Thursday, June 07, 2007


This is one of the last few songs my ex-classmates (Upper Six Science, SMK Meradong) sang in karaoke in early 1993 (After we received the offer letters from the local universities, and few days prior to our departure to pursue our tertiary education). And that was the last time I met with few of my ex-classmates - Y. Sing, S. Hui, L. Liang, T. Chieong etc. Gosh, that was 15 years ago...

祝你一路顺风 (吴奇隆)

那一天知道你要走 我们一句话也没有说
当午夜的钟声敲痛离别的心门 却打不开我深深的沈默
那一天送你送到最后 我们一句话也没有留
当拥挤的月台挤痛送别的人们 却挤不掉我深深的离愁

我知道你有千言你有万语 却不肯说出口
你知道我好担心我好难过 却不敢说出口

当你背上行囊卸下那份荣耀 我只能让眼泪留在心底
面带着微微笑用力的挥挥手 祝你一路顺风
当你踏上月台从此一个人走 我只能深深的祝福你
深深的祝福你 最亲爱的朋友 祝你一路顺风

Listening to the song really bring back memories - of my Upper Six Science classmates in SMK Meradong, Sarawak. I still manage to meet up with most of them once a year or once in two years. Time really flies. Without realising, it's now June 2007 and half the year has gone.


Selba said...

Oh.. I like this song!!!

Even for me, it brings back memory.. thanks for bringing up this song :)

Doreen said...

I used to like this song very much. Haven't heard it for so long.....

Daniel Yiek said...

congrats on having 2 ads on your blog now. You may wnat to fdbk that the new ad is not clickable.

_butt said...

I used to listen to this song too when I was a kid.. it really stirs the old time memories, that old nostalgic feeling. I liked.

thank you for posting it up.


L B said...

I've never heard this song in my entire life! But it's nice, so I can imagine Chen at that time, eyes all half-closed, dreaming away laam laamly.. Love thoughts in the heart, laam laam still, and maybe already giggling under the table, yeah? Such good memories must be so nice! lidi lidi..

day-dreamer said...

Wah... I know this song! A classmate dedicated it to the whole class during our last year in Form 5.

*wipes tears away*

may said...

uhmmmm... wa tatau lagu ni wor. but nice. next time you sing for us in karaoke, ok? ok!

angel said...

Where u want to go worrrr???

Just now this post hilang! So ti(p)u!!! Mine also hilang but later lucky came back... sotsotsot!

_butt said...

doc chen ar, have you watch '92 Legendary La Rose Noire'? the one that tony leung and teresa mo acted in it? I'm currently looking for the ending theme (song) of the movie, if not mistaken, sang by roman tam. I still remember the song so vividly in my mind, but duno the title! :(

rinnah said...

I haven't heard this song before but it's such a nice song! *sways in time to the music*

Will said...

wah suddenly nostalgic mood ah? :P

slurp! said...

i wonder what happen to 吴奇隆? last heard he was involved with some clans or some sweet mummy bought him.

nice song, but internet is making the world smaller. so most friends are only a click away unless you go into the deepest Borneo jungles kekekeke

ah nel said...

can lokter turn bek those time so i can be more good n less sin??? :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

i love that song very much...d singer very leng chai oso...


_butt said...

ok, not the late roman tam apparently. wrong channel! lol

mistipurple said...

so innocent years. time truly flies. sometimes wish can turn back clock, or rather, don't have to lose loved ones. i mean, some people have to mati. totally unrelated comment i know..

Simple American said...

Time flies. Wish I could figure out how to turn it into a plane ride flying instead. Of course I would direct it to Malaysia. :)

Chen said...

Hehehe, the song was popular when we were still in secondary school

U can now listen back to the song again.
Somehow I prefer old songs than new songs..
The feel is different :D

Thanks. Likely it’s due to the server problem
The ad is working & clickable now

heheh, 15 years ago u r indeed a little kid ;)
old nostalgic feeling?
Kkkkkk… u r still young leh :P

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. at least u know about this song,
& heard about it liao @ 7th June 2007

Last time cannot giggle under the table,
cos no “vacancy” mah…
got lotsa ocipala stuff underneath
(but no Ah Boy yet)

day dreamer,
last year? Wah.. that was so recent
but it’s still nostalgic, right?
Sort of like a farewell song :(

*wanna Kleenex?*

Wah..I sked u all might pengsan if I sing tat song

Chen said...

I didn’t go anywhere lah..
Still in Penang
Tarak pergi mana-mana

Hah? The post hilang meh earlier on?
Really kin teo liao :P
I dunno about it cos I tarak go online yesterday night..

I watched the movie, but I can’t remember what is the ending theme song leh..
Unless if I re-watch the movie again loh :)

Kkkk… u r “same gang” with LB & May
Cos they dunno about this “old” song too

Might be cos u r still very young kua during that time :P

Chen said...

Have to be nostalgic once in a while mah
To balance up..

I have no idea what happened to him too
I didn’t follow the entertainment news for ages
Surprisingly I still have friends who don’t have email account
And those who dun have email acc will definitely won’t go online
But at least they have handphone ;)

ah nel,
I dun have time machine like doraemon leh.. said...

Oh yeah.
This song ... THE song to use when anyone is going for study / oversea in the '90s
I remember this guy did make one or two movie, right?

Chen said...

woof meow,
hehee, if the singer no lengchai,
will u love the song or not?

who is the singer then? Kkkkk
I still dunno what song issit yet :P

Yeah, there are sweet memories and bad memories
Let’s wipe away the bad memories
And flush them down the toilet kaw kaw
Just keep the good & memorable ones in our hearts :)

Chen said...

Wow… Remember to stop by in Penang,
And of course not forgetting Sarawak.

Yeah, this song serves as the "farewell" song for most of us,
especially in the early and mid 90’s..

I remember seeing him in quite a number of movies, but I can’t recall the movie title now :)

吴奇隆is one of the singer in the小虎队 band, in the early years

ah nel said...

last nite i cant hear the song while working but now i can listen n lokter reli make missed my old song kolektion...

i wana go bek i wana go bek take my old old song...

Chen said...

ah nel,
Nostalgic hoh listening back to those old songs. Go back go back & get all your old songs collection.. Get yourself a portable external HDD and copy all your mp3 songs into it. That's what I planned to do :)

_butt said...

doc chen, I found the song!! spend the whole night searching for it, considering I don't read much chinese. I found your post along the way too. :)

it's 美丽的花蝴蝶 by Jeremy Chang. :P

padi_friends said...

That is one of the classic song that people won't forget.

Chen said...

Ooo... this song ah.
I have the mp3 (美丽的花蝴蝶)
do u want the song? :)

Kkkkk.. u found my post along the wway too ah? I know which post u talking about liao.

padi friends,
The forever classic "farewell" song throughout all these years :)