Thursday, June 15, 2006

15th June 2006

What's so special about 15th June? Nope, it's not my birthday, but somehow, it's special to me - cos 15th June 2006 is a milestone, which marks my 9th year in service. 8 years ago, on this day, 15th June 1998 (Hari ini Dalam Sejarah), I reported duty together with my 2 other coursemates in university (One of them is now a Physician in Sarawak General Hospital and the other one works as General Practitioner, having her own clinic in the Land of Hornbills) to Sarawak General Hospital & started my career as a doctor with a prefix Dr in front of my name. It's a life changing experience. Medicine is a life long learning process. The learning process doesn't stop when a medical student graduates from medical faculty but it's just the beginning of another learning process.

So fast time flies... Today is my 9th year in service already... I'm getting more and more white or grey hairs day by day. What to do? Have to use lotsa brain cells at work and need to make very precise decision. How many lives have I saved over the past 8 years? Hundreds? Thousands? or.. ? I have no idea.. but I know it's definitely not a small figure. I might not be the best but I will try my very best. And I always believe in the saying Primum non nocere which means "First, Do No Harm". Hahaha, as a conclusion, Happy Working Anniversary.. (Just a word to console myself)

By the way, although I have worked as a doctor for 8 years, I'm still young ;) Hahha, cos I graduate early and start working at young age :P


L B said...

H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y ! C O M E W E A L L G O O U T F O R S O M E B A K U T EH ! W A N N A O R N O T ? ! ! L E T ' S G O C E L E B R A T E A N O T H E R E I G H T E E N M O R E Y E A R S O F P O K I N G P E O P L E A B O U T W I T H S H A R P O B J E C T S ! A N D F I N G E R S A S W E L L , I A S S U M E ! Y E A H ! !

Chen said...

wah... I read till pening.. btw, now is midnight liao.. no wonder I read till blur blur :P cham... now become blur sotong already :D

But i noticed the word Bakuteh there... I want

L B said...

A N D Y O U S H A L L H A V E ! P E N A N G O N E O R K L A N G O N E ? O R S U B A N G O N E ? O R I P O H O N E ? !

Chen said...

I prefer Subang one or Klang one..
u teruk lah.. made me feel like eating bakuteh now.. in the middle of the night.. where to get bakuteh at this hour? :P

Bakuteh flavoured A1 instant noodle I have lah...

Simple American said...

Congratulations Dr. Howser-Chen. (Do you know Doogie Howser, MD)

Reminds me I need my annual physical.

may said...

Congratulations, Doktor Chen!! since it's past midnight, I could send my wishes before I say tata for now.

ooooh, BKT?! me too me too me too! *makes a quick dash for a potful*

slurp! said...

>> I want *slurp*
eh, better don't say that otherwise yuor hubby will surely get jealous hor hehehe ...

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Cynthia said...

仁心仁术 =)

angel said...


*brings out a bottle of champagne*

Happy Working Anniversary, Doc!
You are very wai tai...

Oh, BTW, DYK that I'm in my 10th year of service now? ;)

_butt said...


Chen said...

Thanks. kekekke... i know the series doogie howser; used to watch it in the past :)

Oh yeah, time to do your annual medical check up. If u are here, I can do that for u FOC :P

TQ :) Enjoy your trip & have fun.. Take care of yourself, gal :) & don't forget to savour the Peking Duck.. How I missed that..

Next time I go KL, must go for BKT..very sinful yet delish :P

aiyak... u really choose a good profile name.. Every now & then people will sort of "think" of u or remembering u .. LOL

Thanks :)

Chen said...


wah.. got champagne summore. That's nice :) *got steak to accompany the champagne or not? :P *

woh.. really ah? IDBI.. nope, should put it this way.. ICBI, kekke :D Happy working to u too (dunno when is the anniversary) ;)


L B said...

LOL!! Er, so did you have your midnight bakuteh A1 instant noodle feast?!

day-dreamer said...

Kiong hee lu leh, lo kun!!


Selba said...

selamat yah... :)

Kristopher said...

Happy Anniversay... :)

wah so long oledi ahhh...

Robin said...

Wow, Nine years is a long time..

I am Sure u have contributed to both the society and your own self.

I have some medical ethics problem in my blog for u..

Chen said...

yesterday night too late liao to cook BKT instant noodle..although I do feel like eating.. Hahah, I can still stand the temptation ;)

day dreamer,
kam siah, kam siah..

selamat yah? What does that mean ah? But tengkiu btw. must ask u to teach me more bahasa indonesia :)

I still LOL over itik = anak ayam :)

Thanx.. not very long lah.. but not short either :P in between :D

I guess u work longer than me? :)

Medical ethics problem in your blog?
alright, I will have a look on that later on :)

cooknengr said...

what's up Doc, time flies..not too long ago you were still under supervison of my classmate,Dr.Tang. I salute you all for being doctors, I just did my physical yesterday....grabbing Kenny Sia and tell the patient to cough is not a job for me :)

angel said...

Why YCBI leh?
My 10th 'anniversary' was... sometime last week... ;)

Uh huh.. a decade of excellence... che wah... like real oni... :P

phangan said...

good for you la lui yan... :P
come klang la i buy you bkt again

carcar said...

congrate for the long service and for the promotion!!

oopsss... can i tell? hehehe.... can lah, is a good news right? hehe :P

love you and let's continue to shine for Jesus ♥

Mother Superior said...

Congrats Doc, for these 9 years. More strength and joy for you ahead, although it may seem like a long and winding road. I somehow sense the sigh.

Chen said...

yeah.. amazing how time flies.. I still remember the time working under Robert in 1998. Gosh, that was ages ago already :) And I have know u for the same duration of time as well..

Hahha, your description regarding “grabbing ‘Kenny Sia’ and tell the patient to cough”. ;)

ICBI u work for so long liao mah.. tat’s y :)

Happy belated anniversary to u too…
Share my champagne with u ;)
a decade of excellence… wow.. like dat must celebrate liao leh…

call me lui yan here… now the whole world know abt the name oledi :P

kekkek.. I still remember the Klang BKT we had previously.. I guess that was almost a year ago already, right? If not mistaken, that was somewhere in July last year? Hahhah.. we ordered the double portion :P

TQ TQ, if I come to Klang again, sure I will cari u.

Chen said...

tengkiu carcar
of course u can… no problem…
Quite a number of people here actually know about the good news already lah..
nothing secretive about it :P
*hug hug*

mother superior,
Thanks, mother superior. Yeah, this is indeed a winding & tortous journey.
Gosh, I really wish to retire early :P I hope I can take long leave, haha…

zeroimpact said...

That's good news lo
Let's go makan makan
Apom balik

Jee said...

Interesting.. you actually remember your first date at work.. I can't even say for sure which month I started working, any cure for this arh doc?

Winn said...

May u jab many patients many many many liuliu:)

i wan bang chang kuehhhhh....! i wan the pandan flavoured one..hmm..i remembered pg got one famous stall hor, even fried egg to kiap with the bang chang kueh...

kl dun call them bang chang kueh..think they call it 'chin lung pao'

angeliu wah 10 yrs of service in the SAME company???? so geng...

a^ben said...

whaahhahahahaha~ chen still young` whahahahahahahhaha :D

Chen said...

Hahha, sure, no problem.. Where u want to go makan? ;)

I can remember certain dates well.. Well... this is the date of begining of "tortured life", so surely I will remember it well ;)

manyak manyak tilima kasih, Winliuliu :)

bila u balik penang? mari, we go out makan.. can bring Lucas along as well.. let him play-play with my doggy :D

'chin lung pao' ah? Oooh.. I dunno about that :)

Angeliu veli loyal one.. good employee :P

don't belip ah? sudah.. no belanja u liao in Kuching :P

IML said...

Congratulation. I am glad to have stumble upon your blog and knowing you. 9 years is a long time and not forgetting all the precious experiences you have gather along the way.

babe_kl said...

congrats doc ;-) for holding on so long...

Winn said...

hahha..this father's dya i wont be going back..

oso duno when will go back.....

let me think wat i wan to eat ..haha

Chen said...

Thanks :) Yeah, throughout all these years, I have indeed learn & experienced lotsa things...

babe kl,
Thanks, babe jie. Now I feel like taking long leaves.. Haha…

Aiyoh.. dunno when will come back ah? Lucas miss u leh (including Sacul, the evil twin).. Jay miss u too.. I guess Cotton will miss u as well.. Who else will miss u? I miss u also lah.. Cepat-cepat balik :)

I know what u want to eat. U want to eat “everything”. Betul tak? :P