Friday, June 08, 2007

Liucas the Big Bully?

I guess many have received the above MMS from our Winn dearie. Presenting the innocent looking Lucas Liucas caught red-handed bullying the poor kid till crying kaw-kaw. So cham and so kesian..

Below was the sms conversation I had with Winn after I received the MMS.

Winn Winn : Bullies
Chen Chen : Liucas so notti geh. Learn from who ah? LOL
Winn Winn : Ah Boy
Chen Chen : I tot Ah Boy always being bullied wan?
Winn Winn : He learn from Lucas.. Lucas learn from Ah Boy. See? They learn to lie.
Chen Chen : *Faint*. I learn something new today. Hahahahaha
(addendum : jaw further drops two inches, but no dislocation though)

Winn Winn, you are the best. Echoing : Winn Winn 你是最好的, 你知道吗? LOL Winn, u won't scold me for curi-ing your picture and posted it up here, right? :P


eve said...

Aiyo..poor baby..come come sayang bek..muacks...

sbanboy said...

So cute !!!! The dog was caught red handed ...hehe

As a punishment ... shave him bald loh :D I mean the dog ...hehe

mistipurple said...

i loveeeee that conversation!! laf kaw peng really!!! winn and you ah! pengland!

Selba said...

Nooo.... Nooooooo.... I don't believe it at all!!! No... liucas is a very nice buddy.. he can't not bullying that baby... So, the victim is liucas here but he is so tough to got the blame... and ah boy also got blame for teaching lie to liucas.. let the baby cry!!!

aiyooooo... poor liucas and ah boy..... me better sayang sayang them!!!

liucas said...

tht one not me ok, my evil twins.. Tiucas.

mummy very jialat one la.. always confuse who is who..

Will said...

hahaha suddenly got tiucas pulak...

angel said...

Liucas Liucas wo ai niii...

rinnah said...

Maybe liucas too friendly with the bebe gua... not bully... at least I don't think so... and sure not ahboy notti and teach liucas how to bully bebe... hurhurhur.

L B said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, *stays under the table*

Doreen said...

The dog looks so innocent neh~~~he's been framed! Must be la!

mistipurple said...

ahahhaahaa got TIUCAS now come out!!!! winnliuliu wat next??? *squeezes under table, loctor, you need bigger table oredy*

may said...

winn winn, you definitely are the best!! I lup both liucas and ah boy kaw-kaw!

day-dreamer said...

Why I no receive that MMS geh? :D

But still, I think the culprit is... Liucas! Hahaha~ because Ah Boy very good boy de. ;)

Winn & Chen: 你们都是最好的!*hugs* :)

Chen said...

Hehehe.. Eve sakit hati see the poor baby crying leh..
Must be that baby reminds her of Cayden ;)

Wah.. shave Liucas botak?
U very ganas leh..
Later Winn comes & piak u then u know :P

Kkkkkk…..Laff till peng kaw kaw ah?
Cannot tahan us leh? :P

Ah Boy cries liao cos u said he teached Liucas to lie
Ah Boy says he is innocent leh..
He never lies wan woh..

But at least u got sayang him & Liucas back at the end

Chen said...

Tiucas is back in action again?
Hhahaha… I remember he first appeared at the old post with the title TI(P)U.

Your mummy sometimes confused between Lucas & Sacul (your other evil twin) too..
What to do? She so busy mah..

Tiucas is available quite some time back liao, since the appearance of ti(p)u. Refer here for further info. I still remember giving him that name in the past

U no sayang the crying baby meh? Kkkkk…
The baby cried till so jialat woh..

p/s: Ah Boy also wants people to sayang him.. Kkkkk

Chen said...

Hahhaha… u should meet up with Liucas. He is such a cute & adorable Maltese.

And he might curi makan your food too when u r not watching. I remember him curi makan Winn’s ice cream in the past :P

Wai wai wai..
Time to come out from underneath the table
U have been giggling there for hours liao

u know I know he knows she knows..
cos Liucas has a great & the best mummy mah :P

Chen said...

Misti oh misti. Tiucas is available since January liao, but many have forgotten about him :P
Neh.. since the appearance of
. Kkkkkk.. Poor Tiucas for being forgotten kaw kaw.
Neh, u remember u called us Angeltiu, Chentiu, Maytiu, Klangtiu and yourself as Mistitiu?
That’s why I called Liucas as Tiucas at that time loh..
Laff Laff Laff...

p/s: I bought 2 canteen sized table liao. Should be adequate to accommodate everyone of us underneath liao kua?

Yeah yeah Winn Winn is the best. I like to call her Winn Winn :P
We all sayang Liucas & Ah Boy.
The bestest K-9 :D

Kkkk… didn’t receive also never mind mah, since u can read it from here :P

*Don't say so loud woh, later Liucas merajuk*

我们都是最好的 !!
Hug hug hug

ehon said...

why everyone got cute dogs? is it the 'in' thing now?

_butt said...

haha.. and looked at Liucas!!

'It wasn't me, it wasn't me!!'

blame it on Tiucas pulak. :P

Selba said...

waaaah.... ah boh don't cry baby...

I didn't say that you teach liucas to lie lor... I said that liucas is the victim in here and so ah boy is the victim becauce he got blamed for teaching liucas to lie...

Aaaaahh boy.. sini sayang... *hugs*

Redsponge said...

heee...wah i think the bb is brave...hee compare to me ma! ;p

Pink Cotton said...



kyh said...

so kuittttt! the innocent looking liucas! wahhaaa.... hands itchy want to cubit liao... :P

Chen said...

Not everyone leh..
There are people who hates or dislikes dogs :P

That's Liucas
Kkkk.. Our beloved Liucas
He is always an innocent dog mah :P

ah boy smiles back & jumping around liao hearing u saying that :P

Chen said...

red sponge,
must train u up liao..
put u near Angel..
or Goldie?

pink cotton,
still waiting for your Goldie pict
tarak ambil geh?
Muuuuuu... :(

cubit Liucas? Kkkkk...
Liucas has lotsa fur wan
make sure u dun cubit at the wrong place :P

papercrazy said...

Goldie became a monster liaw....hahahahah

Chen said...

Goldie becomes monster liao ah?
No wonder lah that skipping cotton dowan to show me her photo liao

SomebodyHasToBe said...

that dog looks so innocent=P

Chen said...

hahaha, cos the poor doggy was "put on stage" :P