Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rhymes by JL

JL very keng. He yat hao hei read all the 7 posts and came up with this nice rhymes to summarize the latest 7 posts here. I am truly amazed (open mouth big-big till jaw almost dropped.. Luckily no Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dislocation, else really jialat liao) A big applause to him, the multi talented nice guy ;)

Pink Cotton's Doggies
Pink cotton doggie such a cutie..
his name is Goldie, he has a pink nosy

Meet the Blogger Tag
Chen is very very active and busy..
met so many people from different cities..
yum char sessions & liu liu parties..
she'll be there to jolly & happy..

Meow Meow
There's a big kitty at the Miao Miao city..
Holding lantern made of maggi..
This decor is like so tak jadi..
Kucing tengok pun mau lari..

Why I Blog?
Chen started blogging because her hand itchy..
to keep track of interesting events lika a diary...
sometimes she said her stories are crappy...
show off to everyone her skillful photography.. :P

Jungle Fern
Her beloved vegetable is Fern, she said yummy???
Cook with sambal belachan it's even more heavenly...
like Chen, Uncle Cocka likes this delicacy...
eat already will become hairy??? :P

Watch Your Steps !!
Chen merayau rayau at SCV with her beloved hubby...
Saw a poisionous scorpion, so dem scary...
Her lesson is watch where you step, for personal safety...
If you are very lucky you might pick up some money... (lidat also can)

Buon Compleanno, Albie
Come to her last post finally...
Tired of rhyming, puisi yg tak jadi...
Chen, have a nice day & be happy..
A wonderful birthday i wish to LB...

Thanks, JL for the lovely rhymes. I'm lovin' it (So the McD) :P


may said...

waaaaa!! JL so keng!! yatt lau!! I'm so proud that he's my ai-yah-Sai-Lou!! *kembang* *so creber*

carcar said...

so this is one day two post ah?

angel said...

Chup dulu!

JL is very terror guy
I see also wanna try
But so difficult to do it right
So, I better say good nite!

Lame lame!

*go mandi now*

Pink Cotton said...

*applause applause*

very keng!!

got my name inside sumore!!

thanks to his pantun...i baru realised u blogged abt the scorpion...hahaha

Simple American said...



*claps hands*

Nicely done sir.

BTW Chen. Chapter One is posted.

L B said...

Waaaaa, very the impressive!!! Liao Liao very IKK!! Kakakakaka, ok, where's my Ipoh White coffee?!!

Will said...

wow... keng

kyh said...


so impressive! *jaw drops lagi bigger than lokter*

Chen said...

your ai-yah-sai-lou is indeed fabulous
*veli veli creber*
*no wonder u kembang kk*

as long as it's not one day two craps can liao

malaikat pun berpuisi kat sini?
U all very keng lah..

tarak lame
no lame at all
nyek nyek
not LKK
but KKK
keng kaw kaw mah !!!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
*applause applause*
*clap clap clap*

He is marvelous leh..
He can sing, can sketch, can dance, can write, can joke, can talk, can draw, can rhyme, can.. can do many things... indeed multi talented ;)

Not only got your name inside there, Goldie is included together with your favourite pink-pink dei description too ;)

Aiyah, why u so blur geh? :P
must be cos u sked of the creeping scropion liao...
tat's why u eyes deviated away from dat post?

*Stand up & applause*
JL is impressive, isn't he?

Chapter one is up?
Okie... I will hop over your place to have a look at the storylines :D
One the mark, get set...

Chen said...

Impressive KK
Keng KK
LOL KK too :D

Your ipoh white coffee is up there mah (but the coffee is now cold liao, cos served for more than 24 hours oledi.. LOLOLOL) in your birthday post,
neh.. the pict below the har kau that wishes u happy birthday in chinese wordings wan...
*fai ti fai ti drink loh*

very very very keng
and he can come up with this in such a short duration ;)
indeed ichi-ban :D

Fabulous huh?

wah wah wah...
dont open mouth too big leh..
i scared u might dislocate your jaw woh..
TMJ dislocation is painful leh

lynnx01 said...

Nice!! I do miss reading rhymes and pantuns... Hehehe..

mistipurple said...

i oso missed the scorpion post, till now. strange hor? Pink Cotton oso! *wonders why*

Sin Ling said...

chen, the chocolate so tempting, can i have one? impressive post, keng, clap hand... :D

yenchiew said...

wah lao eh!!
salutations!!! kow tow!!
very impressive rhymes here.. LOL

_butt said...

terrer habis!! salute JL!! :D

Chen said...

how about composing some yourself?
It will be more meaningful then..
but needs to use more brain cells to compose
hardwork indeed ;)

wah... why u lidat wan also ??????
until now u missed it out too meh?
must be u are too pre occupied with some other things liao :P

sin ling,
u wanna those Ferraro Rocher choc too?
Can, of course can..
u want two also can ;)

Chen said...

yen chiew,
very impressive.
Summore he came up with these rhymes in such a short period of time.

If I were to write the rhymes, it might take me several hours to come up with something similar, or which might not be as good as what he composed..

He is indeed very talented ;)

manyak terror,
manyak pandai,
manyak berbakat,
manyak menakjubkan,
saya memang manyak kagum

*tepuk tangan*

Butt wanna rhymes or not?
Butt juga manyak berbakat, kan?
I wanna see Butt berpuisi too :)

day-dreamer said...


This is great!

*more claps*

FireHorse said...

Wow, that really was a tribute to you and what an effot too. Very nice.... now must go find myself fren like dat. He he

mistipurple said...

sayangz loctor. know you had a bz weekend. rest properly today hor.

Cynthia said...

did the tag already loktor =)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
The clapping continues...
Hehehehee :D

There are many talented bloggers out here ;) JL is one of them :D

Thanks, misti :)
today i'm busy also, but finally it's over..
Phew.... :)

okie, I will hop over soon ;)

_butt said...

wana see me berpuisi ar? ok la.. here's one:

chen suka rhyme dan puisi
mau ah butt ikut sekali
tapi tak tau mana nak start..

*scratch head*

baik ah butt cabut cepat haha!

Chen said...

why your puisi lidat one?

should be lidat mah..
i edit for u

chen suka rhyme dan puisi,
mau ah butt ikut sekali,
tapi tak tau mana nak mulai,
baik ah butt cabut & lari.

then only "rhyme" mah..
*self applause*

_butt said...

wah!! hebat!! *standing ovation*


sigh.. must be assignments and exams lately.. make my puisi upside down :P

Chen said...

poor butt..
all the best in your studies, assignments, exams & everything :)