Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ipoh : Salt Baked Chicken (鹽烤雞)

The Salt Baked Chicken @ yim gouk kai (鹽烤雞) is another Ipoh delicacy which shouldn't be missed..

The Salt Baked Chicken specially sold in Aun Kheng Lim is hard to find elsewhere. At least I haven't see it elsewhere :P

The chicken is wrapped together with Chinese herbs in one piece of grease-proof paper and baked in an oven covered and filled with coarse salt crystals. With this unique cooking technique, the chicken meat is still tender and the essence is well preserved.

Rm15 for the entire headless dead body bird aka kokokai. How to eat the chicken? Nah.. Easy job. Put aside the cutleries. Use the "civilized" basic way - tearing the chicken parts apart with bare hands and eat with fingers.

Smooth, juicy and tender chicken meat. Finger licking good. And IMHO, this is much better than KFC. The whole chicken gone within minutes.

Aun Kheng Lim Salted Baked Chicken
24 Theatre Rd, Ipoh.
Phone: 05 254 2998


Anonymous said...

Very the KLANG KLANG!!!! LD!!!!
Wahahahaha!±!!^!! KFC? What's that?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to remember if this is the yim kook kai I tapau-ed home the last time... very the yumyum liuliu!

mistipurple said...

this type considered high sodium bor? *pengsan*
don't know if alot of the salt seep into the chicken hor?
all good food not healthy, so sad.

Chen said...

KFC is sumthing tat u like but I dun like :P Something edible kua... :P

should be lah..
however the tapao back home one doesn't taste as nice as the one fresh from the oven :P

not that high sodium lah :P
don't pengsan woh.. cos Skunkie not around, else I might have a hard time to wake u up :P
Most of the delicious food are sinful food....
But I like vegetables too ;)

Anonymous said...

*drools* the kokokai looks so yummy la. Ho Chiak!

Angele said...


Long time no hear.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!I know I'm late but still I send you all my best wishes for 2007 =)

zeroimpact said...

Aik, this is making me hungry already
I want eat chicken now
In the middle of the night somemore

Chen said...

The dinner u had few hours back was ho jiak too - Tom Yam soup, green curry chicken, sambal kangkong, kerabu mango, otak otak, fried fish cake etc

yeah yeah.. long time no talk :)
it's never too late to wish for Happy New Year. Still early, cos still the first week of 2007 :)

Sorry sorry for making boiboi hungry :) Where to get chicken at this hour ah? Might be can eat chicken flavoured instant noodle :P

Anonymous said...

Ya ya, salt baked chicken very nice... I tried it once only, for my entire life. Funny huh? Haha.

Anonymous said...

kai kai kai~ i want to eat! hahahah but then`... next time larh :P this one not fried chicken shud be can eat larh` hahahahah

Chen said...

Hah? U r Ipoh lang & u only makan the salt baked chicken once?
really unbelievable leh... :P
Weird weird weird..
how come like tat wan?
summore so nice ;)

This one Ben Ben can eat..
but too bad this is not available in Kuching (I guess so?)

Mmmm... Did u curi makan KFC today? :D

Anonymous said...

Erm... maybe because my family doesn't really take a lot of meat normally...

And it is so salty! Too much salt in diet no good la... hahaha, although occasionally it's perfectly alright. :D

Leonard said...

issit salty...??

looks tasty, singapore also has, its called emperor chicken aka zi bao ji!!!

angel said...

I sukak the yim kokkai!! Very sedaps! The last time I went with my frens, we bought seekor and then headed to a kopitiam opposite the shop and makan there.

*lao nua*

Ei! Just now all of us have voted that you MUST come on the 20th of Jan! Liu?! *wink*

Anonymous said...

That picture of her smooth, so voluptuous, so seductive, so inviting, so finger lickin' good, so wet and salty, so

kyh said...

kiam or not? since salted ma...

mistipurple said...

hehe. many asking if salty or not? my side wan quite salty. your this restaurant wan looks different. so fresh so succulent so juicy, and i am sounding like Cockakai oredy, lol!

mistipurple said...

on the other hand, after reading Cocka's comment, i DO NOT sound like him. roflol!

cynthia said...

fulamak! thats so yum

im not swearing. im still behaving.

gimme support, can? ;)

Anonymous said...


looks very nice!!!!

but hmm..i abit sked looking at the naked chicken body lor...hmm come they squeeze it into foetal position de??WAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...


looks very nice!!!!

but hmm..i abit sked looking at the naked chicken body lor...hmm come they squeeze it into foetal position de??WAHAHAHAH

but i can almost feel the saltiness of the garam and bi zheng just by looknig at it...aiyer..thirsty liao..

Pink Cotton

Chen said...

Hahaha, but it is not that salty lah..
But of course not to eat very frequent too :P
Still hard to imagine u only eat it once, hahhaha...

Available in Singapore too? That’s great.
To me, it is not that salty & it’s perfectly done..
Anyway, this is very subjective, and it depends on individual :D

Must eat the kokokai when it is still hot or warm.
Cold liao not nice liao :D

Wah wah.. what is this voting business pulak?
Faint kaw kaw..
Hahhaha… who who who voted me? LOL

Chen said...

Cocka is always cocka. Your description is so..
so.. so kokokai :D

not very salty lah.. the saltiness is within the acceptable range.
I don’t like food that is too salty :)
I would say it’s just perfectly done.

The kokokai here is not so salty, The fresh is still tender & juicy. I would say it is quite perfectly done :)

When u say u sound like Cocka, guess what comes to my mind?
I trying to imaging Misti uttering… so smooth, so voluptuous, so seductive, so inviting, so finger lickin' good, so wet and salty..
Kakkaka.. so misleading :P
beh tahan..

Chen said...

u can soon savour the yummy kai in one month’s time ;)
I will give u 101% support..
So far u haven’t swear yet mah… :)
Heehe, may your new year resolution comes true, and hope to meet u soon ;)

Pink Cotton,
it not only looks nice, it tastes nice too leh.

wah.. abuthen u don’t look at the chicken liao before u eat them?
Cos all the kokokai are nekid wan..

Why squeeze into foetal position ah? Cos the kai is wrapped up in a piece of grease proof paper mah ;)

Wah wah… u can taste the food by just looking at it liao?
Keng lah u :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

OMG! that alone is worth the flight back.....

Anonymous said...

Everytime i went back to ipoh, i definitely will pass by the ex super kinta and stop and bought the salt baked chicken, delicious, tasty, no regret, finger licking best... :)

Pink Cotton said...


u dono my secret skill!

u ask red sponge la...during those hungry moments b4 lunch hour ho..i can stare at nice food pic for a long long time then i can 'eat' with my eyes de!


Chen said...

Wah….tat will be a very expensive kai then :P
Flying all the way back from the other part of the world back here :P

Sin Ling,
Finger licking good foodstuff..
Best eaten when it’s just out from the oven
Dunno when is the next time I get to eat the chicken again

Pink Cotton,
Kia si lang..
Next time I can belanja u makan with picture liao..
Hahaha.. can save a lot of $$$ then..

Anonymous said...

ah.... Yim Kok Kai!!! I think I never eat it more than 10 years already...

Anonymous said...



Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken!!!!!!! I WANT!!!!

Chen said...

that's long long time liao..
time to have some :D
Remember to stop by @ Ipoh during your next trip back home ;)

I also want !!!
We made another trip there again, okie? ;)

carcar said...

the last pic of chicken looks really delicious. argh... u ah!!

carcar said...


Simple American said...

Looks like the chicken is praying. haha

Praying I don't eat it all myself. haha

Chen said...

geram ah?
But please.. don’t cubit my face, okie?
U can pinch my hands :P

Hahaha… That chicken must be either very clever.. or very bodoh :P

Anonymous said...

Yes! Definitely!! *waiting for that day to come*


Chen said...

wait wait wait...
can shorten the waiting time?
wait till neck long long liao :D

Anonymous said...

Guys, i heard there's a cool concept store selling only salt baked chicken soon in PJ & KL...

日月神教-任我行 said...
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