Sunday, August 27, 2006

Skull, anyone?

Anyone here interested to display skulls in your house? You don't have to be a headhunter for that purpose.. For those who are interested, you can get one (or more) from Sarakraf Pavilion, Kuching, Sarawak :)

These skulls are available for sales ..

And last but not least... watch out for this "unlicensed" part time voodoo lengchai witch loctor (just kidding lah, Ah Ben.. Don't kecik hati) :P


a^ben said...

hahahahah~ waiseh` ahhahahah free advert` hahahaha

Pink Cotton said...

look so scary lah!!!!!!

ben! don do that kind of face ok?!?!exactly like momok... ish...*roll eyes*

angel said...

eeks! ah ben more scary than the skull! *LOL*
*io ka chng at ah ben*

Chen said...

free advert for the3 voodoo lengchai witch loctor..

pink cotton,
scary meh?

LOL at momok..
but hoh..
cannot say aloud hear lah..
I will whisper & tell u somewhere :P

I can't disagree wtih u but... Shhhhh... later Ah Ben merajuk :P

a^ben said...

*doing voodoo chant*

jaga liaw pink cotton and angeliu` whahahahahahahah!!!

*woogaa boooga piku waagaa~*

AceOne said... wonder the other day fei chai ben is showing off the skull la. now i know where he got it!!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

hmmm that skull belongs to the neanderthal man.....

Chen said...

wah.. The voodoo lengchai witch loctor is back in action.. Watch out..

Errr.. your voodoo is to make ppl yao piku ah? :P

since when ah ben becomes fei chai ben? LOLOL. Hhahaha, where u think he gets the skull from earlier on? Definitely not from "headhunting" :P

Wah.. how u differentiate homo neanderthalensis from homo sapiens ? :)

ah nel said...

u visit those longhouse u can ask for real one mia ler???lol...

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

the less sloping forehead :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
I have real one already lah, sharing together with my four other coursemates (in the past).. I have a set of real human skull and other skeletal bones during my first year in university, for our anatomy class :) We kept that inside my friend's room in the past.

I don't think many people want to keep the real human skull in thier room or in the house, right?

fantasy flier,
okie :)

Red Sponge said...

wah...skull is not bok bok o...

_butt said...

wah.. witch doc sure looked scary than the skull itself!! btw, err.. those skulls are not real rite? saja wana ask :P

See Fei said...

hahah... now i know where to get a present to send to fren i dont like!!

Chen said...

red sponge,
*scratch head*
apa tu bok-bok?

hahhaha.. u cakap lidat, u not sked later this part time witch loctor do jampi on you, like what he did to pink cotton & angeliu? LOL

Those are tengkorak buatan manusia, for deco :P

see fei,
hahhaa, I presume u will get some back home together with u during your coming trip to Sarawak? ;)

ah nel said...


u r sharing ur real skull with ur 4 coursemate???i had it but i don shared its wit me proctecting my brain n safely reply ur *bLuEk*

i kept my skull together with my head,body and eveli organ with me in my room n following me whetever i go...u dont??? :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
ini ah nel, must piak with tu kar, pretend tak tau & merepek here :P

This is the skeleton I'm talking about, kakkaka... u wanna keep one in your closet? ;) Can play with it when u are bored or have nothing better to do :P Or take out the skull & sembang-sembang with it :P

wenLi said...

aishay!!! Skulls for display??
Bet it's a no-no for my mum....haha! Anyway I can't imagine waking up in the middle of the night to c..skulls..OOOoo*creeps out*....


ah nel said...


nyum nyum...i long time no eat tu kar ledi...kam kam u piak i catch... ;P

i cant fit in closet ler???i just kept it on my bed sumore i got 2 of it... ;P

sengkor said...

i want to get one.. and light a white candle on top of it.. nice leh...

Chen said...

Hahhaha, not only your mum will say "no-no", I guess most of us here won't put a skull inside our house for deco :P

waking up in the middle of the night seeing skull is still alright, as long as not a headless figure :P

ah nel,
U very tamak, keep so many skeleton for what? Later the "ghost" come & haunt you then u know :P

Wah.. so lomantik ah? Lighting white candle on top of the skull.. Issit for the coming kissing ceremony? LOL

lynnx01 said...

I so so miss going online!! Missed out so much of your posts.. reading them all now. It's nice to get back here again.

I remember the days I used to be really scared to enter the longhouse part of the Kch museum for fear of skulls hanging up there. Tak disangka-sangkakan people can sell skulls nowadays.

mistipurple said...

ah yo. if pink cotton read sengkor want to kiss like tis, she will run thousand miles away lor.

Chen said...

Nice to see u :) so fast time flies... Finally, u r now in KL, entering another new chapter in your life :)

Got skull hanging up there in Swak Museum ah? I can't remember liao :P
I know I saw skull hanging in the ceiling in the Police Museum in Kuching :)

Hhahaa, so we just keep quiet hoh :P

may said...

for real? hmmm... can use as ashtray ah?

lynnx01 said...

Police museum? Last time I went up, then didn't dare to walk down the spiral stairway. Silly lah.. haha! Got lah the longhouse in museum.. I think it's not the main museum.. but the one opposite the museum. Now closed down d?

ah nel said...

whre got tamak???i tot eveli men got it wit

Chen said...

ashtray? nope ...

but good also hoh if can use the skull as ashtray - to remind the smokers danger of smoking :P Kekkekkee..

Oh.. the other museum opposite the road :P The museum is still there :P I only visited it once and can't remember what is available inside :D

ah nel,
u have 2 :)

Simple American said...

They sell them for real?

Will the ghost inhabit them if you have them at home? Don't think my missus will allow me to buy one.

ah nel said...

now u got wat i

Chen said...

Don’t worry… those are not real skull :P
U wanna get one (not the real stuff lah) ? ;)

Lotsa Iban longhouses in the rural areas have real skulls hanging on the ceilings. I guess those skulls were “harvested” during the early days… The headhunters days?

ah nel,
tat’s why I say u “tamak” :D

ah nel said...

lokter :lidat eveli men wil be called tamak... *bLuEk*

Chen said...

ah nel,
hahahha.. but... not every men has two :)

ah nel said...

u r lokter mar so u noe more than i do... *wink*