Monday, January 08, 2007


I never expect the initial post regarding tipu, not tiu will create so much hoo-hah :P It all begins when I mistakenly type the word tipu as tiu...

*Angel loves the word "tipu" so much. These few days, she starts TI(P)U everywhere. Ah Boy also can't escape from being ti(p)u :P *Better hide before Angel catches me*

*Will just had a similar experience whereby he almost type itu as tiu. He comes up with this : "So this is Chen syndrome. Trying to type malay word ending up being a dialect vulgar. So far discovered words include tipu and itu"

*May commented in Sengkor's post : Remember to take some of that viagra that doktor Chen recommended, ok? make sure she dun TI(P)U you into taking wrong medicine!

*Misti : i see hints of substituting the word liu to tiu! supporting guilty members: Angeltiu and Chentiu!!!! seconded by Mistitiu!! *CABUT* *came back* Klangtiu! how that sounds? Sengkortiu, Winntiu, Maytiu, Carcartiu... just testing just testing... *CABUT AGAIN*

*Winn: so no more liuliu gang, it's tiutiu gang. Hahha.. quite cool. Like gangster like that, I like.

*Chen : Yeah.. Winntiutiu, Angeltiutiu etc ec. Laff till can die wan. And not forgetting Tiucas - new name for Liucas. TIUCAS !!

Lesson of the Day :
Cannot simply type words liao or simply post, might create disaster later on. Hahahaha..

Side note :
TIU = Trinity International University. Imagine telling people u study in TIU university !! LOL

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Anonymous said...

First ah me?

Anonymous said...

Really mou?

jellyfish said...


Anonymous said...

Kenot simply put dirty pictures on banner also, like Ah May did. LOL

jellyfish said...

this KJ terlalu peparu liao

Anonymous said...

aiseh.. liucas becomes tiucas? kesian that doggie. :P

Chen said...

yeah loh.. u r first..
really wan..
but here no gold or medal or points..
got tat feeling of kena TI(P)U liao or not?

tarak cacat woh..
only very lung niah..
as u say.. peparu :)

tat one ah.. we all see as cute cute icons but dunno u can come up with such intepretations & storylines..
keng lah u.. :P

Winn said...

tiu tiu tiuuuuu!!!!!!! tiu tiu ?? tiu tiu tiu tiu tiu...TIU TIUT!!!!

tiu!? tiu tiu tiu!!tiuuuuuu!!! tiutiutiut!!!

this is gona replace liu. haha

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah gam doe tak :P

Chen said...

temporary name only lah ;)
Mmmm... i hope so..

wah.. Winn swearing like nobody here..
kia si lang :P

u give me the idea to write this post wan.. of course like this also can lah.. kekkekeke

Pink Cotton said...


i tell you ah...u r 'disgracing' the word 'tiu'

now it is no longer a bad word but erm...a SLANG

soon kids all around will not say WAHLIEU EH...
instead they will say WHAT THE TIU~

i say this is a great offence! 'x'

Anonymous said...




*Go for Confessions*

Chen said...

pink cotton,
wake up wake up..
this is an offence ah?
Do I have to be punished to stand & face the wall?

I only say tipu lah..
no big deal, right? :D

Anonymous said...

can i add? "tiu kai-yik...ngor chung yi sek....tiu(ro), tiu(ro) gero~ :X

angel said...


Hahahaha!!! Beh tiuhan liao!!

You dem tiu!!!

Anonymous said...

why so ti(p)u wan? LOLOL!! I laff till I wanna cry liao! gimme ti(s)u! make sure not the ti(r)u kind ya... wakakaka!!

Chen said...

kakkakak at tiu kai-yik :P

cham loh cham loh
everyone start swearing now..

beh tiuhan ah?
better don't let Misti sees this..
else she will more beh tiuhan :P

ah may hou yeah
ah may is sifu of ti(x)u..
I never realised all these words..
i lup u :D

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk~ i told you all chen very evil one liaw! teach ah boy tart yeh` now teach ppl how to swear indirectly


gcmmello said...

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mistipurple said...

wah even stetiuscope seller come find tiu.
and tiu are right. i beh tiuhan laughing. cham ah, this loctiu blog becum so censored.
*hold hands with Angeltiu and Maytiu and Winntiutiu and run to find Klangtiu*

Anonymous said...


Don't tiu la... no good... spoil everybody's image. LOL! ;)

kyh said...

I oredy know wat it means after opening a new thread in a forum asking for ppl to explain! :P

U guys la... so evil... dunwan to explain to me!

Anonymous said...

I had Tiu-ramisu for dessert just now. LOL

Simple American said...

What what did you say that your shouldn't?

Or was it shouldn't have said but did?

I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

SA: this 3 letter word (in cantonese) can be loosely equated to the 4 letter F word...

sengkor said...

alas! the true meaning of liu finally emerged.. this entry is so liu, i mean tiu.. no i mean liu.. or is it tiu?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Tiu Tiu Club... wakakaka

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! can't even type properly liao dem liu or ti(p)u or liu or whatever la ;P

Chen said...

say I evil pulak :(
jahatlah u :(
yin wong ah

*swallow saliva*
that stethoscope seller sesat liao..
coming here to look for buyer, ahahhaa…
aiyak aiyak.. must censor this word liao..
later everyone starts swearing here jialat :P

*faint kaw kaw*
DD so good in swearing too..
Really don’t play-play liao :P

Chen said...

Wa.h.. u go & open a thread in forum asking for the meaning of tiu ah?
Beh tahan liao.. hahahhhha…
Told u liao it’s a swearing word…
It’s better for u not to know the meaning, hahaha

how u like the tiu-ramisu?
Imagine cocka ordering the tiu-ramisu in the cake house…
The one taking the order sure get a “shock” out of his/her life

Hehhee.. keep in mind not to use this word mistakenly in the future..
Regarding the meaning, Will has explained it liao in a nice way :P

Thanks for explaining.. kekekek

Chen said...

this is a liu-tiu-liu-tiu entry..
Poor Tiucas is a victim too :D

Kenny is the president?
So every members of the club will get to eat Spearm?
So chewy..
So sticky..

Kekeke… I guess we should all go for spelling class again..
Learning abc again & all the basic spellings…
Since everyone here mis-spell the words..
nyonya @ Miss Tan will be our teacher :P

jelly tepung said...

passing by
pengsan again


Anonymous said...

Wei... I where got good in swearing??! Don't simply talk o... 告你诽谤!


King's wife said...

finally! no need to hide behind liu anymore!

angel said...

*continues ti(p)uing*

tiutiutiutiutiu... see lah, tiu until L B's blog telan all my tiutiu komens liao...

btw, yesterday yr second sms, i received like 6 ot 7x! Kia si lang! Lu guna itu internet mya ka?

Chen said...

jelly tepung,
aiseh.. today u fatt hao ah?
saw your msn name today as -->
jelly tepung + susuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
tomolo will be...
jelly tepung + gandummmmmmmmmmm ?

cos I saw u using the word tiu here too :P
out of my expectation, u know?
tat's why loh :P

now ti(s)u can see light already..
no longer need to hide inside the ti(s)u box liao..
good huh? :D

see lah.. akismet spambox dun like the word tiu.. tat's why telan all your comment !!! kekkeke

spam kaw kaw angel...
no lah.. i didn't mean to spam actually...
keekekke.... pandai pun angel ni,
yeah yeah.. u r correct :P

Anonymous said...

Doctor, I learn from you de.


Simple American said...

Thanks Will. I would have spelled it differently.

Anonymous said...

this thing no need to learn one..

how would u spell it? ;)

Chen said...

this thing no need to learn one..
u know inside your heart oledi.. :)

how would u spell it? ;)

Perdita said...

Thanks for writing this.