Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thunderstorm ?

Wonder anyone of you enjoy this sort of weather? Nope.. not me.. I don't like when it rain ah mao ah kao kucing & anjing/cats & dogs especially when I'm out door on the street or when I'm driving on the road. If I'm at home, then that's different story :D

The Fiery Dark Cloud... This photo is taken quite some time ago. Guess what was the time when this photo was taken? It's 9:13 am in the early morning !! Part of the town is still "bright"..

It's good to be at home, lying on the bed at this moment.. Zzzzz under the warm comforter :)

These two photos are taken at a later date. Taken in the early morning as well.. at 8:30 am. Watch out, thunderstorm is on the way..


angel said...

chupliu first!
just got back!

angel said...

cool pics... what camera do u use, doc?

*gonna shower*


Cynthia said...

We havent got much rains here..
weather has been really really cold thou

L B said...

LOLOLOL!!! I refuse to chup here!! And I am impressed cos these picts looked like they're from The Day After Tomorrow!!

Chen said...

u chup here as well? :P welcome back home.. U go liuliu again?

I use the small compact digicam Minolta Dimage X50 :)

Don't shower too long.. and don't fall asleep inside the bath tub either *LOL*

It rained quite frequently over here lately. Mmmm.. good point is the weather is cooler.. but inconvenient to move around.

Chen said...

hahha.. u r very clever.. no need to chup chup here :P

Kekke.. The Day After Tomorrow? LOL. Actually I have taken several similar pictures leh.. Can see such "sceneries" quite frequently. Have a huge collection of similar photos :)

L B said...

Nooooo NOoooooo!! Nooo more fainted kahchuaks again!!!

a^ben said...

oh my gudness!!!!!! Run for your underwears~!!!!! ... hrm... something is not right here... oh yeah! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *swoooooshhhhhhh* *kaputz* *ping pong piang~~* hahahaha :P

Chen said...

aiyak.. u sounds like there are lotsa kahchuak in my house leh..

IDBI.. run for whose underwear? Yours ah? :P

apa pasal run for lives woh.. This happen quite frequently leh.. Life goes on as usual.. eat, sleep, drink bla bla... *LOL*

Simple American said...

I love the contrast of the dark clouds offset with the blue horizon. You know I would roll over too. :)

slurp! said...

wow! very dramatic clouds ... photographers always like these kind dramatic scene, very good photograghic opportunities. and if it comes along with water-sprout in the sea, that would be most perfect!! :D

Pink Cotton said...

wow..really big bad black thunderstorm...

i always feel 'kek sim' whenever it rains when im not at home :(

cos cannto enjoy the FREE AIRCON to sleep..wahahaah

Selba said...

Your pics look fantastic!!!

I love the gloomy weather... such as in England. Grey.. dark...with cool air.. the breeze flows toward me... that would be nice... :)

zeroimpact said...

Run run... eh... wat's coming again
oh not alien la, storm
but still run run
jam jam
stuck in jam for hours = grinning poor child

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

This is seriously breathtaking, and not to mention dramatic.

These are the best set of photos I have yet seen from your blog!

The angry skies, the storm clouds!

I love the rain!

carcar said...

arh... i don't like thunder neither storm...

it is so dark, wet, scary, heavy, cold, lonely, shabby...

but this is the beauty of our earth... there is rainbow after the rain... peace after the storm...

it is alright.

learn to see the beauty of the thunder, appreciate the lesson frm the storm.

Chen said...

Mother nature is always so beautiful. Nowadays I always look up at the sky..

Too bad I didn’t manage to take any lightning photos…

Water sprout in the sea.. Mmmm… that one have to go to seaside or beach liao.. But must be prepared to get wet in such scenario.. LOL

pink cotton,
err.. but actually not “free air cond” also lah.. cos most of the time during heavy thunderstorm, I will close all the windows (cos I down to mop the floor later on.. and dowan to see things “flying” in the house) LOL

Chen said...

Reminds you of your time in England? :)

These pictures are not as scary as the one in the previous posts, right?

Get stuck in the jam for hours ah? Poor child.. oops.. u r still a child???

chuang sc,
Thanks :) I like these photos too.

I prefer sun more than rain. Cos lotsa activities can’t be carried out or done in rainy days, especially during heavy rain.

I like your saying & the philosophy regarding the rain & the storm.
Yeah, there’s “rainbow after the rain”. I guess I will post up “rainbow” picture soon ? :)

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I actually kinda miss scenes like this, it gives tremendous variety and colour to the sky. But then again, if I see a cloud like this here, I'm heading for the Tornado shelters!

fred said...

this lotor so free.. eh...

Chen said...

fantasy flier,
I will be freaked out if I'm outdoor as well... Have to run as fast as possible to the nearest shelter :P

depends on how u balance your time & life :) Nothing is impossible :D

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
Dun tell ah
If not the uncle police will stop me for license ah
Then have to kawan edi

Chen said...

kakaka.. now i know.. u are a little small boi that looks like an adult..

aiyoh, don't tell me u have precocious puberty aka premature puberty? :P