, no eye see
Kkkkkkkkk again

Nice T shirt, right?
Issit black in colour?
I have seen several T shirt with skull pict but I didn't bought any for myself :D

Mmmm... Might be not now, cos I'm lazy to write the details. Might be some time in the future. ;)

Glad u enjoyed the photos & the short write up :)

Chen said...

u can do it wan..
i know u can

wanna LMK?
*divert attention*

o.O liao
Aiyak, cannot think dirty ah?
Trying to figure out "what" or "which" bone u r refering to now

Yeah yeah..
u r back, after a good night sleep!

Twitter-ers twittering at McDs?
Wah... so syiok
Now I dream of Big Mac, French Fries, Banana Pies, Prosperity Burger (issit still available? nah..) bla bla bla..

L B said...

You're TAGGED!! again.. KKKK..

Pink Cotton said...

looks like fake ones also le

kekekeke...mana u take the pic?

Selba said...

hehehe.... not scary at all these pictures, the photograph snapped the pictures very beautifully :)

iml said...

Petrified!!! speechless.

dino said...

so scary...

day-dreamer said...


*hopes the skull bites kyh*


lynnx01 said...

No, unfortunately we don't deal with the real skull. We have to use our own imaginations.. got fake plastic/rubber models from the medical museum for us though..

Chen said...

Tagged (again???) --> similar presentation as the title of this post :P

pink cotton,
fake meh? No lah..
tarak tipu punya :)
kisah benar !!

Where i take the pict ah?
Cannot reveal the exact location over here lah, i will tell u in messenger :)

Hahah, whether it is scary or not is something subjective ;)

Thanks. I snapped those photos with my handphone Nokia N73 :)

Chen said...

hello.. Still there?
Say something...
Wai wai... :D

Not really scary lah..
unless if there's no light and then u noticed the skulls staring at u in total darkness :P
This one different story liao loh.

day dreamer,
what a notti thought u have :P
Bites kaw kaw hoh?

Too bad ...
Might be that's one of the difference of studying in local uni compared to the "private" uni?

Do u get to dissect the real cadaver?

zewt said...

who in the world would have the right mind to use skull as a companion.

iml said...

huh!! did I passed out for sooo.....long!!!???

Chen said...

This is part of their culture. U forgotten about Sarawak is previously known as the Land of Head Hunter? But those were the old days. Now it's another different era.

yeah.. i'm worried :P

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Intriguing images!

Quite out of this world!

Chen said...

Hehehe, this is something "common" in the longhouse in Sarawak, especially the traditional rural long houses :)