Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pink Cotton

On this special day (28 August) more than two decades ago, a cute, adorable, sweet and lovely little baby piglet girl was born in a far faraway land..... This baby girl is somehow different from all the other babies cos she likes pink-coloured stuff, including pink-coloured cotton. Proven she is unique and different from the others. And she claims she never drew on the wall when she was small time.. So good girl geh? (Do u believe that? :P)

Here, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Pink Cotton ~ Many (x100) Happy Returns and A Smooth Year Ahead, and not forgetting the all the Hugs & Kisses :P

Happy Birthday Pink Cotton
Selamat Hari Jadi Kapas Merah Jambu
生日快樂 ~ 粉红色棉花
(which reminds me of... 粉红色的棉花糖 or pink cotton candy/candy floss)


Pink Cotton said...

test test...

Pink Cotton said...

wahhh can comment liao!


ok have to repeat my previous comment...went like this *clears throat*

sob sob touched...altho u always bully me..i forgive u lar..


*take our kleenex tissue*

thank you oh..thanks for the cake also..altho i m very full d *burp*
2nite u can smell..*sniff sniff* cheese cake,soft shell crab and *sniff* fish!!!

WAHAHAHh run before you piak me with sotong!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Aiyak, I mana ada always bully u? I always sayang u.. :P

Mmmmm.. maklumlah i don't have salted egg soft shell crab to eat, don't have cheese cake to eat, don't have ... *sob*

aiyoyoh.. I won't piak u on your birthday lah.. kakkaka.. so today u can misbehave :P

Pink Cotton said...

btw...i really did not write on the wall wo!!..

ME GOOD GER =) *wear innocent smile*

Chen said...

pink cotton,
i belip u did not write on the wall..
birthday gal won't lie hoh :D

u did not write, but did u draw?

mistipurple said...

hahahaaaa laugh at loctor cabuting.
another birthday ah! pink cotton's!!
*sings.. happy birdday to youuuuu!! sprinkles pink confetti!*

(later i clean up hor!)

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

happy bird day to you pink cotton!

may said...

happy birthday pink cotton!

plink said...

Happy Burpday Pink Cotton!

Seir Jit Kuai Lork!

a^ben said...

ahhahahah` happy birthday leh` :D

Pink Cotton said... i have to rent ur blog for a day to return my thanks...LOL

*blows kisses*

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

happi burpday pink cotton....
may you have many more pink days...

Sam I Am said...

happy birthday pink cotton!

ah nel said...

i nvr seen a cotton in pink kaler

anyway hapi biutday...

angel said...

aisay! what happened to my comment last nite? din comment arr? sei loh... how cum liddat wan??

pink cotton so the liuliu baby!
many happy returns of the day, pink cotton babeh!

Chen said...

birthday gal will go out makan again tonight..(so syiok, makan so many rounds for her birthday celebration, which started few nights back :) I thank everyone on behalf of pink cotton for the birthday wishes :P

wah... so nice..
next time u gotta sprinkle rainbow-coloured confetti for my birthday :P

passing a broom to mistipurple to clear up the mess :P

pink cotton,
Kakkaka.. pinjam loh..
no need to pay rental fee one :P
u must be blowing lotsa kisses liao today :P

ah nel,
never see pink-coloured cotton ah?
I guess u saw the pink coloured cotton candy before, right?
They look similar :P

might be u comment in your dream leh? or comment in the wrong place?
u know lah..
u always sleep walking one :P

AceOne said...

happy birdday pink cotton.

Pink Cotton said...

ok *clears throat*


*muah muah muah*


Simple American said...

Happy Birthday again to the most pink, Pink Cotton.

Got to correct you Chen on the age. PC is only one year old. ;)

ah nel said...

pink cotton candy??? round n kiut... ;)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
how many kisses u blow liao? :P

yeah hoh.. u r correct :P
PC is not 23 years old :P
Xxxxxxxxx is 23 years old, but PC is only 1 year old plus
(I use xxx cos I cannot reveal her real name here.. LOL)

ah nel,
is that your favourite candy during childhood time?

ah nel said...

no lar...too sweet til beh ta oso gigi wil sakit... ;D

Chen said...

ah nel,
hahaha... proven liao Pink Cotton is a sweet gal liao, just like the pink-coloured cottonwool candy :P

ah nel said...

yeah...ploven ledi...*tooth fell off* :P

Pink Cotton said...

*munch munch on popcorn*

hee..forgot to read the comments on the post u dedicated to me...

wah..found out a few facts..hmm


WAHAHAHA..chen! i lap u 'x'

Chen said...

ah nel,
see? I didn’t bluff u :D

pink cotton,
wah.. munching popcorn by yourself. Mana boleh macam ini? Share-share sikit dengan saya lah..

of course u are a SWEET GAL lah..
nobody can deny that :P

if u lap me, u gotta share your popcorn with me :P
Sharing is Caring , LOL

ah nel said...

lucky i didnt ate it for ages if not now i will toothless... :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
toothless can still wear dentures mah.. no problem one :D