Sunday, March 11, 2007

O & P (Ostrich & Peacock)

I went to Bukit Tambun last Sunday (Chap Goh Mei). Bukit Tambun is well known for seafood but instead of seafood, I will post something else here. Remember the lenglui ostrich I saw in Taiping Zoo last year? I managed to meet up with the Taiping Zoo's lenglui ostrich's friend....

The close up shot of another lenglui Ostrich with sui wong wong big round eyes. The innocent looking big round eyes, really can kill, aitelyu. Dun dare to go too nearm cos I sked she might peck my head..

Open mouth... Check Mallampati.. Err.. Look at the "opening" at the palate. Macam lah ni ostrich ada cleft palate?

I have seen ostrich several times but I have never pay attention to their feet. Gosh, this was the first time I noticed ostrich only has two toes. The bigger toe summore has toe nail.

Now I shifted my attention to the lengchai peacock. Although I have seen peacocks several times liao, but this was the first time I saw the male peacock in "full glory".

The close up shot of the extravagant peacock tail. Leng Mou?

The rear view of the peacock tail. Showing backside pulak? Aiyak...

The lengchai peacock tired of showing off & now taking a short commercial break.

The lenglui peacock peahen. Dunno whether this is his wife? or concubine? or his girl friend?


carcar said...

wah nice wor....continue yr animal planet section ah...

carcar said...

wait a minute, hey looks like we are posting our new post at almost a same timing ah...

nice peacock portrait, front view rear view or side view.

good job!~

L B said...

At first glance, I thought you were doing a post about Cocka Doodle...

rinnah said...

The ostrich is sexy and scary at the same time...

Now thanks to you I know what peacock backside looks like! *giggle*

L B said...

where is the eunuch?

Chen said...

Thank you, thank you.
Kkkkk.. remembering the "abandoned" Taiping Zoo series (still have lotsa photos leh).

Yeah loh.. Great Minds Think Alike mah ;) LOL. How come I didn't notice the front view, rear view & side view pulak??
*smack my own forehead*

Must take more ayam picture liao, then i can do a write up. Wait !! I have few kokokai picture in my collection ;)

Indeed. Have to pay attention while taking photo so tat she won't peck my head !! hahaha

Is the peacock backside sexy?

Itu eunuch busy kua...
saya tarak tau :D

carcar said...

ok im back again.

aiyah, i still have no time to write up the zoo post...

i think is simply because i am more interested with food, than animal.


Chen said...

So the (^@^)
~oink oink~

I tot u love animals too?
abuthen, we always prefer food than animals hoh?
Unless if we are too full liao :P

Take your time..
Waiting for the Night Safari version :)

*continue pigging*

may said...

they both may be majestic birds, but I ain't gonna have either for a pet! and what are you doing taking photos of its backside?!

here's a question: how many eggs can a peacock lay in one go?

Winn said...

dinner dinner!!! i seee dinner! come lets go again !! we go bird hunting!!

RayChin said...

wah.. sien... dunno there gt this kinda funky stuff also.. hope u enjoy there.. planning a trip to jerai.. mauahhahaa

kyh said...

wah nice leh the peacock! very beautiful...

Chen said...

having a dog (or dogs) as pet are much better, right? :P

Mmmmm... cos the bird hao lian,
when i busy shooting photo time, he turned 180 degrees and showed me his backside. Walao, since he show off his backside, I might as well took shots of his backside too !!

regarding the IQ questions..
I dunno woh..
can i refer to encyclopaedia for the answer? :P

dun say so loud :D
Must keep low profile, okie? LOL

wanna have ostrich satay?
or stir fried ostrich meat?

I enjoyed myself, except the mosquitoes bites :P
Damn irritating & itchy..
and too bad, I didn't bring any "axe brand oil" together with me :(

wanna pay a visit to Bukit Tambun?
It's just nearby..
Mmm... at least not very far away

kyh said...

last yr i went to the tambun waterpark! KKKK!

angel said...

Errrmmm... I was a peacock in my past life wor... who say ar? Neh... one of the siao siao tag lar...

Yeah! Very the cock! :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah, you are so lucky to get to see the peacock at its hiao moment! KKKK!

I like to go Bukit Tambun for seafood dinner... hahaha!

Pink Cotton said...

WAHHHHHHHHHH so pwetty eyes woh!!!

so big round...eyelashes so long also!WOOO...

i wonder wat mascara she uses...hahhaah

mistipurple said...

you made me laugh kk with this post!! i really think your patients very lucky to have you as their doctor! *compliment you kk, respect!!*

Kenny Ng said...

haha... once I saw the peacock pic... It reminds me back a joke about peacock... will blog it tomolo, hehehe.

_butt said...

you got lucky!! they say hor, if peacock shows its tail in 'full glory'.. good luck is on the way.. ;)

Chen said...

Tambun Waterpark?
The Lost World of Tambun?
tat one in different place liao :P
But i never been there before yet..
So syiok :D

u r peacock in your pastlife ah?
the first time I took the test, I was Coyote, but subsequently the answer changed each time i participate. Itu test tipu orang punya.. Inconsistent mia answer :P

Wonder if we feed Cocka with pea, will he become peacock?

Abuthen, the Bt Tambun Seafood Dinner nowadays is not cheap liao as those days. But still I see people mountain people sea there :)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
She uses the natural-brand mascara.
Only available for ostrich & not suitable for human since very big mah

Actually huh, I dun really crack jokes in front of patients woh.
I'm serious with them wan :P

peacock joke?
must be some sort of sam pat joke liao....
okie, waiting for your peacock joke post :D

Issit? Good Luck on the Way?
Will I see $$$ on the floor?
Nah... Hahhahahha.
Abuthen, I won't pick up things that doesn't belong to me loh..
Not good mah to take other's belongings. :P

Bengbeng said...

first time i see an ostrich :) said...

wow. How did you get so near to the ostrich?
They are not really tame, right?

Or ... zoom with big camera lense?

dino said...

how u know that is lenglui Ostrich not lengcai ostrich?

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

how come the peacock show u backside? you show yours first issit?

mistipurple said...

haha. i know i know you serious in front of patients. but very lucky the patients because in your heart you are very jovial and have a sense of humour and you are a very caring person. *blush and hide now*

cooknengr said...

Whats up doc, I still have two packs of Ostrich steak in the freezer.

Chen said...

beng beng,
I can't remember seeing the ostrich in Sarawak too, but have tasted the ostrich meat in Taman Kereta Topspot in Kuching :)

I stood at a distance of 1.5 to 2 metres away from the ostrich. Cannot stand too near as u say.. Otherwise might kena peck for no reason :P

My camera can optical zoom 10x ;)

cos of the long eye lashes mah..
and the beautiful big round eyes..
so pretty woh :)
Even if it's male ostrich i also dun care liao..
I will just presume it's female loh.. :P

Chen said...

might be cos tat peacock very LC :P

he wanna show off mah
so he did catwalk, or should it be peacockwalk? :P

wah... lidat also can?

u nak hide kat mana woh?
dun hide under the table lah..

I have never tasted ostrich steak yet. Only tried the ostrich satay & stir fried ostrich meat :)

mistipurple said...

heehee. shy mah. paiseh after praising.
i got problem i think. i gave some customers discount yesterday and when they so happy and looked at me and thanked me profusely, i cover my face with my two hands! *wish i am ostrich and can hide under sand*

Daniel Yiek said...

In Africa, there's a tribe with gene mutation. They have only 2 big toes like the ostrich. I guess they dont feel awkward becos the whole tribe has this feature.

_butt said...

then ah, should be mine la.. Kkkkkkkk rmb to give it to me if you see $$$$$ on the ground oh.. :P

Bernard said...

Uahhh.. lovely photos. Looks like you got pretty close to the birds.

Chen said...

u wanna become ostrich?
u wanna hide under sand?
Abuthen, later if all the sand grain enter your nostrils, then susah liao leh !!

Wow, something that i dunno of.

Wah.... Ini ah butt
very notti wan :P
next time if i see, i will call u & u come & pick it up yourself loh

Thanks. Not that close too. Coz I have to really make sure I won't get perked by the ostrich..

But I'm close with the irritating mosquitoes :( Kena bitten banyak kali..

Simple American said...

Ostrich are so assertive. We went to a drive through zoo. They give us bags of food to feed the animals. Ostritch is so greedy. Stick their head right in the car for the food. Scared the heck out of the kids. lol

Makes me truly understand bird brain also. They kept pecking the window.

Peacocks are mean. Seen them chasing squirrels. Very aggresive birdies.

Chen said...

I can imagine the scene of the ostriches sticking their head right in front...
scary though..

I heard they have tiny little brains
Abuthen, they are brainy too despite the mini brain they have :)

Peacock chasing squirrels?
I never see that before..
Mmmmm.. interesting :D