Friday, June 08, 2007

Photo Hunters : Shoes

photo hunters

Today's topic is Shoes.

My beloved pair of Hi Tech water resistant shoes which faithfully accompanies me for the past 4.5 years to several countries and nations, including Paris, China, Switzerland, Thailand, London, Brunei, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and several states in Malaysia. And the good thing is.. the shoes are still in good shape :)


day-dreamer said...

I like my pair of good sport shoes too. Can just accompany you to anywhere! :)

may said...

and big ones they are too! kkkk! I didn't bring my trekking shoes over. I should've, then I could stomp around and splash in puddles!

dieselfire said...

That just completely reminds me of my shoes. I would wear them for ages and actually mourn them when I wore them out. My mom calls me a total drama queen about it. Hahahaha.

The longest time I've ever had a pair of shoes/slippers was 9 years.

_butt said...

fulamak.. the shoes look so power! :D

Selba said...

Yes... it still looks in a very good condition! So the brand is Hi Tech?

angel said...

That was what I wanted to say. BIG BIG SHOE!!! kkkkk...

Why u never show your high heels? :p

L B said...

I want to see your Glass Slippers too!! Go, show, show! Wanna see!

mistipurple said...

good shoes totally worth it. my present ones are over 6 years old.
i like your shoes.

rinnah said...

Such big shoes... so tough-looking! What do you do with them, chen? Stomp lizards and cockroaches? o.0

nyonyapenang said...

wish the shoe can talk...then got loads of ceritas from all corners of the world. :)

Pink Cotton said...

hmm first glance i tot its ur hubby punya shoes...WAHAHAHA

smelly err...

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah... very strong shoes wor... i got this shoe from bata oso lasted 4 yrs now..very powderfull...

ah nel said...

looks good but once throw into tasik titiwangsa all fishh die...LOL

kyh said...

those look like jungle trekking shoes... LOL!

i love my pair of blue blue tei Nikes too... :)

ehon said...

power shoes. wahahahahahaha. so fun been to so many countries! *jealous*

Doreen said...

you've got a pair of cool rugged shoes there. Emmm....may be I should go get a pair of shoes like that too.....

julie said...

Good sport shoes are priceless. Let me just say yours are well-traveled, :)

Mine is up too. Have a great weekend.

eve said...

Aisey , the dirt from Brunei oso still stuck there la..keekkekke

fibrate said...

Very cool. I had a similar pair of Doc Marts...dunno where I stashed them!

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! A sturdy pair of shoes. You got time to go travelling hor! kekeke....

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Yeah, a pair of comfy shoes is very important, especially if u go travelling. Wearing a pair of ill-fitted shoes is a disaster :D

Kkkkk.. The shoes are not that big lah..
I purposely made it look big from the angle I took the shot
main tipu a bit :P

Good and fitting pair of shoes are not easy to find. I love my pair of shoes too. 9 years? Wow!!

Chen said...

yeah, manyak power
or some said manyak "powder"

Yeah, the shoes is still in good condition. I wear it for hiking too. Very comfy pair of shoes.
Yeah, the brand is Hi Tech, brought at end of 2002. A bit pricey but definitely worth the $$$

Kkkkk... The shoes look big cos of the angle I shoot the pict leh..
The real size is not that big lah

I sprained my ankles few times in the past injured the ligaments. The doc advised me not to wear high heel :P

Chen said...

Kkkkkk... That one have to borrow from Cinderella liao. Wait, I need to give her a call first :P

Wah.. you have a pair of durable shoes too. Old shoes are still better than new shoes huh?
More comfy ;)

Kkkkkk.. Yeah, tough pair of shoes. I used it when I go hiking or jungle trekking or travelling. A very durable pair of shoes, which definitely worth the $$$

Chen said...

If the shoes can talk, i will pengsan liao.. cos really kia si lang mah :P

pink cotton,
My hubby also has a similar pair of Hi Tech shoes, but bigger in size and different colour :)

Must wear a comfy pair of shoes when go travelling mah, not those shoes which will made u sakit kaki :P Remember your previous experience in KL? Kkkkkkk...

mana ada smelly?

ehehhe, yeah yeah
very powderful
very tepung
I likey :D

Chen said...

ah nel,
wah.. u very kua chiong liao
my shoes are not smelly wan :P

I used it for jungle trekking and hiking too. Very durable pair of shoes

Show us lah your pair of blue-blue tei Nike shoes :P I have a friend who loves Nike shoes.

I never been to Australia yet woh.
I wanna visit the place
One day..
Might be this year..
Might be next year..
let's see how things go :)

Chen said...

Hehehhe, this pair of shoes is very comfy for walking and can protect the feet from cold weather, especially winter.

Thanks. I wanna wear that pair of shoes to more countries and nations in the future. Let's see how things go.

I will visit yours soon :) Enjoy your weekend.

Kakkaka.. The dirt from Brunei is washed already. Those are local dirts :P

Chen said...

Hehehe, your pair of Doc Marts were replaced with some other pair of shoes :)

I enjoyed travelling and if possible I would like to travel at least once a year. It is up to us how we manage our time. I wanna balance up my life.

Life is not all about working and working and making $$$ mah. What's the use of making so much $$ if there is no time to enjoy? ;) A fruitful and quality life is equally important.

ah nel said...

i din say smelly u say it now! :P

Pink Cotton said...

eee how come so long din see u wan???

Kenny Ng said...

The shoes collected many soils from many countries lor... kheng!

carcar said...


i also want to go to so many places....

your shoes never come to singapore, when coming?

Jemima said...

Those shoes are definitely made for walking. ;)

a^ben said...

got wash or not the shoes~ hehehehe :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
u din say it out aloud,
but I know deep inside your heart,
u mean it mah :P

pink cotton,
ada orang rindu kat saya geh?
I’m still around lah,
just that I didn’t go online niah..

Too bad it didn’t get to collect the soil or dust from the The Great Wall , China. Cos when I visited Beijing in 2002, I still haven’t bought the pair of shoes

Chen said...

Can merajuk together?
I never been to HK too leh..

Yeah loh, itu kasut haven’t get the chance to visit Singapore yet
So near yet so far, huh?
I hope I can visit Singapore soon too leh..

Yes, and very durable pair of shoes!

Kkakaka, of coz got lah,
Although not that frequent.
I will wash them when necessary
On PRN basis :P

JoeC said...

Shoes nowadays are just plain not long lasting, cheap or expensive, just a waste of money, wondering if we all can wear sanders to work :P

Oh yes, Ah Boy have been tagged :) Cheers!

Chen said...

but my pair of shoes can last for years woh..
Kkkkk.. that is the exceptional case
syiok leh if we can wear slippers to work.

Trying to imagine everyone wearing Crocs or Kroks to work :P

papercrazy said...

ermmm...judging by its look and heavy usage, sure ada smell liaw lah hor???

Chen said...

It has the unique "smell" that Ah Boy loves..

papercrazy said...

hahahaha...ah boy loves stinky shoes

Chen said...

cheh.. Ah Boy only heart my shoes lah
and my clothes

Bernard said...

Water resistent? Does that mean that water won't seep in?

Lrong said...

nice shot of the shoes... mine is tearing apart, after 15 years or so of wear and tear...

Chen said...

yeah, water won't seep it, but of course not to use it to walk across the river lah. This one lain cerita liao :) Comfy when use it in winter or snowing time :D

15 years was longggggggggggg time.
Your pair of shoes were durable, and i presume it has great sentimental value too, since it accompanied u for one and half decades !!